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  1. Only 2 things really come to mind: 1. During my European funfair/theme park tour in Sep-Oct. 2015, I took the train too late to get to this fair in western France, and by the time I got there the fair had just closed (like 10 minutes earlier). There was a rare flat ride there called Stargate I wanted to ride. The operators were still there, and I remember asking through the fence if I could ride (hey, it was worth a shot). Nope. Here are videos of it: Offride: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0Y_t7nALAM Onride: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B60Od57FPXw 2. Not visiting Cedar Point, Knoebels, Magic Mountain, SF Great Adventure, etc. before Covid hit. Of course in 2019 I had no idea Covid was coming, so it was easy to put these parks off "until 2020 or 2021." Um....I mean, you could still visit these parks in 2020 or 2021 (well, not Magic Mountain in 2020), but it won't be nearly the same as 2019 or earlier. I already kind of appreciated this pre-Covid, but Covid has made me appreciate more that you need to tick every box on your "bucket list" ASAP. You never know what will happen in the world (pandemics - natural or manmade, world war, world-changing natural disaster, governments restricting freedoms, etc.) or how much time you have left on this earth.
  2. That's good to hear. Hopefully other parks like Cedar Point will also allow row requests if we're willing to wait.
  3. As far as uncrowded parks, I actually like there to be somewhat of a crowd. Not too much, but I hate feeling like I'm one of the only people at a park or fair. It's just not a "party" if there aren't enough people there.
  4. The wait times may end up being the same because they're probably going to close off a bunch of seats on the rides to enforce social distancing.
  5. I wish they would make water coasters that can compete with Mammoth & Wildebeest at Holiday World in Indiana. Those 2 water coasters were built over 7 years ago and are still FAR AND AWAY the best water coasters out there. The best things about those water coasters is the airtime and long length of ride. The "wave river" about this new park interests me...I hope it's more like the "rapids" river rides at Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, TX and not just a typical lazy river.
  6. Hilarious...Twitch streamer Esfand rides his first coaster at Liseberg in Sweden. He reminds me of Robb with his reactions. https://streamable.com/hsb5r
  7. If you were making your first trip to CP, and you lived 850 miles away, would you go this summer or wait for the 150th anniversary next summer? Is there going to be some great new coaster next year?
  8. I noticed a large Schwarzkopf traveling coaster in France is missing from the list of coasters on CoasterPoll.com -- Super Railway. I rode it at a funfair in Toulouse, France in 2015 and it's really fun and intense, and best (or worst) of all doesn't have any seatbelt or lapbar or ANYTHING holding you in the car...you just hold on to the bars on the side of the car. I *almost* literally flew out of my seat going down one of the hills, but that just added to the fun of course!: https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipOm0TCT5Jg9tyMSuKMOzE6mQt8LvL-AW7TUGRoo Here's a video of it from 2019:
  9. Thanks for the advice. Do they let you choose your seat on Yukon Striker, Behemoth, Leviathan, and Vortex (if you want the front seat, back seat, etc.) even without a Fast Pass and in the single rider line, or do the ride ops tell you where to sit?
  10. Are there any rules of thumb for if to buy a Fast Pass or just a normal ticket on a weekday in June with school still in session? Like if the parking lot is more than half full, buy a Fast Pass? Or maybe if a bunch of buses in parking lot buy a Fast Pass? I'm gonna be there about 5 hours approx. 2-7 PM and would like to ride: Preferably at least 2 rides: Yukon Striker Leviathan Behemoth Vortex At least 1 ride: Sledge Hammer Soaring Timbers Skyhawk Shockwave Backlot Stunt Coaster Knight Mares maybe Klockwerks maybe Spinovator I won't be stopping to eat or anything, just riding. I'll eat before I go. Also how accurate is the ride wait time in the app? Can you buy a Fast Pass after you are already in the park and see lines and decide you want one?
  11. Yeah, but I was thinking people might decide to go to CW after the parade since they took the day off anyway. Or a lot of out of town folks coming to Toronto for the parade might go to CW on Tuesday maybe. I fully expect every other tourist attraction like the CN Tower to be super-packed now. Then I think "do people want to go to an amusement park after standing at a parade for 2-3 hours? Probably not...so Monday seems better than Tuesday."
  12. I booked my trip to Toronto last week, and not following the NBA at all, I had no idea Toronto was in the NBA Finals. Well, they won tonight! We arrive in Toronto on Sunday, June 16 and leave for Niagara Falls on Wed. June 19. The victory parade is Monday June 17 10 AM downtown, will probably last until 1 or 2 PM. I mean, there's probably going to be a million+ people in downtown Toronto for that. We aren't going to the parade. Would Monday afternoon/evening probably be a good time to go to Canada's Wonderland in terms of low crowds? Or would Tuesday probably be better? It would be kinda nice to change the dates of my trip now, but the flight is non-refundable, and now the hotel room is non-refundable (too close to arrival date).
  13. What are the Season Pass Bring A Friend Free days for the rest of July? I don't have a season pass, but I'm planning a trip and wanted to avoid those days because I suspect they're probably more crowded than usual.
  14. I have a soft spot for Arrows because their Loop-Screw was my first upside down coaster at age 11 (Revolution at Libertyland in Memphis).
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