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  1. If you guys hadn't noticed, Sally Corp made a Five Nights at Freddy's "animatronic," and honestly I think its very silly and not very good compared to what they have been capable of in the past. What are your opinions on it, and do you think they should make a FNAF dark ride?
  2. You survey your backyard to see what compact models you can fit in the space, or if you see construction somewhere, you imagine what a park would look like if it was in that spot
  3. Cyclone at SFNE. I rode it once very shortly before it closed. Honestly I was more scared by it in that incarnation than Wicked Cyclone!
  4. I don't know of any so far, I believe it's just a showcase of another zero car sculpt. Similar to the grey triceratops they showed a few years ago, which became the basis for the one on Roar-o-Saurus.
  5. I've been opening TPR once every ten minutes to check for IAAPA 2016 posting, thank you for this blessing
  6. Valleyfair actually gets a real coaster. If that's not a pipe dream, I don't know what is
  7. They aren't anti-rollbacks because they're in the wrong direction, but I would agree that it's their track construction guide. I think they'll install two planks side by side as Cedar Fair did with Gold Striker, and what they've added on many other of their wood coasters now.
  8. I haven't been on the site in a while, but I'm well aware of what's going on with ToT. My opinion on the exterior: Some high ranking businessman in Disney accidentally pushed some of his desk supplies off of his desk (a magnet, paper clips, and other random crap), and it just happened to look like the ToT building shape, but all of the metal things stuck to the magnets and he's like, "hey, that looks pretty good!" I want to be an Imagineer, and I support what they do and all, but in this case I really don't agree with the exterior design. The concept is pretty cool though, but they should have made a new ride rather than reskinning the Twilight Zone theme.
  9. Titan for La Ronde was leaked, if that wasn't mentioned already.
  10. The closest parks other than SFNE are Canobie Lake (NH), Water Country (NH), Storyland (NH), Lake Compounce (CT), but I'm not sure if there are others. Here are some I mentioned and some adventure parks: click here
  11. I really want to get a Millenium force car to convert to a seat for my house where I will once live... I can dream, right?
  12. Thank you all to those who recommended seating on coasters last week, I had a phenomenal trip! I rode 16/17 coasters there, most often in the back 3 three rows of whatever (except for Mean Streak and Magnum), and I really enjoyed my Sunrise tour! Trip report coming soon
  13. Can someone kindly tell me the best seats for most of the rides? I'll be visiting next week, and I'd like to know your opinion on seating. Specifically Magnum XL-200 Also, food locations?
  14. I'm not good with predictions, so I'll sit this out, but remember that Kings Island said there's another attraction coming next year...
  15. I honestly love the trains and I also love the track layout name, and theme of it, too! Good job, KI, now stop with the cliffhangers lol Step one in the cycle...
  16. You're 15 so we understand. You're 14 so we understand. Yes, because assuming that the only reason people might be disappointed in a new roller coaster's layout is because they're teenagers is so mature. Thank you for being real about this.
  17. I am actually excited to check out VR in a few weeks! Also, which coaster should I save for my big 50?
  18. I like little cute parks like this. It's Canobie but even more family based, and I think even my mom who doesn't like parks would enjoy a day here!
  19. ^ the more dark rides they make, the more awesome coaster rumors die. And with most of the big coaster parks suddenly getting JLBFM rumors, people aren't happy about it, as great as the dark rides are.
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