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  1. You must be new to this whole "Six Flags" thing. Personally I'm happy there's any "theming" at all. I know well how Six Flags theming works, and I was happy to see what they did with Wicked Cyclone, but still, the people that oversee these projects should notice the difference... but then again we're talking about Six Flags, where the real slogan is "less money, less fun, Six Flags"
  2. 1. Batman: the Ride (SFGA) 2. Great Bear I'll have Raptor under my belt soon enough
  3. One concern I have about the branding of this coaster is its lack of consistency. Like you can tell there are two different Joker faces in the logo and the signs. I love the theming of course, but why not stay with just one image? It's the same deal for Joker in SFDK... the logo and the face on the train don't really match. Just sayin'.
  4. Yeah you guys totally never have. It's been taken down now, good work
  5. Wow, what a great looking ride! Also, I take it that the Tsunami Soakers are now themed to the Penguin, so what's the new name?
  6. Well I personally like it, and it makes me happy to know out of the giant licensing deal cuts a while back, they chose to stick with Warner Brothers and DC. They almost define what Six Flags is as a brand, and even if kids don't know them at first, they probably will by the time they leave (with the cartoons playing in the queues occasionally). It's original and still iconic to the older crowd at least, so in conclusion... Yes, kids still identify with Looney Tunes.
  7. Quite intense and twisted, I personally liked riding it! The ejector hill at the end is really cool!
  8. I rode every coaster at Hersheypark except for Sidewinder and Cocoa Cruiser. Sidewinder: I could have easily ridden this after everything else but ffs it's a boomerang Cocoa Cruiser: my mom told me I was too big but I'll check with the ride op in August And I haven't been on Laff Trak because it wasn't open at the time, but I'll cross that one off too!
  9. #ithasalreadysoftopened Also... I think it's about time we lynch Guy T. Koepp for instigating this riot
  10. And in the case of Ghost Rider, they still won't
  11. Post by KingRCT3 ยป Tue May 12, 2015 5:23 am It would have been cool I guess to paint the two rails in a different color and make one side Batman, the other a villain. I also thought of putting a long fin on the lift hill: bam, the world first front/backflip lift in the world! http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1585695#p1585695/ Holy sh*t. Move over Bush, we have a better conspiracy to cover...
  12. Lightning Rod: the first RMC coaster to age so bad it got RMC'd 50 years later #itwillopenin50years
  13. This whole situation makes me depressed... I mean the only good thing I can think came out of this transformation was the trains and track repaint. I think it's so sad that Six Flags is only in it for profit, so they will try gimmicks all while making budget cuts, making it worse. Bizarro may not have been the favorite character, but at least the music added so much more to the experience.
  14. ^ Same for Catwoman's Whip, but they occasionally trim them, so it ruins the fun
  15. I guess you haven't been paying attention... at construction media day they revealed concept art for the station and gift shop that looked really awesome! source: www.thrillcapitalinsider.com/uploads/5/5/1/9/5519358/2112680_orig.jpg
  16. I just don't trust this project, along with the one in China. As much as I am hoping for it to be great, we're talking Six Flags quality here. And two new parks? It just screams "I'm so mediocre I decided to make a mediocre version of myself, in questionable places!" I won't believe it until I see it, and hear the reviews.
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