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  1. Another B&M and I might do self harm we all know a RMC is the best option
  2. I'm confused by the picture with the Traffic Jam, because the picture shows Superman really close to the shot, and it's really far away from the spot! I'd like to believe it, but I'm just a bit skeptical for many reasons...
  3. I think it's interesting they're deciding to use a more family-friendly monster image versus a snarling beast, which is kind of cool! It will encourage more kids to ride it, no matter what the layout is!
  4. Yeah, I thought it was you but I couldn't remember where I'd seen that! BTW I'm Zergei on NL2 Forum
  5. It's cool how they spent even more money to install some of those "tipi" supports that do nothing but look cool with the ride
  6. I'm gonna send a link to RMC for TheCodeMaster's RMC track tutorial to them in hope they might use it in the future so the preview is more visually accurate
  7. I'd doubt it being so compact for the high amount of hype they're creating so far... if anything it would be a bit more spread out and custom
  8. People had talked about this Raptor track coaster style being almost like an alpine coaster before details were really released, and they were right! I have never seen such a thing like this apart from Space Mountain and alpine coasters before! I adore RMC for their innovation, they are waaaay ahead of the curve literally and figuratively The wood coaster was also on my mind before, because in this day and age, RMC really is the best way to get attention and visitors. I'd dreamed about making a compact RMC woodie design, and they beat me as usual! That doesn't mean I can't make one anyway
  9. You know this new coaster business is getting boring we all know its gonna happen but I really don't like hearing about it anymore... It's like you're asking for a pony for Christmas!
  10. What is this a picture of? Location? Any actual info? This is the past site of Batman and Robin: The Chiller's station (which has just been 100% demolished), and the land seems to be in good shape, and so people are speculating a RMC steel coaster to go in the space. The queue is still in good condition (clearly), so there's a lot to work with!
  11. I think that RMC stole an element design for the outwards wave turn from some random NL2 designer out there, and didn't give credit! I can't remember who it was, but I'll post a link if I find out where the proof is It is quite an honor to have your design be used by such a great firm, but he should have gotten paid at least a small amount for it
  12. Very true! I also think that indoor coasters like Rock n' Roller Coaster and the Space Mountains are always awesome, because they can fit so much track under one big roof!
  13. I might say Medusa Steel at SFMX, and I haven't even ridden it yet! The theming is really good, but the paint (wear) and wood really sells it too! I love those inversion drops, and the intensity comes from its headchoppers and how it even stretches away from its main structure! *100th POST *
  14. We may not be adding seats... but we are adding a bomb on the ride for an alert system to tell us if the ride isn't running the way it should be! Allahu Akbar
  15. What would look good for an SLC? Morey's Pier is having a rename and paint contest for 2017 soon, so I'd like peoples opinions for me and others who have ideas!
  16. Yeah, I've only experienced a few with audio, and those are at least Rock'n Roller Coaster and Bizarro. Bizarro got you so hyped at the beginning, and got tense on the way up, and epic the rest of the way! To bad you couldn't hear it from the drop until the S-Shields I actually learned how to play the lift hill soundtrack on guitar *hell yeah* I also learned Walk This Way, so that's cool too
  17. Let's be honest... Most Japanese coaster names are the most mind numbingly stupid combination of words! Something like: "Super Happy Fun Thrill Coaster " Well, you get my point.
  18. The "Pippin" has no relation to a roller coaster That's the name of a dang apple
  19. BTW I'm on my way to completing my first coaster ever (working on the tiny details), and I made a quick photo edit as a kind of teaser image! I'll name it something classic coaster inspired, like "Eagle Fury" or "Comet", if you like these two tell me, and I'm open to hearing any name you would like better too!
  20. Can someone tell me how to make a sloped roof with angles (made from supports)? I have a shape to my queue building, but I just need to make the actual roof cover My first coaster ever is frickin amazing, if I do say so myself! I think it should be named something classic coaster inspired, like "Eagle Fury" or "Comet". Tell me what you think, or if you have a better one (you still have time while I work out the details before the specific theming)
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