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  1. ^oh I hadn't heard that. Now you REALLY have my hopes up!
  2. I KNOW it isn't gonna happen, but I really wish this badboy would get Skyrush-style trains... The laterals on those wing seats are absolutely bonkers! And with all the twisty bits on this coaster, it would be incredible. But since those have only made one appearance, a bit back, I really don't see this happening. Plus the clearance envelope seems pretty damn tight. So my realistic hope/guess is blitz coaster trains with the seatback mounted lapbars, like the new 10inversion coasters, Red Fire(?), and that lsm coaster in Turkey. Either way, I'm sure it will be great
  3. While I'm a little bummed that this won't duel, I'm sure they have their reasons. If the people who took a chance on Chance (ha-ha) decided NOT to resurrect TT as a dueler, there has to be a logical and understandable explanation. However, Storm Chaser looks like it will TOTALLY KICK ASS! initiating trip planning now
  4. ^No they can't, the second beam attaches to the TOP of the support. That is one "piece" of that support structure; the track connector, and the "a-shape" of the two columns connecting. It would be impossible to spin it, and have both beams still meet with their respective footers.
  5. Good Lord! The Mack coaster looks like it will be epic! I'm so glad someone is throwing some inversions on a hyper for a change
  6. Even though it will be MANY years before I can afford to travel and ride it, TARON! That coaster looks like it will be absolutely nuts!
  7. Since said support has two beams coming from the ground meeting at the top segment before the track, I think its safe to say they can't just spin it. There was a mistake somewhere along the line, whether it be where the footer was poured, or what the plans said the position of the support would be.
  8. I live by CP, and was a loyal fanboy, until the age of 18 when I went to hershey for the first time Now after countless trips to amusement parks, my girlfriend and I both would say its our favorite park. And Skyrush is my number 1, beating out I305 and Maverick. ...Now if HP could get a clone of El Toro I'd never have to go to another park again!
  9. ^^They do not have a "contract"with Six Flags. They've stated this themselves. When will this rumor ever end? As for the coaster, as much as I'd LOVE to see it iron-horsed, I'm 99% certain that it's just being removed. So say your goodbyes, and get your last rides.
  10. Those ariel pictures are drool-worthy I seriously cannot wait to see this ride finished, as it looks like it will end up being an incredible coaster.
  11. ^I also think it might have to do ith how bulky B&M track looks in comparison to Arrow track.
  12. I find it highly unlikely, as the floorlesss coasters seem to have basically replaced the sit-downs. And even if it was a sitdown, it would probably ride like the floorless B&M's do. Its not so much of the sit-down models being more intense, as it is the time they were built. The B&M sit-downs were built much earlier, back when B&M consistently built more intense coasters, and although Banshee may have been a step back towards that style, their newer coasters tend to have smoother transitions and less sustained high g's. In relation to this I see a new sit-down, if they ever actually built one again, to ride/feel like more modern floorless coasters from them (Hydra, Dark Knight, and Hair Raiser).
  13. Not at all, I'm pretty sure EVERY SINGLE ENTHUSIAST prays for one each time they're on a launched coaster. At least I do
  14. I'm not sure what it's whereabouts are, but I haven't seen it at the IX in a WHILE. I didn't go the past two years though so theres a very, very small possibility it's back. I remember that ride though, it's first year there, they had it blocked off in curtains, so it was in the pitch-black with strobes. VERY intense compared to a standard scrambler if I remember correctly.
  15. Thats the first time I've ever seen someone try to crowd fund their own/friends vacation.
  16. Something along the lines of "I wish these stupid Brazilian girls behind me would shut the hell up, go back to Brazil!"
  17. Thanks for taking the time to put this together! How were the funky special Arrow trains on Cyclone? I've always wondered how they compared to the standard ones.
  18. ^as do I! it'll be like a giant erectorset! Anyways, it's really a damn shame this ride is basically dead, left to rust away, and be forgotten. A little piece of roller coaster history
  19. Man, I hope this thing hauls as much ass as the vids make it look like! Cannot wait to ride! will be there for the grand opening!
  20. It's a damn shame, as it looks like it would be a really forceful invert. That exit from the second corkscrew/wingover looks INSANE! Anybody here ridden it? If so, how was it?
  21. Sad to hear man. And I'm not talking about coasters! Haha I pretty much set than one up and laid it out for you.
  22. Looks great! That drop seems to be less steep than the other small size dive machines, unless its just the angle.
  23. ^Yeah, I love the both of them, but even a smooth woody isn't smooth enough for her. Like the little bit of rattling on Banshee this summer had her in tears. Really she probably shouldn't ride any coaster period, but we still do. We're just very careful and selective about what coaster she can get on haha.
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