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  1. If they had a sliding station, it would have to go around twice. There needs to be enough time to load the other train and have it ready as soon as one train stops on the track. That's the reason Zombie Ride goes around twice.
  2. But it's a brand new for 2017 Pig With a Bowtie looping coaster with VR powered by Samsung Gear VR, there's a huge difference!
  3. First thing I thought of when I saw the coaster a moment ago was "Great Value Indiana Jones et le Temple du PĂ©ril"
  4. I'm just in a mindset of a 2017 opening, but as you said it's not confirmed for 2017, and very well could be for 2018
  5. Cyclone at SFNE, the month of its closing. Also Mean Streak, which closed the next month.
  6. ^ I forgot about that aspect, keep it as is for now
  7. It's probably good to note that the GCI Heidi the Ride was delayed from 2016, and the Mean Streak conversion is confirmed but unannounced.
  8. That was just a question to start a discussion, didn't mean for it to be taken so pessimistically. Carry on
  9. With the recent announcement of the Energylandia mega/hyper, I propose a pipe dream if there ever was one: Superman gets taken down within ten years to be replaced by a modern Intamin mega with a similar layout, but with newer thrills, track, trains, and elements! What do you think that might look like if that was ever to happen? Also, would there even be a possibility of that happening?
  10. I note that they actually used Gerstlauer Infinity track for the NL2 animation, do you think they'll go with a track style similar to that (with the new Taron-style track ties), or the XL double tube track (Skyrush, Flying Aces)? Personally I'd be interested in wide Taron track, but I love the look of the modern track style, so either works for me!
  11. Steamin' Demon @ Six Flags Great Escape. Also my first inverting coaster. I was a (very) youngin' then.
  12. Still don't understand the two tube track with no diagonal ties, what's the deal with that?
  13. It could potentially be legitimate, here's his page: click The page was posted July 18th, 2010 (at 9:56 pm). I think it could be real, but it's not clear.
  14. In response to the picture: It honestly had me fool for a moment, I didn't see the building there! I mean the supports are a little weird, but I think it looks cool overall!
  15. [youtu_be]https://youtu.be/_jBsJDcPkHk[/youtu_be] I hope you don't mind correcting some people, it might be needed. I'm in there as ZergeiTV. Expect comments like "TTD is the same as KK," "#1 is fake" (the Valravn animation), or "KK is the fastest roller coaster in the world."
  16. I'm wondering what the transition out of the top hat will be like, it looks a little off to me, but mainly because I'm an NL2 creator who deals with "shaping elitists" every day. What do you guys and gals think?
  17. If all goes to plan: Six Flags Great Adventure, Disney World (all parks), and I might try to see if we can do Seaside and Coney Island on our New York Trip
  18. We knew that at least a month ago, Energylandia is choosing between Vekoma and Intamin on a mega coaster and this was the design they offered. The earliest post I see related to it on the park thread was at the beginning of October.
  19. Oh come on. . . You know how it works, pics or it didn't happen! There is no picture because as the author of the site says, "I cannot share it" Why not, dammit
  20. Everyone I know is trashing on it like its a new TOGO coaster, but they forget that GCI knows exactly what they're doing and will be better than any render, especially NL2. I hope to go and ride this in the next few years!
  21. ^ that is a very well made logo and cup design. I think we're in agreement!
  22. Oh my bad, I looked at a grainy image and mistook the old track for I-Box
  23. I have a request for when (or if) you back to the convention tomorrow: ask Premier why they "can't make a good Giant Inverted Boomerang train" (says one of my friends)
  24. I was disappointed to see the bunny hops at the beginning of the coaster (I don't think they're really needed), but I'm much more disappointed by the fact that the lift will be the same low angle it was before rather than making it 45 degrees or so as many people had theorized. What are your thoughts and first impressions of the conversion so far?
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