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  1. Lawn Mower, Leaf Blower, Snow Shovel, Assorted Lawn Tools... the normal stuff It's a shed. What else would you expect? Jimmy Hoffa? The site used to fake the moon landing? A slack-jawed yokel?
  2. Welcome to SFGAm! P.S. I was serious about a food service employee ruining my life by calling my drink "soda" instead of "pop"...
  3. An employee also used the term "soda" instead of "pop"... Totally ruined the experience and SF is now the worst company ever!!!!
  4. Revolution is probably the top brewery for me right now. They can do no wrong. Their "Deep Wood" series of barrel aged brews is 2nd to none. I'll take "Very Mad Cow" over any Goose Island barrel aged brew. (And I currently own about 25 bottles of various Goose Island Bourbon County brews, RARE & Proprietors included). Check them out if you swing by SFGAm!
  5. When I was at the park in July, Uber was non-existent around the park. Lyft was much more reliable although many of the rides were coming from the fringe of the "available" area. In the end, it was why I bailed around 7pm instead of staying later. Thankfully I was able to scout this for a few nights ahead of time and figure this. Also, a cab costs an arm, leg, AND 1st born going back to Trenton
  6. Probably less than 5% of pass holders are visiting the park that often. Family A are the ones SF needs to please. Not Family B who is full of enthusiasts. As usual, enthusiast opinions don't matter here when looking at the big picture.
  7. I can't figure out how Six Flags can gain anything from their current situation with food service. Yes, it's profitable. But how long can the crappy service continue before you have attrition on the Customer Satisfaction side. This has to be a tremendous negative to people who visit 1-2 times per year. Those people are paying $45-60/person to get in the door and $15+ per person for a meal. This can't be leaving a great impression in regards to the "value" the patron thinks they get. Not sure if someone with internal experience can comment on this. I'm just struggling to see how this works out in the big picture.
  8. At SFGAm, I'm all for Raging Bull at opening... With Goliath & Justice League drawing the crowds, I've been able to get a couple of laps without moving numerous times.
  9. Y'all have it wrong... They are actually reversing the layout! That little bump is an airtime hill just before you hit the brakes and return to the station! That is just the last of 100s of thrills with this ride
  10. Iron Man FTW! Happy to see that turned out well. Looking forward to the Marvel properties making an appearance stateside. Might even be enough to make me set foot in a Disney park at some point!
  11. I'm going to refer to NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip's famous quote and apply it here:
  12. There are people that enjoy Winter you know. Not everyone whines when the temps get below 50*F.
  13. It's the same reason these people don't realize how socially awkward they are. They're oblivious to their impact on others. Simple as that...
  14. They did mention that the frequency of the refills wouldn't change from the current setup. So you'd probably have to wait 30 minutes between refills (I haven't done this at CP since 2013, so not sure of the timeframe here). Unlike SF, it sounds like you'd have your pass scanned each time you got a drink. That would make sharing unlikely.
  15. Interesting take on the drink program. It'd be nice to not have to carry a bottle.
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