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  1. Question for DirkFunk or anyone that follows the financials of the park chains: Is there any business logic that could be driving SF to switch a majority of their pass holders over to memberships? I'm referencing SF getting a smaller, yet steady sum of money monthly w/ memberships vs getting a huge influx of cash at Labor Day, then minimal amounts from pass sales over the rest of the year. It seems that the memberships will probably net a higher amount of cash per pass holder per year vs the current system. I'm just curious if there is a tax break or something that would drive them to spread that cash out over all four quarters of the financial year instead of getting the current lump sum in Q3. Thanks for doing a Business for Dummies session here
  2. So what happens to the GoFundMe money when it falls short of the goal? I assume any money raised goes to whomever made the page? Just curious since this isn't going to succeed.
  3. Ahh, yes, sux flags answer to all problems....trim breaks Ya know, you are right to mock them.... I mean, you are on the internets, so you know all about coasters
  4. Surly Brewing is worth a look while in town... SURLY Check out a Jucy Lucy while in town too.... It's a local, unique take on cheeseburgers...
  5. This is one of those things that no one outside of an enthusiast message board will get/understand. But hey, enthusiasts like to give the finger to social norms, so more power to those who are socially oblivious...
  6. Dumb, but obvious question to me: Is it cool to take a rental across the Canadian border? That just screams problems should something occur (accident, theft, etc.).
  7. Won't this explode the hearts of most enthusiasts That alone will keep the numbers down initially...
  8. One has to think that convenience will trump the goods in the back for a lot of people. There is a reason we all know to start in the back of the park and work forward
  9. Would your proposal give SFGAm the most square footage for HitP? it just seems that SFNE is significantly smaller and SFGAdv is a bit smaller... I just see these "needed" elements being in the back being a problem...
  10. That seems ambitious to have 2/3's of the park open. I get why JL and Bull are suggested, but its a ton of space to get there. We'll see I guess. Im also curious to see what kind of snow removal systems are in place since they seem to just have Momma Nature at SFGAdv and SFNE. Here, snowfall at some point is a given.
  11. Why not develop a Thirsty Pony type bar/resturaunt on the land... Even something close to a FEC? That would serve as a place for people staying several nights to go "off site" but still keep $$$$ in house...
  12. That is a good deal. Just kinda curious about parking though. Seems like a waste if you are just taking a single car. Either way, I should probably jump on one of these Fast Lane deals. Already slept on the $80 Ticket/FL+ combo from Black Friday... Just buy the damn thing and find someone to go after the purchase, ha ha.
  13. Awesome adventures! Doing the Grand Canyon stuff is definitely on the to do list when I make it out West. Glad that you pointed out Glen Canyon though... It's peaked my interest and is also on the list now Nice to see that they even allow Upper Deckers there too... I mean, the sign doesn't say not too, even though they cover everything else
  14. Thanks to all that replied. After some deep soul searching, I decided to take a pass. Vegas is one of those trips that I want to do "right" and I know I'll blow by any budget I set. It's not the time or place to be counting every penny... I was just shocked initially that I was looking at a package of hotel AND flights out of MDW for $329 for a strip hotel (Luxor), but would be hit with an additional $135-140... That's an additional 40% before you're even on the ground... And Vegas seems like the kind of place where other Nickel & Dime type stuff would add up very quickly...
  15. There were some random cutouts from The Santa Claus...2?? Also some bows and presents (one pictured). You can see a Tim Allen Santa Claus cutout gesturing to the "opening" of the shed as you exit the shed, but the music and scenes themselves were the same. Side note: I got to see the rare tree monster twice! Interesting to hear about the Tim Allen props. One would think that since THE SANTA CLAUSE is a Disney property, that would be a total "Don't even think about using it" idea...
  16. Simple questions to figure out if I will ride something: - Will I have fun riding? (must be "Yes") - Will I look like a pedophile if I ride? (must be "No!") If either question isn't answered correctly, I pass.
  17. Eh, I don't know about that... I'm a fairly happy person!! However, every single Six Flags park I have been to has always had horrible operations. There is NO reason at all that any roller coaster should average 10 minute dispatches. EVER. Yet it seems to be a common theme at a lot of the Six Flags parks I've been to. The ride operators seem more interested in chatting with each other than doing their job. This issue never seems to happen at say... Cedar Fair parks, Universal Parks, Disney Parks... or any other parks that aren't... you know, Six Flags parks. Except that there isn't a single coaster out there where a 10 minute dispatch is "average". That just doesn't happen... But enthusiasts think it's cool to bitch and moan about Six Flags, so more power to ya.
  18. I've been contemplating going to Vegas to see my alma mater compete in the Ice Vegas Invitational for NCAA hockey. Don't have a huge budget for the trip. Im really put off by the fact that you're quoted a price at whatever hotel and then you need to add $30-50/day for "resort fees" on top of the quoted price. Basically I was looking at packages where these fees were as much as the hotel itself It's a hell of a swindle they got going here with that
  19. Using the WayBack machine and sampling some 2014 Bourbon County Stout while watching NCAA Football today. Quite interesting how this beer has mellowed out over the past 3 years.
  20. Is Six Flags still up and running?? Yes? Then no. Further proof that enthusiasts will never be happy....
  21. IMO, if they want to extend the season they should just extend Fright Fest into November, the idea that Fright Fest has to end with Halloween is silly, fact is Fright Fest draws crowds and I don't believe for one second that the crowds would just stop coming because it's after Halloween... If they wanted to switch it up to get repeat visitors, they could flip the theme of Fright Fest into a Spooky Thanksgiving and/or Nightmare Christmas look... Yea, I mean all those haunted houses make $Texas in November! In fact, why not just run Fright Fest for the entire operating season. Just think of the $$$$ that would be made with every day at capacity!
  22. I waited next to you for Viper and I thought the goggles were a good idea. The cold air didn't bother me too much, but I would bring goggles if I ever ride coasters in cold weather again. Staying warm >>>> acting like an enthusiast Not sure when Bull added the 2nd train, but they had two running when I rode right after Viper. That was around 3:30ish. They seemed to be running as well as they could for the most part. No sense of laziness anywhere.
  23. Just got back from SFGAm. Fun but cold day at the park today. Crowds were probably the biggest of November with 2/3's of the front lot filled. Everything was running and there were a few coasters with two trains going (Bull, Goliath, Eagle, Whizzer). Single train ops on Batman, Viper (backwards), and X-Flight. Once everything got running by about 3pm, nothing was more than a 30-35 minute wait. It was a nice way to close the season for me. I was happy to be riding any coaster on November 19th. I will admit that I did let my enthusiast flag fly a bit today. Since I was solo and temps were in the 30s, I wore ski goggles around the park. Got several strange looks, but it was the only way I would have made it through more than a ride or two today. Despite my best efforts, I guess I've officially become a coaster nerd Looking weird? Absolutely! Cold? Not a chance in Hell!
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