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  1. Actually theres a small company claiming to be the original humphries people, they sell popcorn, toffee popcorn, and candy kisses! We carry them at the grocery store I work at!
  2. Skyrush! Didn't see it in the poll, but its a mega to me! A serious ass kickin mega at that!
  3. I live near Cedar Point, with a season pass I usually end up going there 10ish times every summer. Usually my girlfriend and I will go 5-6 times, and take it really slow, riding the car rides, family flats, everything really. When we go that often, its REALLY enjoyable to just take your time and enjoy the day/rides, as opposed to rushing to get all the heavy hitters in one day. The other 4 or 5 times I counted is: once with my family, once with hers, and a couple different times with coworkers/friends. Haven't gotten sick of it yet! although, I really wish Hershey was my home park Love me some Skyrush!
  4. Someone took a car from one of these that used to be at Euclid Beach, and turned it into a motorized, street legal vehicle! It gives rides/tours all summer long where I live, Mentor Ohio! *Edit: Heres a link to their page!! http://www.rocketshipcar.com
  5. I'm not sure about that man, I'm pretty sure theres other variables that could affect it. I don't what, know for sure, but typically theres variables in everything, ever. I'm hoping you're right though koppen.
  6. Ahh that must be it! Thank you for the information good sir! I live right by Euclid. Theres apartments there now The entrance towers were still standing a few years ago, but a drunk driver hit the one (read it in the paper), and they were planning on/did tear them down as result.
  7. Wow! What a beauty! I'm kinda wondering how long it will be until we hear about a rollback from the top hat, and them having to manually tow the train up the hill. With a launch the near-rollback isn't a big deal, since they can just relaunch it, but its not so simple in this case, since they gave it a lift. Keeping my fingers crossed all goes smoothly for this Intamin
  8. Wait, I thought I read that the carousel was moved to Cedar Point... or am I imagining this..?
  9. I don't think thats an example of "neglect", it would make no sense to put a ride like this at MA. I think they just don't want to overgrow that park, or it will be the next Geauga Lake. On topic though, that lift looks insanely massive. Probably due to angle, as I'm more used to MilF's lift, Skyrush, and I305, but even so, it looks HUGE.
  10. Man! That first drop is looking pretty fierce, and knowing B&M hypers/Leviathan, I'm sure it will feel like its going on forever. Looks like the girlfriend and I will be making a return trip there in 2015, which will be cool to see all the changes completed, as they were just starting when we were there this year. Im really excited to see the new entrance plaza as well; being a cedar point local, the Gatecreeper/entrance update was really cool to see. Better start saving for my platinum pass....
  11. I wanna say that they've been using that restraint system for years before gravitykraft started to. I may be wrong though. If I'm not mistaken though, thats whats on their Xcars as well. I think its one of their selling points; fast load times, and a secure fit for all sizes due to how it "holds" you. Those new Xtrains look pretty badass to be honest. NEED POVs!!
  12. OOOoooo! That lift is looking pretty dang nice! Can't wait to make the trip down for this baby next summer! The colors have really grown on me as well.
  13. I'd say the post was a little harsh. But, he knows exactly what he's talking about. If Gerstlauer(?) goes down for this bullshit, it'll be as big a tradgedy as the Mindbender's(Edmonton) derailment causing the downfall of Schwartzkopf's(?) business, although it was PROVEN the park was entirely at fault. Damn shame in both cases.
  14. Didn't mean to look like I stole your guess, for some reason I didn't see it when I posted, sorry mate
  15. Exactly, GL had my first wooden coaster, Big Dipper. First ever looper, Double Loop. and one of my favorite woodies, Raging Wolf Bobs. Loved all three of them, will miss all three of them.
  16. Thanks for the info! I'm only here for a few more days, so I'm thinking Sunday will have to do. As long as I get on my girl xcellerator, it will be a great success! And if I feel like being a "credit enthusiast" I guess I'll ride the boomerang and macklemouse. The last time I was out there I avoided the bangarang, and macklemouse wasn't built yet. I'll take lots of pics, I gotta catch up on my PTR from this year.
  17. Damn! I meant November 2nd! Damn phone keyboard! So yeah, how's November 2nd look usually?
  18. Sorry to interrupt, but do any locals know what the park will look like on Sunday November 11th? I'm in phoenix right now, and I'm thinking about takin the 5 hour drive over to knotts. Good or bad crowd day?!
  19. ^ Gladly Sorry if it's a little wonky, I drew this from memory... If its isn't blatantly obvious, I'll give some hints. Have fun!
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