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  1. Is there any chance Knott's could convert Supreme Scream to run as a combo-tower (like Power Tower at Cedar Point or Superman at SFoT)?
  2. Near USH - Just north of USH, on Lankershim Blvd. - check out The Federal Bar - really good burgers and excellent choice of beers - plus they have "beer floats" - vanilla ice cream and ole Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout. If you don't want to drive, just hop on the Red Line Subway at Universal Station, and head one station north to North Hollywood Station. This puts you in the North Hollywood Arts District, and there are a ton of places to eat and drink, and even see some art. Also within a couple blocks south of the North Hollywood Red Line station - Philadelphia Sandwiches - Best Philly cheese steak sandwich I've had outside of Pat's King of Steaks.
  3. Best steel - I'd probably tie between Batman at SFMM and Flight Deck at PGA. I'll probably hear all kinds of horrible things said about me and my mother over this one, but I'd have to give worst steel in California to Matterhorn Bobsleds, with it's current set of sleds. My favorite ride at the entire Disneyland Resort is now a ride that I don't even consider riding; I'd consider what was done to it as bad if not worse than what Six Flags did to Revolution (I still occasionally ride that). Best wood - I still give to Giant Dipper at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Worst wood - Grizzly; even Ghostrider at it's worst is at least semi-thrilling in a "I hope my back will forgive me for this" kind of way.
  4. Yay! Got the bag and stickers and buttons yesterday! I can't wait for Sunday.
  5. I'm so looking forward to Sunday. I had a few health scares the last couple of weeks, but I got clearance from the doctor today to participate. Have fun!
  6. This thread makes it easy to figure out whose house to never make a bathroom stop at.
  7. Thank you for taking that brain injury for the rest of us.
  8. Yes we do! I'd love to see how one would fare in a terrible(to wooden coasters) climate like SoCal or Florida.
  9. Stupid fun is the best!! I voted for Iron Rattler, just because New Texas Giant is my favorite coaster, but Outlaw Run looks mighty awesome, too.
  10. YOLOcoaster- First off, it's half an hour from my house. Second, I think it's gonna fit nicely in SFMM's lineup - much like Mr. Freeze at SFOT- where it's a good fun ride, regardless of it being over quickly.
  11. The fire didn't do anything to 'delay' things- but remember that where Despicable Me is being built, is atop a parking structure, at the end of a couple of fairly narrow walkways from the rest of the park. That adds some unique factors to doing large scale construction. Also, adjacent to the attraction as Joey stated, is the Globe Theater, home to USH's Special Events- many of which are planned out 6 months to a year ahead- they're not gonna close a major revenue stream to build THIS attraction any faster, and they can still PUSH Transformers for at least another full year. 2012 was the biggest year in the park's history, and 2013 looks good so far.
  12. Yes Xcelerator has faded some (from coral to bubblegum pink) - but I seriously doubt most visitors to the park would say it looks like 'faded crap'. Comparing pics from media day to pics from the last week or so only show a tiny difference in the teal (which I know they have done painting on through the years).
  13. I registered for Knott's Berry Farm - http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/matthew-nelson-3/KnottsBerryFarm2013
  14. It will have forty barrel rolls. Then they can pull the old "Crazy Barrels" sign out of storage, and call it an extreme homage to a classic Magic Mountain ride.
  15. That parking structure has been rebuilt/reinforced SEVERAL times through the years, and Castle Theater and Animal Actors Stage have been on the verge of sliding down the hill for at least 20 years.
  16. This is the rumor that just won't die- I've heard it since at least the early 90s- it used to be that "as long as Bob Hope is alive, that'll never happen" added to the end of it.
  17. I got more scares last night at Fright Fest, than 3 nights of HHN combined this year. The blackout maze was an absolute blast, and the Aftermath maze is a better zombie experience than the Ambien dead maze and "Terror" Tram combined. The cast at Cursed did a great job with what little they have to work with, and unlike Universal- there's actually line control at the mazes. There's nothing scary about doing a conga line through rooms that smell like rotting flesh, I don't care how many strobe/scream stomp pedals you put in the room. Lecter's Slaughterhouse was the one truly disappointing maze at Fright Fest for us, and we've been to a lot of quality haunts this season.
  18. Well, in my previous post, I said that Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a bit of a letdown at preview night- Opening Night it was AMAZING!! Lots of scares, lots of fun. Terror Tram was much improved as well, with the ending scene completed.
  19. Preview night was very fun last night! Silent Hill was REALLY cool- caught the vibe of the games/movies really well. TCM was a bit of a letdown, but I'll give it a pass, as last night was really a dress rehearsal, and in past years, I've seen dramatic improvements from just about every maze. Alice is really cool, but not really scary. The dubstep maze wasn't as horrible as I imagined it could have been- I'd imagine it would be the equivalent of a 'Disco' monster maze in 1979. I wish the Terror Tram 'walkers' the best, as they were doing some pretty wild moves- hope they can keep that up for the run of the event. For the first time ever, not only did I get to watch the entire Bill and Ted's show- it was actually really fun, and entertaining.
  20. Opening season, that helix was a good place to let your broken bones knit
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