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  1. Damn, I was hoping to go and do a photo TR. My wife and I both entered for the KROQ thing and didn't get any response. Oh well...
  2. This video goes well with The Mae Shi's - R U Professional? (song is great, but definitely NSFW) - I'd love to see a media day report with that song
  3. Thanks for the video, Robb. It looks great, and so does the ride.
  4. I'll take Terminator: Salvation over an ingenious name like "Flight Deck" anyday.
  5. If you're gonna be in the Hollywood area, I can show you some excellent tattoo parlors/art galleries, and some great restaurants.
  6. What "splash problem"? The ride seems to drench the riders just fine. Or is there some other issue you might be compensating for?
  7. Perilous Plunge wastes real estate in a park that doesn't have a lot of space to work with, and even in the summer hardly gets ridership (if it's actually operating).
  8. I think this ride is everything that Perilous Plunge at Knott's SHOULD have been.
  9. Too bad the side of the Fun Wheel that faces Paradise Pier is fugly.
  10. Really? So the confirmed case being treated in Israel is just a fluke? Swine flu has NOTHING to do with ingesting pork products, it's not even an airborne influenza.
  11. Manhattan Express sucks so bad, they changed the name to "Rollercoaster"
  12. According to the CDC - Influenza kills about 36,000 people a year in the United States. When swine flu swings that number up by about 10% or so, then I'll get extra concerned. Until then, I'll continue to wash my hands fairly frequently, and avoid being coughed on as much as possible.
  13. I'd love to see the two Giant Dippers in California get the Timberliner trains. Just about anything's better than those Morgans.
  14. I visit my local park 5 times a week, 6 or 7 times a week during busy seasons.
  15. Here's a picture that started out as an OK image, but I really had some fun with photoshop on it... Speed: The Ride (I was trying to recreate the look/feel of the Bourne Identity movie poster)
  16. This thread is definitive proof that not everybody has a functioning sarcasm and/or wit detector.
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