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  1. So now that we've kinda overdone the height argument, how about we talk about the coaster itself... Idk what do you think they'll put in for theming?
  2. So I'm making a section of a "park" in NoLimits2 (there is no park, just an area with dead ends) themed to DC Universe characters. I've made some ideas for rides themed to the most famous and popular characters, but I wanted to know: What you would do if you had control over the license and ride design? The major rule is: make your collection realistic! I bet you could make better name and ride combinations than Six Flags!
  3. Well, I like the layout, but the standing part sucks of course I got hurt on the ride and had to have my leg on the step the rest of the time to let it relax! I think they may have done the theming too quickly, because it was basically an ad for the new movie, and the standing part was based upon the storyline.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bt9zSfinwFA I remember when Robb posted this quite a long time ago... my friend and I have our own inside jokes from it now
  5. Just bringing this thread back into focus because it deserves it... I can't think of one I like right now, but you guys can
  6. If wanted, the new coaster can have Mini-llenium Flyer trains, which are meant for kids and adults, all in a smaller package! I'd think they'd just go for the normal Millennium Flyer trains though.
  7. I just learned Joker's Wildcard used to be an indoor ride in the Justice League building!
  8. If RMC made a Little Tykes coaster... http://forum.nolimits-exchange.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=3395&page=94#Item_29
  9. Still no one's explained where Rockin' Rodeo is on the map Also, I notice they gave the rides some new logos to draw attention to them, most notably Houdini's Great Escape. I hope they did some small renovations to it as part of the new addition and Tomahawk repairs!
  10. Well with JL:BFM and Larson Super Loops going to every park, the most exciting attractions must be shared to get business. They're not Disney, where you get a new technology and use it once and improve it years later. They focus on affordable thrills in the cheapest way possible to get the max amount of money, in the shortest amount of time. Sad but true.
  11. The greatest part about this being painted red again is that when the top layer of paint wears out (from the wheels), you actually have more red under that from the end of the Bizarro era!!! And yes, those trains are looking damn spicy
  12. I think I need a moment alone. . . That is pure perfection. Sponsored by CoasterXXX.com
  13. Some believe this to be a dueling coaster, because the story seems like you get to pick a side to fight on (because it sounds like you're the ones raiding an innocent village, who wants that?!)
  14. This tells you the GP won't always fall for the media's twisted views. It was an honest mistake with a horrific outcome, but that doesn't mean that the coaster is unsafe!
  15. Source ^ This was on NL2 forum btw, but this was also on the actual Twitter account
  16. Wow, this is true. Even more true when you try to have a conversation with a "coaster know-it-all" (aka that one annoying person)... They state the most random thing, you correct them, they say their little sibling told them, you show them proof, then they give a great big F*** YOU. #relatable I've enjoyed coverage on grown men/women crying over a late ride! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APxndget9l4
  17. I saw in a picture before it was repainted that there was a sky mural on the back of a building. Is that still there, or was that for another ride (the picture perspective seemed strange)?
  18. I think he must get coaster models from others and then add them in, and just do a bit of modeling to make the park itself
  19. "Featuring scenes from several of King's stories, including The Shining and It, this dark ride would have featured a false ending. Riders would approach an unload platform and hear a spiel, then the lights would flicker, and a river of blood would pour from the doors at "unload" platform (a la The Shining). Pennywise the Dancing Clown would then emerge from the control booth to attack the riders, who would narrowly escape as their vehicle lunged forward." http://www.themeparkinsider.com/flume/201312/3813/
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