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  1. Halloween Night at Knott's Scary Farm- immediately after gorging ourselves at the Pre-Scare Buffet, we decided (somehow) that it would be a good idea to immediately go ride Ghostrider in the very back row.
  2. Cool. I wonder when they'll expand it so that you can add monetary value to your pass for purchases in the park?
  3. Probably spent about equal time standing at control panel and at the entrance...
  4. A couple more for California Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Coffin Creek
  5. Go downstairs at opening- we did Alice Cooper and Hostel 3 times each on Friday night without more than a 5 minute wait.
  6. Cameron's fairly easy to work with, as long as the checks keep coming, and provided they don't bounce.
  7. I'd like to remind everybody going, to make sure to schedule in some extra time when you're arriving - the parking situation can get pretty ugly - with day guests leaving and night guests and employees arriving at the same time.
  8. I absolutely LOVE the new Texas Giant, but I was surprised at how much fun Mr. Freeze was, and of course, the incredible Shockwave - I'm so glad I got plenty of rides on it on Friday.
  9. The route doing 7 per bus is getting dropped (the Irvine line) - they HAVE to do more routes, because of a court order. Most of the Flyaway business so far has been from the Van Nuys and Union Station routes.
  10. Absolutely a wonderful event, and an outstanding rollercoaster! I managed to get 20 rides during ERT, 9 in the morning, 11 at night (including the last train double ride) on the Giant, and I still wanted to ride more- I don't care wood or steel, it's my current favorite coaster, and it'll take a lot to take that away. Thanks again, Robb, Elissa, Ryan, Guy, Chad, everybody else I met but my brain is too melted at the moment for making this such a fun event. SFoT were great hosts, and I can't wait to go back.
  11. I haven't been to SFoT since Texas Giant was new the first time around, so I'm looking to catch up. I wanna ride everything I can, including some non coaster stuff. I don't mind water rides (even soakers). I'll try to get to the restaurant for Friday night, and maybe we can meet up then.
  12. I can't wait. I'll be there. The last time I was at SFoT, The Texas Giant had just opened, so there's plenty of stuff that'll be new to me, too.
  13. How many gravy/buffet/fat jokes about ACErs make up that count? Congratulations, guys.
  14. I don't think you know what the word 'irony' means. Goliath at SFMM did have the world record for tallest drop on a full circuit steel coaster for a few months, until Millennium Force opened.
  15. I've got my ticket, my plane and hotel booked. I'm so stoked!
  16. I hope whatever replaces it will still feature the Chicken Dance.
  17. I'm definitely going to this, but my one concern is getting from the hotel to the park for anything early morning. Any suggestions (renting a car is out of the question, I don't drive)?
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