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  1. What I'd really like to see, is an iSpeed, Cheetah Hunt, or Maverick style coaster (blitz coaster?), but in an inverted version. Imagine a Maverick-esque coaster, whilst hanging under the track, some Volcano style heartline rolls, 90+ degree drop?! I for one think it would be pretty badass.
  2. Great TR! Ever since rct loopy landscapes, I've been dying to visit the park haha. Looks like a nice park to visit, as I've got a real soft spot for Arrows and classic woodies. Thanks for taking the time to put this together
  3. ^ yes it should, I'm hoping that will give some sensation of speed, as the simulated pov seemed to drag ass through that helix.
  4. Skyrush, I'm basically in love with it (exaggeration) and the gf and I can't make it out to ride it this coming season
  5. Knowing that as a race, we've designed and embraced this "tool", really makes me feel disgusting about being human.
  6. Man those transitions look incredible, cannot wait to ride this mean machine.
  7. ^I believe it is! FINALLY someone is building a hyper/mega-ish coaster that will go upside-down. Sick of the seemingly implied "rules" that parks/designers seem to follow.
  8. I have high hopes for this coaster, but that track is ugly as sin.
  9. I'm gonna have to say Millennium Force, I've gone to CP many times every year since I was a wee child. And since thats just an all-around fun coaster, we usually ride it numerous times every visit. I would approximate in the 100's, but I've never been a counter. Second and third , sadly, go to Big Dipper and Double Loop at the once great Geauga Lake(once great as in pre Six Flags era/eventual closure). Those were my very first "big coasters", and me mum and I used to ride them over and over again overtime we went. Since we live 30-40 minutes away, this was quite often
  10. ^GOOD! I hate that ugly-ass red and orange combo. It looked SO much nicer when its supports were silver (Magnum color scheme). I sincerely hope they paint it.
  11. ^ Yeah, a lot of the ride crews at Cedar Point are really impressive. Especially when they're running all the trains for a coaster, and there isn't a single instance of stacking. After growing up going there and seeing their operations, I find myself getting really pissed off at ride crews at other parks my GF and I attend. Six Flags doesn't really seem to train their crews too well, or maybe they just let anyone do it, as opposed to picking out crews based on efficiency.
  12. ^Don't worry big guy, the joke came in loud and clear I REALLY hope they can keep improving this park, last time I was there I was pretty disappointed in the experience.
  13. I was also wondering this! I'm guessing that they will Not that I'll make it out to ride this, I'm kinda hoping for the old restraints. I find them to be so much more comfortable.
  14. As much as I'd like it to be a frefall element in the tower, I just don't see it happening. Fingers crossed though!
  15. I think it will be fantastic. As long as those "small" drops pack a punch, which I'm sure they will, I doubt we'll hear any more bitching after this puppy opens. And as for the Scream repainting debate, I honestly kind of hope it stays the same colors, for some reason I've always liked the color scheme (with fresh paint of course).
  16. My first ever grey out, and only for many years, was on Laser at Dorney. I believe I was 13 at the time...? Only ride that ever gave me that experience at that age, or only time I was aware of it happening. Miss that ride so much However, now in my twenties, I find myself going grey on the bottom of the first drop/overbank on MilF almost every time I ride it. Also I305's first turn, I lose my vision entirely, until Im coming down the first camelback. And last but not least, I get tunnel vision on the first big turn (after the first camelback) on Skyrush. My girlfriend and I both personally love the sensation.
  17. This park is now officially on my wishlist of trips I'm hoping for a pop of that xtrain soon, some of those turns look extremely tight and forceful, may end up being the star of the park!
  18. ^If its different, I honestly see it being because the park, or CF KNOWS the dumbass general public will throw shit at riders when entering the tunnel. Similar to the death of the DUELING Dragons. People are stupid and have ruined/will ruin anything.
  19. About the temporary support: I305 also had one, albeit in a different position, but had one for the lift during its construction. It was removed when the piece similar to the keystone was added(the apex piece, think vaults and archways). Picture here!rcdb.com/4520.htm#p=24461 That one in the bottom left! Even though its different location, and company, I think this shows that its just a required step when building these newer style lifts with far fewer supports than yesteryear.
  20. Well.... being an Intamin fanboy, and having an Intamin fangirl girlfriend, we've gone on a lot of trips to ride a lot of the big/good Intamins. We haven't done trips based around B&M's yet so I have a more limited selection for those (although 2015 we're doing a big B&M summer). SO, after stating that I would say: -Favorite Intamin is a tie between Skyrush, and El Toro. Both perfect in their own way. -Favorite B&M is either Afterburn, Great Bear, or Leviathan. Probably Leviathan though, as I feel its a B&M Millennium Force, meaning its just fast, pure fun, without being too crazy. Just a all-around pleasant experience
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