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  1. 30 minutes ago, when I saw an old pic of Screamin' Swing on Facebook When was the last time you marathoned a ride?
  2. From now on I suggest every Dorney related post be prefaced this same way. If that's how we preface Dorney posts, how do we preface the true runt of the chain, Michigan's Adventure? After writing a post on Michigan's Adventure, write in front of it "No one cares, but..." and then delete the rest of your post.
  3. Me too. This boat joke is the coaster enthusiast of jokes. I didn't know jokes could have an odor. I didn't know jokes never shower.
  4. I'd buy a season pass as well (if I hadn't already done so). If they bought the giant rocket too that would be awesome. Even if they don't use it as decoration, maybe they can use the rocket to blow Dinosaurs Alive to smithereens when it's time to add Venus. If we're lucky, they'll accidentally blow up Stinger and those crappy flyers too.
  5. Well at least someone is enjoying these. I rode one of these recently at a family fun center, and it barely spun at all. Maybe the weight distribution was off?
  6. I've done it a couple times, but usually only on the first drop into the turn
  7. 100% agree. I don't hate it, but it's not really worth more than one obligatory ride when there are so many better options on which to spend quality coastering time. Also how I feel. Usually I take the obligatory ride right after Fahrenheit because if I ride Lightning Racer first then i'll just skip it on the way back. Not really painful, but the ride is bumpy enough that I can't focus on the good things about this ride (I like the funky layout).
  8. I was thinking about this too, but then again (in general) bulldozing a bunch of land to put in a giant rollercoaster isn't exactly environmentally friendly either.
  9. Just completed a survey on whether Dorney Park (and every Cedar Fair park in the chain) should change their unlimited drink plan. The new plan says it would get rid of the souvenir bottle in exchange for plastic cups with your drink. The plan would be saved to your season pass rather than to your bottle. What do you think this this? Personally I like the idea and not having to carry the bottle around would make me more likely to buy it.
  10. Do Magby, Smoochum, and Elekid mean that you can no longer hatch a Magnet, Jynx, or Electabuzz?
  11. Cargo shorts are great for storing items, however mine never dry while at a park, whether because of a water ride or sweat. Works well during more relaxed trips.
  12. You're looking at the Calendar for Wildwater Kingdom, which closes Labor Day weekend every year. The dry side stays open on the weekends for Haunt until the end of October. See the calendar above
  13. I know they are juveniles, but considering the 14 deaths and damage I have a feeling it will be moved to the adult court system.
  14. Incorrect. No American President has ever had that as their first name. Well, it has been voted as #1 Steel Roller Coaster ten times through the Golden Ticket Awards, and regardless of how BS the GTAs are that's gotta count for something, right? James is the most common first name for Presidents. My question remains the same.
  15. Millenium Force How many coasters does Six Flags own in the USA?
  16. Well that was really nice of him! How much do these replicas usually run for?
  17. Looks like someone didn't need coffee/tea/caffienated beverages of any sort in the mornings...
  18. Ironically enough, my most ridden coaster is probably Steel Force. The front row (and the front car in general) sometimes gives decent floater on the ride, so on its good days I usually ride it a few times. Add in that most of the groups of friends that I go to the park with always wants to ride it more than once, and it's not hard to see why it's the one I've ridden the most times. Talon comes in second, and the now-defunct Little Laser comes in third (loved that thing when I was younger).
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