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  1. Millenium Force! That ride does NOT deserve HALF the shit it gets, Its still one of my favorites! Solid, fun coaster, that hauls ass the whole way through!
  2. Oh my lord! I am SO excited! I've been telling my friends this was an inevitability for the past 6+ years, and now, its finally true! I've always thought Mantis had a GREAT layout, but sucked ass due to standing up. Hopefully this will allow Mantis, or Rougarou, to really live up to what it could/should of been back in 1996. Seriously CANNOT wait to try this baby out, as the old B&M standups have some great layouts, nice forces, and snappy transitions. SO FURKIN EXCIRTED!
  3. The actual translated name of this coaster is "Long Steel Roller Coaster of Suspension" HAHAHA! That *might* be even worse! Long steel coaster of crowd suppression! THAT would be an accurate name, as I imagine the ride beating people into a pulpy, vegetable-like creature.
  4. This summer at Waldameer, I witnessed a woman telling here son that "It's called the Ravine Flyer II, because they added extra boards to the track to make it a couple inches taller." She then went on to say "Can't you see the fresh wood?! THAT'S WHY ITS NUMBER TWO!!!" ...I believe she was referring to the lighter colored wood from the offseason's maintenance. Had to bite my tongue pretty hard
  5. SKYRUSH!!! Back row, left wing seat Hands down, my favorite coaster of all time. That airtime is furkin nurtz!!
  6. Their theming takes "meh" coasters, and turns them into a memorable "experience". Great fun! I'd love to see a Maverick, or an ispeed, with this level of detail in the theming/scenery. That would be pretty damn incredible Still, Big Thunder Mountain, Big Grizzly Mountain, and Expedition Everest are ALL fantastic coasters, LOVE IT!
  7. YES!!! ALL HAIL ANTON! The man was a genius, no doubt about it. The launch on this badboy is surprisingly forceful given its age, damn shame that so few of these/his other creations remain
  8. Hand Roller Coaster! It sounds like a sex act ....but is disappointingly not so enjoyable, its a crap knockoff SLC! http://rcdb.com/8661.htm
  9. I always thought Helix looked like it was less impressive than everyone made it out to be originally. I remember reading nonstop reports from enthusiasts claiming it to be "OMG the BeSt RolLEr Coaster EVVAAAAARRR!" Having not ridden it, I cannot really comment on how it rides, but I feel like I would be underwhelmed by it. Now if it were an Intamin, in the style of Maverick, or Cheetah Hunt, THAT would be a "must ride" coaster for me. ....Wicked Cyclone looks straight up F***ing INSANE! My prediction is that it will be the best of all the iron horse converted coasters. Love the pacing, and that stall-thing looks pretty damn rad. Twisted Colossus looks pretty neat due to the racing aspect, but I'm fairly certain that Wicked Cyclone will blow it away. Cannot wait to try this puppy out next year!
  10. I never understood why they call those coasters like Cobra "bobsled coasters", to me, it just looks like a wild mouse2.0. However, it looks like a fun little ride for a developing park, wouldn't mind seeing more of them stateside
  11. Looks like an incredible experience, although the braking section seems rather drawn out compared to other Intamin drop towers, can you verify? Seems like a hellofalotta fun though, pretty envious of you right now. BGT is probably one of, if not the top, park I'm trying to visit soon.
  12. WOW! Is that like mach tower, but actually operational?! How did it compare to an Intamin or Arm/larson tower? It kinda looks like it starts to brake a little higher up, is this so? ...or is it just perspective fooling me? And Canyon Blaster is really a great loop&screw. The theming is great, with plenty of close calls, and the tight spaces really made it feel pretty fast when I rode it last year. Not to mention it seemed remarkably smooth for an old arrow loop&screw, and those loops pack a punch!
  13. Goliath style lift structure anyone?!? Sounds like pure insanity, but I am 100% expecting it to have some steel truss support system for the lift.
  14. If there was ever a TOGO I would tavel around the earth to ride.... THIS IS IT! Looks like a great coaster, ultra twisters are so fascinating to me.
  15. GOOD GOD MAN! this is absolutely incredible! You are an artist
  16. FINALLY! I've wanted, no, NEEDED a good pov of this coaster for SOOO long! All I could find before this was CoasterfArce....God I want to get on one of these non-launched Intamin inverts, that heart line through the station looks BOSS.
  17. DANG! I've seen the thing in rct3, and I had no ideas it was actually real! looks like an incredible ride! Are there any others hiding somewhere around the world? MUST RIDE
  18. One thing I'm confused about is that in the render of the new entrance plaza, it would appear that the current plantation house/entrance is to be removed. I see some of the locals being upset by this, as its a part of the parks rich history. Ironically, in the press release, they even make mention of "preserving the heritage". Correct me if I'm wrong, but typically you don't demolish something to preserve it, right?
  19. I'm disappointed because theres ALREADY a big B&M there, if it had been an Intamin, you guys at Carowinds would have TWO massive, and completely unique coasters; unique to each other that is. I feel that even though it'll be GREAT FUN, Fury325 and Intimidator will have a very similar "flavor" or character. When I went to CW to ride Behemoth and Leviathan, I thoroughly enjoyed them both. And although I liked Leviathan more, they both still felt like siblings to one another. Ones the "little brother", smaller and more gentle. And the "big brother" of course has more height and speed, BUT, they both have easily recognizable traits, representative of their "family" or common blood. Fury325 will be GREAT, and I'm really looking forward to riding it, but I'm not expecting to have my mind blown like I305, or Skyrush did for me.
  20. Guys I'm pretty sure they're trolling us... It's definately still going to be Intamin All sarcasm aside, that turnaround at the far end has some..... interesting shaping. Still looking forward to riding this bad boy, even though its a Beemer
  21. Oh my god I am so JEALOUS! I've been eye-balling this park nonstop. I really need to get out there and ride their megalite. But what I'm dying to ride is their family launch coaster! the layout looks SO GOOD! Glad to hear it ran as good as it looks! Thank you for taking the time to put this together.
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