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  1. I've been able to do one continuous yell from the mid course brake to the end brakes on Goliath. There's a video floating around somewhere of me screaming my way down Matterhorn, with the sound getting louder everytime my bobsled goes outside.
  2. I still say that Dan should be one of the first riders, there's no way that ride would fall into his "acceptable amount of water" scale.
  3. 1900 pph? I don't think that ride ever made it past 800pph.
  4. I was really stoked to see a TPR Pen included in my Bag O' Crap
  5. 1. Sierra Sidewinder 2. Pony Express 3. Montezooma's Revenge 4. Ghostrider 5. Jaguar 6. Timberline Twister 7. Boomerang 8. Xcelerator 9. Silver Bullet Counting the mine train would be 10- Thankfully math skills aren't required by ride ops very often. I'm pretty sure that they count Perilous Plunge as the "mystery" coaster, since they've used it prominently for things like the Coaster Solace shirts for several years now.
  6. They could rip out Tidal Wave and put something decent sized in the space that used to hold Freefall.
  7. I'm #7, also known as Matthew Nelson My screen name here at TPR is UberBeavis It was great to meet you, Big Mike.
  8. I saw Big Mike at Magic Mountain yesterday, even got my picture taken with him.
  9. Knott's problem doesn't lie so much in lack of space, but the neighborhoods around the park have pushed back quite a bit on noise issues.
  10. I can't wait till they add flamethrowers to the Tweety Bird Cages ride in Bugs Bunny World.
  11. Short list (these are ones at USH): Joe Walsh, Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus, Dennis Miller, Keysha Cole, Michael Jackson, Jane Kaczmarek, Ron Howard, Bob Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg, Tony Shalhoub, Wilmer Valderrama, John Stamos, Dwayne Johnson We see a few...
  12. Yard Dogs Road Show, Saul Williams, The Mutaytor, Les Claypool - The Oddity Faire My outfit for the evening
  13. I used to get free Speed rides with my Sahara Club card- they'd offer free drinks or free meals, and I'd just ask for passes for the ride, and usually get them.
  14. Fail Day At Knott's - Didn't even bother to go in the gate when we saw this
  15. Do you want pics of the Delorean doors sitting backstage? (you can spot them on the studio tour now)
  16. I'll be at Sea World on June 5, this looks like it's gonna be a fun ride.
  17. Looks like fun. We'll be in Orlando twice this summer, but I only think we'll be able to get to Sea World once.
  18. Absolutely awesome news! Last year was far beyond what I expected it would be.
  19. Actually, it's got the Giant Dipper from Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk standing in for the Cyclone.
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