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  1. I'm sure chiropractors and personal injury attorneys prefer Vekoma SLCs to B&M Inverted coasters
  2. They're getting this to go with their OTHER incredibly amazing, world class thrill ride, Le Monstre!
  3. That's odd, I'd never rank Manta better than Tatsu (unless we're comparing queues).
  4. We'll be going VIP Experience on Halloween evening Anybody care to join us?
  5. I'm gonna be able to ride this close to it's opening date, thanks to a business trip very close by. I think it looks like a fun ride, but that's hard to say. Millennium Force looked like a fun ride, and it was the most boring thing I'd been on in a long time. I'm glad that another Intamin giga is being built, it's been a while.
  6. I think it's appropriate colors. Red for the marks on your shoulders when you hit the non over the shoulder restraints, yellow for the pus that develops if any of the bashes get infected. At least the ride doesn't have a HANS device- that would have really messed up the theming.
  7. I think a perfect ride at Knott's would be Jaguar's track with Pony Express trains
  8. Why, do you hate SFMM that much? Kingda Ka is a terrible ride that wastes a lot of SFGAdv's money.
  9. Well, the planets have started spinning again on Astro Orbiter at Disneyland. Maybe something will go horribly wrong there next?
  10. ^If you're gonna go by pure fun, I'd definitely put Terminator at the top of that list.
  11. The KROQ event was a lot of fun- We got 19 rides in on Terminator, and 1 spin on Deja Vu. I absolutely love Terminator- nonstop speed, great direction changes, and pops of air here and there. Once it got dark, the ride REALLY got amazing- you go up the lift in lights, then you drop into nothing- then you swing up and head down and FIRE!!! The preshow rooms work, and we spoke to Jay Thomas for a few minutes, and he told us of a few things that they're still working on for preshow 2. We rode with enthusiasts, and with general public riders, and everybody seemed to really enjoy the ride- I kept hearing "It's not about big drops, it's just goes fast the whole way, and turns alot". I even heard a girl tell her friends that Terminator reminded her of Space Mountain, because it was smooth and fast. Kudos to GCI & SFMM for a WONDERFUL coaster- I'd easily rank it as the best wooden coaster in California (I know, that's not saying a whole lot). Get on out and ride it
  12. LIMs push the car backwards at the midpoint on Revenge of the Mummy at USH, you could count that as a 'backwards launch'.
  13. Judging by your avatar, you're a Bon Jovi fan. My wife is a ridiculously obsessed Bon Jovi fan, who also is a really good tour guide (she has shown several fans from the BackstageJBJ.com site around So Cal recently).
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