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  1. Someone said they wouldn't ride Mako because of the "bad animal treatment" She don't know shoot
  2. I feel like listing off all the rides worth taking out in the future. - Flashback - Blizzard River (if they don't upgrade or repair it soon) - Balloon Race - Joker's Wildcard - Mind Eraser!!! - Any old kiddie rides if they want to renovate the area - Splash Water Falls Tell me if I missed any.
  3. I'm actually liking the theme song so much, I decided to start learning it on guitar so I can do a cover of it
  4. I'm knowledgeable about coasters and how they work, so don't give me crap for a "GP" sounding story. I went on Skull Mountain and my dad's legs are bigger (height wise) than mine, so the lap bar only went down to there, while I had lots of room. Since it's a ratchet restraint and there is only one per row, that made me slide around a lot! I tried to go hands up one of the rides I took, and on the drop... I ALMOST FLEW OUT Luckily I grabbed the bar quickily, or else "airtime" would have a new meaning to the press... My scariest coaster experience, ever. Has that ever happened to anyone else? I can't find any pictures of the train from the front, so I can't confirm there isn't a seatbelt.
  5. Where the hell do you get off or how does it get back up xD
  6. Well then, we just learned they know the slightest bit of logic
  7. Six Flags New England This year: Bizarro > Superman the Ride, Fireball, Traffic Jam 2017: Justice League: Battle for Metropolis (expand Justice League building, put Catwoman's Whip into storage, move path out- there's lots of grass by GCG!) 2018: New slides or pool renovation in Hurricane Harbor 2019: Flashback and Balloon Race removal, some sort of flat ride or (dare I say) compact coaster? 2020: Clearing land in the back of the park for expansion in the future, park improvement 2021: Mind Eraser donezo! Obviously a big coaster goes here, please I'll update this if I change my mind, but it seems legit so far
  8. Let's all remember that Cedar Point has made multiple B&M rides, and so anything goes here, really
  9. JB's at SFNE look's pretty good, but I've never gotten food there because the line is HUUUUUGE! Lots of seats, for sure
  10. Guys, let's remember that you can take them off during the ride (they have lanyards on them, as talked about on the SFNE thread).
  11. I still think that riders will be looking around like a bunch of idiots, but I'd try it for sure!
  12. I've done this way too much in school. or just any TV commercial in general... You might be a coaster nerd if you agree with everything on the 90+ page thread
  13. Now that I think of it, this ride fits in well in Crackaxle Canyon, especially with the sky print in back!
  14. I'd absolutely love to work in the industry, whether that's a designer-for-hire bounce around job, with a big manufacturer, or even an Imagineer!
  15. El Diablo is already used, which means "The Devil" in Spanish. Also, Six Flags New England is using Goliath.
  16. Maybe a Premier Skyrocket II, or a launch coaster, because my yard is long but has a big pool in the middle. I also have a huge bunch of woods and a pond/swamp far back, so a ride like Th13teen would be cool!
  17. Ain't it awesome so many of these have become a reality for NL2
  18. I keep double posting from when it asks me if I want to post a recent subject again, so sorry about that, and ignore this
  19. True indeed. If you take that out along with the balloons and Chinese food, you have room for some sort of compact coaster or flat at some point!
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