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  1. We're the dragon s dueling when you where there? Also, I love that psycho moment in the tour, really cool :0 I wish I could go
  2. Lol the name sounds like it's Wicked Cyclone's sister, but I love the classic layout feel! That along with the cool inversions and trick track (gg, rmc!) Will definitely add up to a crowd pleaser
  3. Is this the first legit classic wood inversion? Sorry if I'm completely wrong
  4. I've been a season pass holder of Six Flags for a few seasons now, and my coaster experience has been blossoming! I just went to Six Flags New England on July 16th (2015), and I wanted to give my comments and review on my most recent visit, and I wanted others to see it. First of all, here's the website link so you get an idea of what's there if you don't know: https://www.sixflags.com/newengland But anyway, here's what went down! Our first ride of the day was Tomahawk, a small frisbee ride that gets you the first round of "that feeling" so you're ready for later Shwingggg-battabatta SHWING! Did you know there used to be a ride in this spot? It was a rodeo ride (wow, original idea) We didn't go on Goliath since my friend didn't want to, and I noticed when I went on previously that the seats hurt the back of your legs a bit (HEADBANGER ALERT) This blurry photo shows where I believe they plan to film Fast & Furious 8 The kiddie balloon ride, with Flashback and SkyScreamer behind The "twin" towers... RIP Skyride ;-; What, are we in California now? Flashback and the new Wicked Cyclone (sugoi SUGOI!) side by side SkyScreamer and Pandemonium looking nice together I really like the landscaping and NEW PAINT on Pandemonium, though it's not up to my current thrill standards lol Wicked Cyclone is my new favorite roller coaster, while SS next door is basically a scenic view thing... Personally I think the "Scream" in the name comes from the people who hate heights xD Me (in blue) and my friend (next to me in black) go on Bizzaro! I had to convince my friend to go on (the results of the ride mentioned later) TAKE THE TUNNEL! Silly non-knowledgeable coaster riders these days... (the audio on the way up) Look... If you had once shot... *slice sound* and one oppurtunity... *growl* To seize everything you've ever wanted... One moment... Would you capture it, or just let it slip? Yo! - Come my friend! Tis' not too late to seek the newer world! *pause* ARE YOU SCARED? HELIX!!! Anyway, my friend LOVED the ride, so we went on 5 times in a day (CREDIT!), but the audio wasn't working today *cri* GREAT DAY AT THE PARK, 7/10! We rode Wicked Cyclone 3 times, and on my friend's first time, we got front! #winning! But take the poll included... is Bizzaro or Wicked Cyclone the best? A dad and his kid went on Thunderbolt eating cereal without attendants noticing... only in America, kids T_T Batman: The Dark Knight was a great ride, especially since we asked for front row (its reeeally windy up there) xD "Do I make these rides look fat?" Our last ride of the day, the classic ACE landmark... the Thunderbolt! This ride is run for even people with high thrill standards, as it's meant to be a family friendly coaster! "I have the rumbies, the rumblies that only a bit of airtime can satisfy!"
  5. Keeney, George E. Jr., of Ashland, Virginia, 91, formerly of Jacobus, Pennsylvania, passed away Sunday, May 4, 2014 after a brief illness. He was the loving husband of the late Elizabeth R. Dellinger. Born on June 12, 1922 in York Pa to the late Pansie and George E, Keeney Sr. George served on the Jacobus Borough Council for 30 years with 6 years as the elected mayor of the Jacobus Borough before retiring from public service to move to Ashland VA to be closer to his grandchildren. George was a member of Duncan Memorial U.M. Church Ashland. He was a member the American Legion post # 945 in PA, York County F.F. Association, life member of the Goodwill Fire Co. # 1 Jacobus, serving in several capacities, and a life member of the Vigilant Fire Co. #1 and the Vigilant Social Club of York PA. George was a WWII veteran serving in the US Army in Germany. He was retired from the New Wire Co. and JC Penney Co. of York PA. He was currently employed by the Kings Dominion Theme Park in Doswell VA. George was a past member of the Loyal Order of the Moose, Jacobus Lions Club, York County Borough Association, York/Adams Area Boy Scout Council for Explorers, a Director of the York County Fire Museum, Jacobus Senior Citizens Club, Christ U.M. Church Jacobus, Hanover County Senior Citizens Club and served on the parks and recreation committee for the Town of Ashland. George was preceded in death by a brother Jesse Keeney, and a grandson Eric. George is survived by a son, Randy Keeney and his wife Diane; grandson, Brandon of Elmont VA; and several nieces and nephews including a devoted niece Karen Roach and her husband Charles of St. Inigoes MD. A memorial of George's life will be held on Friday, May 16, 2014 at 2:00 PM at Duncan Memorial U.M. Church 201 Henry St. Ashland VA 23005. In lieu of flowers donations can be made to the Duncan Memorial U.M. Church building fund. No idea tbh.
  6. I think that fury 325 was a great investment for Carowinds, since they got a B&M product (popular since they started!), not to mention the crazy height and SPEEEEEEEED! I also like the mostly original theming, and the actual neon lights made it so much cooler! GG, Carowinds! p.s. lucky you got to go, my family doesn't travel far out at all xD I'd go in a heartbeat!
  7. not sure if this counts, but the actual airtime on wicked cyclone was really surprisingly good!
  8. Something I think would be cool was if they actually built in indoors (fear of the dark)!
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