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  1. That was also a 70*F, sunny day. So the weather had a lot to do with it.
  2. Just curious, why the inquiry on this Robb? I Assume it's related to the visibility of TPR or something of that sort..
  3. Depends on the weather... Plan on it being a cluster, however, since it's the last weekend day before Halloween...
  4. OMFG.... "Why do you feel the need to post such gross, sexual comments constantly? " Example #912 of enthusiasts being oblivious to their social awkwardness
  5. Weather is your main variable. The warmer it is, the more packed it will be... Saturday will be a class above Friday for crowds... You're playing with fire on that Saturday. Plan on a Flash Pass.
  6. Raging Bull kicks ass I love that coaster and ride it every chance I get... Yea, enthusiasts bitch about the trim (I mean, those engineering types that designed it had no idea what they are doing, right ). But it's just a fun coaster that I could ride for lap after lap. Ignore the haters, ha ha.... Glad to hear you had a good time at SFGAm.
  7. Oh ok! Thank you! So from looking at google maps, it will be right across from the Big Easy Balloons? Yea, across from them and in front of Johnny Rockets. It'll be on your right as you walk the main path back towards Joker.
  8. It's 10 stories tall, so it counts as 10 credits. It's actually 2 credits... One forward, one backward....
  9. Look back at posts from Labor Day weekend the past few years... That'll give you an idea of what to expect...
  10. The sprint to the back of the park at open will be interesting to watch Fast Lane and Early Entry and now well worth the cost
  11. Chicago to NYC would probably be your cheapest option... Low fares can be had out of ORD or MDW... Last Summer I went to Philly for cheap out of MDW on Southwest. At the time of that trip, I wasn't driving, so I did SFGAdv via train and Lyft... Getting to the park wasn't a problem, but getting back to Trenton was sketchy. Drivers will be hit or miss since Jackson is in the middle of nowhere.
  12. I'm gonna go with a Superloop... But then again, I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night....
  13. I can only imagine the nightmare of having people want to ride train A over train B... Stations can be a cluster as it currently is
  14. My takeaway from this thread is that I need to scream like a banshee on any ride I go on because it pisses enthusiasts off... Seriously, you're at a park to have fun... Screams of enjoyment are part of the experience
  15. I'm totally getting the Platinum Pass next year! My home park is KD, soooooo pumped for Hurler and Mean Streak. I'm doing a KI & 2 day CP trip next year for my B-Day. Has anyone done/recommend the CP VIP tours or should I just stick with the Fast Lane Plus and save the money? There was a guy last year that would bust a nut over the VIP tours in just about every other post. If you look back through the thread, there is a decent amount of info on them if you can get by his editorials...
  16. Is there a single element in existence that shows the need for upstop wheels more than this? That looks to be a delightfully evil brand of airtime right there
  17. This has been noted among the enthusiast community, but at this point, I do have to wonder if the "GP" really care about this. Could this be perceived as part of a normal day at the park by your 1-2x/year visitors? This has been an issue for 3+ seasons now and not really been addressed. At this point, obviously something hasn't allowed the adjustments to be made to rectify the situation. Just really curious what that reason is. But then again, I don't have the entire picture like SF Corporate, so I'm probably missing something obvious here
  18. This is a complex question that doesn't have a simple answer unfortunately. As mentioned, personal preferences are key. Some people take very well to long drive times, others do not. Personally 8-9 hours in a car is very doable for the most part. Also, be aware that not all driving is equal. Driving through Boston and NYC is different than driving I-80 through Nebraska, and also different than driving I-40 between Knoxville, TN and Spartanburg, SC...
  19. Meh. Either way, why pick a fight with a stranger? It's like me flipping out on someone here cause they don't know that the 7-foot Medium Heavy St. Croix Mojo Bass is a Moderate-fast action instead of a Fast action. Pretty petty and pointless, eh?
  20. I'm gonna start saying "GP" things while in queues and on rides just to piss off enthusiasts... Also, why did you call a little girl an A-hole? That's some class right there champ...
  21. I am a huge fan of Speedway Gas Stations. I'm always stopping in before/after work for food/drinks and fuel. Overall I find a good chunk of their stations are clean and well stocked. Basically, I'm doing this anyways. By using their rewards card, I'm able to accumulate about 100k points/year. A $100 fuel card costs 102k points. By cashing in my points I can pay my share of fuel on 2-3 trips/year. It's also nice when I pay with the fuel card and whomever I'm traveling with pays their share in cash.
  22. Very few people are "giving them a pass". Here are two examples from just a couple of posts ago: The "preview weekend" claim is a total cop out on this. Very few people seem to want to take the hard stance that you and Dirk have taken and are willing to call a spade a spade here...
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