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  1. Media day, opening day, or not too far off from opening. You'd know if you saw papers at the entrance telling you that you are giving the park permission to film you if you enter, and the ride might have some train shell parts missing and GoPros mounted in multiple spots. But when exactly? No clue
  2. I've experienced it too, boldikus knows all. All hail boldikus. All hail boldikus.
  3. Sometimes in my dreams, I get visions of really amazing rides that I should totally make in NL2 someday. 1) Boat ride with a cool pre-ride section that goes near a town looking scene and right next to the station before the rest of the ride. From then on, it was just trippy goodness 2) An old-style wood coaster plopped down in the middle of a neighborhood, with it being slightly sunk in a concrete pit and small roads going around the site with all of the houses facing it. The outside had the normal chain link fence, and just looked so retro but beautiful at the same time (because for whatever reason, retro neighborhoods seem to be a happy place for me)! I think that would be such an awesome thing IRL, if the neighbors where okay with the noise
  4. Well we haven't heard anything from them for so long, so that's where everyone's frustration is coming from
  5. Yeah, this seems suspicious... I think they have figured out our knowledge of what it will be! It's boring to look at, because all you see right now is birds and trucks I guess it's been raining there, because it was just pouring here in MA and the Gale Force cam shows rain, and one guy on site who appeared to have left.
  6. I really think Medusa needs a repaint badly, it almost looks white imo!
  7. I just can't deal with the stress on that thread they argue about one thing and one thing only for weeks dammit Like we get it the ride isn't ready and they messed up on a commercial what more is there to talk about?!
  8. I saw this picture and I was wondering: why are there so many extra connectors? I'm pretty sure they got rid of them but does anyone have an explanation for them?
  9. Another interesting thing, was LC also said Phobia had the longest queue length in the park. Adding onto this there are several buildings giving the idea that it's mostly indoors... Which I think would be a potential 'scare maze'. Maybe not jumpscares, but general atmosphere and what not which is really cool. - Mrcrolly, NoLimits Forum Really cool if this is true!
  10. You really think Bizarro is forceless? What are you smoking? It's not relentless throughout for sure, but on a good day it definitely has its moments: the zero-g no doubt, it really rips through the cobra roll, the helix after the midcourse is pretty heavy, the first vertical loop in the front or back of the train. Speaking of which, you really get yanked nicely through the entire course sitting in the back of Bizarro. My fave floorless out of Hydra, Rougarou and Bizarro, and by a large margin. Bizarro is an awesome ride, and I definitely remember the zero-g roll and how crazy that was. I really don't understand this whole "forceless" thing, because most coasters have great forces. You know, we just have such high standards that we tend to shun the ones that are less than that...
  12. The webcam has never worked for me on anything I use (Just a black screen though it says it's loaded), do you know what I might need to do to get it working?! I really want to see it being built!
  13. Well, from what I can remember, they have been installing a good amount of Super Loops, JL:BFMs, Sky Screamers, Free Flys (soon), and other stuff. Tell me if I missed anything. oh yeah, and boomerangs
  14. Since it doesn't have a transfer track they remove that piece to remove and add the train. Ah, same reason as Joker, which I asked about last week when I noticed that piece missing last week. Should have known that. Thanks for the response. It actually does have a transfer track though, but I can't really say much because I don't know about how they install on those coasters
  15. Well guys, start taking your shots at specifics like the steel coaster type and name, and what you think Vortex will be re-branded as! So pumped
  16. I think Alton and Thorpe can be top contenders, because they make the creepiest sh*t but it really gets you interested! The editing is awesome! One perfect example of this was for Th13teen, with the Hall of the Mountain King in the background and the creepy girl...
  17. Wow... You deliver your lines with so much sass it's incredible I can't help you in the general park discussion department though
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