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  1. That twisty double down looks absolutely bonkers so far! I wonder how much of the coaster that is yet to be constructed will vary from the POV, because if that double down is a sign of whats to follow, I can't wait to see what else is tweaked from the animation.
  2. When I was a little boy in elementary school, I always used to draw roller coasters wrapped around skyscrapers or giant redwood trees; any tower of some sort. So seeing this design, and if it comes to fruition, is basically my childhood daydream turned into reality. BEYOND STOKED!!!
  3. I love this little park! My girlfriend has steel rods in her spine, so she can't do anything jerky or bouncy, like a wooden coaster. And since Knoebel's noteworthy coasters are wooden, I never saw fit to bring her to the park on our coaster road trips. But now, with this awesome looking addition of steel construction, I finally have a coaster I can convince her with to come to the park! Counting the days
  4. Since the animated POV came out, I've been looking forward to ONE thing most of all... THAT S-BEND! And it looks pretty darn good in the real POV, surprisingly snappy looking for a new B&M, and thats really got me pumped! After riding Banshee this year, which was surprisingly intense for a new B&M (but not nearly as intense as some people say), I'm really expecting this coaster to be excellent. NOT an I305/Skyrush "extreme" coaster with crazy forces/airtime, but just an insanely fun ride like Millennium Force, where everyone is laughing and cheering on the brakerun. I'm genuinely very excited for my first ride on it
  5. Fucking people always have to strive to control shit that isn't theirs.
  6. ^Yeah I actually remember seeing a picture of it, if I'm not mistaken.
  7. So what?! Nows MilF has a greenish train?! if it's replacing the yellow paint, I APPROVE!
  8. Great report! That one picture puzzles me though, it looks like a piece of MilF's train, but painted the color of rougarou's supports..? That is unless my eyes aren't working properly. Very intrigued. Thanks for taking the time to put this all together for us!
  9. ^ Agreed 100%. The two are VERY similar, and since RMC seems even more ballsy now, I feel like Meaner Streak would be Incredible!
  10. Is everybody here crazy..? Haha, I do, however, wish some of you were right though
  11. Regarding the sharpie picture, Sharpie's commercial is "write like you mean it", so I'm pretty sure its just a joke. (this means something->Write like you mean it..?) Just a guess.
  12. I think it also has to do with the turn prior to the inline. That straight-ish piece might be the point where your body is transitioning from the positive vertical gs of the helix, to the lateral gs of the inline. I'm pretty sure its shape a particular way for the forces to smoothy transition from one to another, rather than jerk from one type of sensation to the next like an old Arrow.
  13. Banshee Bash really was a great time, it was my first TPR event, and now the GF and I are dying for some more. I will have to disagree with you, however, when you say Banshe had little to no rattle. While I found myself thinking just that at first while riding in the purple train, and the blue train, the Aqua/teal train vibrated my brain so badly I got off with a headache. Alisha, my girlfriend who was also at the event, felt the same way. When we met Robb, that was actually one of our conversations. Great coaster nonetheless, I just will be avoiding the aqua/teal train like the plague on my next visit Thanks for putting this PTR together, I've been far to lazy to write up mine thus far haha.
  14. Carowinds a few days after the Fury325 opening (gotta wait for my boss to get back from vacation), then we'll shoot over to KD for some I305 perfect starting off the season trip.
  15. I'm thinking this might finally be the year I make it to Holiday World Always wanted to go, but ended up going to bigger parks every year, but this coaster has given HW that little extra sparkle, to pull me in this coming summer.
  16. I'm wondering if they're planning on testing before they remove them? To see how the forces factor in to stability..? Just a wild guess.
  17. That Xtrain looks awesome! Scenery reminds me a little of Maverick's concept art, with all the insane head choppers
  18. ^^Oh my god, don't get everyone started on that whiny "O MY GOD MY park is so neglected :*( ,wah wah wah" crybaby shit. I can hear it now... Anyways I'd personally love to see this, as I've always wondered why CF/CP seemed to shy away from divers, or flyers. Although Flyers for capacity reasons I imagine. This would really give them another good coaster, with its own unique flavor. Although I imagine mavericks drop still being more intense, this will be fantastic in its own way. Guess we'll be waiting another 3-4 years for "New Steel MeanER Streakier Roller Coaster"
  19. What I'd really like to see, is an iSpeed, Cheetah Hunt, or Maverick style coaster (blitz coaster?), but in an inverted version. Imagine a Maverick-esque coaster, whilst hanging under the track, some Volcano style heartline rolls, 90+ degree drop?! I for one think it would be pretty badass.
  20. Great TR! Ever since rct loopy landscapes, I've been dying to visit the park haha. Looks like a nice park to visit, as I've got a real soft spot for Arrows and classic woodies. Thanks for taking the time to put this together
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