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  1. So are they going to be taking suggestions on a new name and colors for Nor'Easter like Screamscape said they would? I'm really interested in that...
  2. SFNE all year, but Cedar Point and Hersheypark in August!
  3. I voted Storm Runner because I have been on it, and I did like the suspense and the "Now get ready... here we go!" (it's synched!). The inversions are probably the only ones you'll find, and though it's a short ride, it's quite a rush!
  4. My cousin heard this while in line for Superman (SFNE, of course): *girl looks at signs of all the years it won #1 coaster* "When was it purple? I'm pretty sure it's always been red, that must be a picture of the blue part!" In my head: I immediately told my cousin I'd post it here. I just can't anymore...
  5. Down here at SFNE all we get are sh***y BMX bikers and wannabe Jacob Sartoriuses... why does CP get all the fun
  6. Well Ty I didn't see you there (I was wearing a green Wachusett Mtn sweatshirt, and with two other people), but I happened to be taking pictures also, and I got things to say about my trip! I'll post my report later today, and I unfortunately got some things to say about Superman... but pictures of Fireball! Stay tuned Edit- couldn't get it up today, so they should be up tomorrow or later than that
  7. I usually ask for front and get it every time (well, I only visit on weekdays...) but that's nice!
  8. I love the station architecture Anyway, back to the normal conversation...
  9. Montu, Alpengiest, Pyreenes, Katun, Monster, and Raptor say hi. That made me think of a Donald Trump fan... all it takes is a few moments of thinking and you realize you're wrong
  10. I can imagine less people riding on the skyride, and I honestly wouldn't either! I'm actually scared someone is going to fall and get seriously hurt or killed, and possibly with a train coming! We've had enough accidents, and we don't want The Smiler all over again! *shudder*
  11. Wood coaster (RMC?!!!) Seems reasonable, but I hope this won't be a BGW-level letdown! Cedar Fair did get Gold Striker, proving wood is a legitimate contender in this!
  12. I mean Canobie is a great park, but it's not meant for diehard enthusiasts. It's a nice place to relax and take in some classic rides, and even the small rides are great! I would guess the same about Knoebels, but they have better rides overall.
  13. I remember reading they wouldn't do that like in the Total Mayhem render, but I could be wrong.
  14. When the physics teacher follows your request to use the "new audio" version POV of Bizarro at SFNE for the lesson and you go through the onride emotional cycle while watching...
  15. Ignoring the speed, where is that beautiful piece of art zero car we saw at media day?! I like the one in the test video, but it's the basic shape. Can anyone guess why this is?
  16. Can you explain the "X:\ This Way Out" pun please :3 Edit: my guess is that it contradicts the phrase "no way out"... am I right?
  17. The HA HA HA! part is a pretty cool detail, though I would have liked more. I'm very excited to see the zero-car...
  18. The coaster has a story! Awesome! The theming is quite exquisite
  19. Any new news on possible rides of the future? It's been a long time since the last rumors, and I might be visiting this summer!
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