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  1. ^That's the same thing the Flash Tower does too. (Video is on previous page). I honestly think those ones are better, but no one here seems to have ridden one, sooo.....
  2. Hi everyone. So most of you are probably not aware of this, but yes, there is a new SF park that has been announced. There are a bunch of articles talking about this, too. Here's one from NBC News: Well, I for one, even though I freaking live here, am totally against this. And this is coming from a coaster enthusiast. For starters, the amusement park industry here is intensely packed. The sheer number of FECs in malls is ridiculously high, so kids/families are pretty much taken. And they're not very small, either. As for teens, there's already three parks which cater to them (or should I say, us) (Also, I mentioned them in my "Theme Parks in Saudi Arabia" post) but each one has their own problems. Speaking from personal experience, these parks are all for "Families only", which would suggest that you're only allowed to go with your family, but what that really means, is that guys on their own aren't allowed in. Not even if you're, say, alone with your dad, they won't let you in, period. They have a "Women's night" once a week, but not the other way around. And that is mainly due to the fact that there have been a lot of reported incidents of vandalism when they have tried having a male-only night once a week. And this is really the only reason why I'm only hitting up theme parks once every two months-ish, instead of once every two weeks. I know Six Flags is an American company and all, but I'm sure the government will apply this to SFJ, too. And that is what would ultimately destroy it, because the teenager demographic is their target audience, and these regulations would just alienate them from being able to go. And even if it means they have to drag their families with them to go, then it'll only be for one time EVER, since the average Saudi family would only go to a theme park together really rarely. The worst part is, that if this turns out to be a flop, then that will impact the rest of the investments for the other parks in the franchise, which means less good years like 2015 and more bad years like 2017. Finally, I just hope that they end up scrapping the project, since it'll probably do little to no good. I'm sorry if this feels more like an essay than a forum post, but this is kinda serious, so....
  3. If it really had to be a Zamperla, a sky drop would be a possibility. People say it's a good ride. Personally, I'd say that definitely, THIS: Is miles better than THIS:
  4. ...Which is why I'm voting Vekoma. And also, I totally agree with ^. One more point, Vekoma is also more reliable than Intamin, as far as I've heard and I honestly want to see what they can do with this. Seeing how well F1 Coaster came to be, I don't suspect that the standard would drop tbh.
  5. ^^I second that. Eqwalizer would be a close second, again for the new trains and theme.
  6. ^Believe me or not, yes there is! And it's not one of the smoother ones either! Back to the drop towers, which ones do you guys think would look better at Coney? Z Force (taller, more forceless) or Flash Tower (shorter but with ejector air)?
  7. But the biggest ones, the Z Force towers look really underwhelming. Here's a video of their newest one, in Baghdad.
  8. I think if they were to get one, a Flash Tower would be the best option for a Zamperla tower. It's not very fast or very high, but from what I've seen in the videos, it looks like they can deliver some pretty neat ejector air! Here's a video of one of them in Thessaloniki: I'm sure you never heard/acknowledged the existence of these ones before.
  9. *Two giant frisbees and you forgot the Mondial Inferno coming at CW and Spinsanity at SFStL
  10. Wow! This looks absolutely great! Heh, just when everyone keeps saying that 2017 is a bad year for coasters...
  11. Oh ok. I heard people saying that the Kumbak trains on T3 were uncomfortable, that's why I asked.
  12. Does the fact that Arkham Asylum is an SLC take away from the VR experience or is it considered a good SLC?
  13. Watch in 50fps to get an even better view. Also, I hope that eventually in the new trains they add handles to the restraints the same way they did with F1 coaster.
  14. They probably haven't since the current model still sells. They probably would do it if asked, though Heh. I guess if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Either way, I have a theory that the track Vekoma used on RC Mayan is the same one that will be used on Fly @ Morey's. I mean- it was made a short time ago, and judging by this video... ...It doesn't look too bad in terms of roughness. So, yeah. If Morey's is just giving Fly a retracking, this ride can show the result.
  15. 1. Katun 2. iSpeed 3. Formula Rossa 4. Oblivion - The Black Hole 5. Stealth 6. The Swarm 7. Altair CCW 0204 8. Shock 9. SAW - The Ride 10. Colossus Honorable mentions: Nemesis Inferno, Raptor (Gardaland)
  16. I'd just replace the old Vekoma SLC style track with the newer type they use on their SFCs like Orkanen/Freedom Flyer.
  17. Over the summer I managed to ride an amazing one in Italy in Alpyland Mottarone. It's right above the Lago Maggiore and it delivers possibly the best view on any ride I've ridden! See for yourselves:
  18. Mirabilandia in Italy has also been teasing for something to open next year. The park's official fan page has released an interview with the sales and marketing manager at the park and basically there's a very high possibility that VR might be coming at some point next year to the park. Also, he noted that there's gonna be something big being invested on in the northern area of the park, where the Ferris Wheel is. So far we know that there's gonna be a large new ride coming to the park and that there's an important sponsor working with them for it. I think towards the end of the season (around Halloween) will they finally make an official announcement. They usually make announcements for new rides very late. This is where they plan to invest on.
  19. That park is always extremely quiet. Each time I go, there is very little to no lines at all. It's kinda worrying if you ask me.
  20. Yep. On Altair at Cinecittà World in Italy. Once on Spring Break, I went there and it was almost literally empty. I think, excluding park staff, there might have been like, ten people at the park! I had all the rides to myself. It's such a fantastic feeling.
  21. Would love to participate, but I'm a few years too young for that, and also alcohol ain't a thing here in Saudi Arabia, so nope. Either way, I do acknowledge that this may be some stupid coincidence, but I kind of pity these KD fans tbh.
  22. You guys remember how in the teaser for the Planet Snoopy expansion they said: "There's Really More Coming"? Really More Coming... I don't know which of these is confirmed... Illuminati or Hurler RMC? (I'm so sorry)
  23. Did any of you come across this video here by any chance? *EDIT: If any of you don't get it, really look closely at the Really More Coming message.
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