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  1. It gives me this sketchy carnival ride feeling when I see it. Haven't ridden it yet because I have no guts, going to try it tomorrow if I can. What does it feel like when you're on it?
  2. I'm headed to the park hopefully sometime in the next two months, and I wanted to know: do the new restraints on SR help a lot? Last time when I was there, everything was smooth until the flying snake dive, which was a whole bunch of I love the launch and the rest of the ride, but the flying snake dive ruined the experience.
  3. Maybe some people are exaggerating, but I think it's deserved. It's one of the weakest hypers in the country, and probably the world. Is it a good ride? Yes, if you turn your expectations down far enough. You do go high and fast, and I enjoy the first drop and the helix for some reason, but overall its just 5,600 feet of mediocrity.
  4. It's pretty bad. It's forceless, and gives little airtime in most rows. It's OK in the front car but it's still mediocre. I'd say it's probably the 3rd or 4th best in the park as of 2016. Now that you mention it, Dorney could really use a GCI.
  5. So, is Steel Force the tallest, fastest, and longest mine train in the world?
  6. Yeah, Steel Force is quite forceless. I want to take it down and replace it with something better, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Once they take down the rubber dinosaurs then they will have the space to hopefully put in something that is forceful and gives good airtime. How did the Morgan hypers hold up at Valleyfair and Worlds of Fun? Have they suffered the same fate?
  7. Recently on a trip to Dorney with my GF, she referred to Hydra's drop and Thunderhawk's drop as at a "negative angle of steepness". While I knew she meant as in beyond 90 degrees, neither Hydra's nor Thunderhawk's drop are steeper than 60 degrees.
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