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  1. ... Really? Did Ripsaw, the Blade, Nemesis Sub-Terra, Submission, the Enterprise and many more get removed?? (I know Submission and Enterprise's removal was rumoured, but other than that...)
  2. They ended up renaming them to "Rio Negro Towers" apparently. Regardless, I'll always call them the Twin Towers.
  3. Looks like they're including Niagara in the mix (Shoot the Chutes). Hopefully they won't rename it. It's become an iconic name in the Italian coaster community.
  4. I agree with what you said, that Parques Reunidos is making a lot of their parks go downhill, but with this phrase, I beg to differ. Mirabilandia might be good, but it's seriously going downhill. It's only had ONE good thing come out of Parques Reunidos, and that's iSpeed. And Divertical has drained its money due to maintenance issues, a ludicrous price tag and negative PR caused by said maintenance reasons. I know that it's just pointing out something small you said, but actually it is supporting what you said about Parques Reunidos being a bad company. Tusenfryd being a part of it has not been something that great either TBH. Maybe this new rapids ride, from what I''m understanding, will be OK, but they might need a new thrill ride sooner or later.
  5. ^ That and the fact that there will be the brown wooden supports under it.
  6. Quick Disclaimer. I tried looking if there were any threads similar to this, but I couldn't. If you know any thread that's somewhat similar to this, do not hesitate to say. Either way, What's your favorite Coaster Cameo in movies or TV? Mine's every single roller coaster in Thorpe Park (Nemesis Inferno in particular) in The Inbetweeners S01E03 when they go to there.
  7. Ok. I think that as always I'm gonna have to make a few things clear. I was referring to people who bash the ride and say stupid things like "SFGAdv desrvs betr!!1!" before they've even ridden it and are obsessing over dumb things like capacity and all that. I think I just realized that I'm very, VERY late to the party in this case, but somehow, it just felt appropriate when I posted this earlier today. And as for the Italy thing, I was using that to support my main message which is to just attempt to be grateful about it at the very least. I do admit to sounding extremely stupid, there, but doesn't it make you cringe when someone has it better than you and is STILL whining? I need help... don't I?
  8. True, true. Until you stop to consider that the other Mondial Revolution there is, the one in Terra Mitica, has nearly the EXACT same duration. It could be just a coincidence, but ever since I watched V for Vendetta I stopped believing in coincidences. *Movie reference intensifies*
  9. To every single idiotic moron complaining about this- Be grateful you're not Italian. So far, we aren't getting anything cool for 2016. All we're getting is a Fabbri Spinner coming to Gardaland and THAT'S IT. So please: STOP. THE. WHINING!!!
  10. Looking absolutely great! I hope I'll be able to get in touch with my dad's friend so I can go visit. He lives less than an hour away from CP- in Ashland OH. Once I get my chance, I'll take it.
  11. As much as I LOVE these Frisbee-type rides, I am not fully convinced about this particular model. One thing that makes me slightly skeptical about Mondial Revolutions is the fact that they literally only do ONE full swing before slowing back down (See CW's Psyclone). I don't know if the ride program will be the same as that, but if it's that short it will probably not live up to its full potential. THAT BEING SAID- I don't hate the ride, I would still ride it anyways if someone gives me the money for a flight from Italy over to Virginia, and I might even enjoy it a lot. I just see the potential shortness of it as kind of a letdown. You know, nothing that major. ALSO, I am fully aware that it still hasn't been built yet, so MAYBE Mondial *MIGHT* make it longer. But IMHO, it's not that likely.
  12. Ferrari's three new coasters. It's pretty close to where I live in KSA... relatively speaking.
  13. ^ I Guess you're right. I think I'll stick to simply replying to posts, for now.
  14. ... I searched for this kind of thread, but it didn't come up. Oh well, I tried.
  15. It's so weird no one has ever mentioned a Eurofighter yet. I think SAW's drop was one of the two best I've ever had. I might've only ridden it once, but I remember something out of this world. It was awesome. As for the other one, I think Oblivion - The Black Hole at Gardaland takes it, as it's the only dive coaster I managed to ride, since I can't travel much, but it's still incredible.
  16. Hey, guys. Since most of what I post is about potential improvement for rides, I was thinking, why not make a thread specifically for that? So here's how it works- just list the coasters you'd wish they'd improve on. It could be a general roller coaster model, or an existing coaster, doesn't matter how it's fixed, (as long as it's doable) but just say it. By the way demolishing does not count. There's gotta be a thread somewhere about that. (Even if there's not, it doesn't matter.) Here's mine: Goudurix (or any other bad Vekoma/Arrow Coaster): Give it the Sunkid Heege trains, just so no more concussions are gonna happen. Any Vekoma SLC: Retracked with Vekoma's newer track (see Suspended Family Coaster (I'm not too sure about that, TBH )) and/or fitted with new trains. Mean Streak: Either give it the RMC treatment (with Topper Track, not I-BOX) or have Gravity Group reprofile it with more airtime hills, and maybe slip a corkscrew in there, Hades 360 style. Now you keep it going!
  17. My fave has to be Erawan at Cinecitta' World, closely followed by Mirabilandia's Discovery & Columbia. It's got a normal seating, tilting seats and stand-up 'seating'
  18. Since you don't have that many post let me help you out a little here... You can "edit" your own post and get rid of the second photo you added... Simply click "edit" on your original post, and then delete ONE of the attachments. Thanks for that. I didn't notice the attachment tag when I first tried to edit it. Thanks again for pointing it out.
  19. I have been on one before. These towers are NOT bad rides, but I personally prefer the ARM drop towers. To me these are kind of "blah" compared to an ARM tower. Ok, cool. Which one did you ride? It's ok if you can't remember.
  20. This is an example of a Z Force tower called Rascacielos at Mundo Petapa in Guatemala. So, I haven't really heard much about these tower rides, and they seem a lot of fun. Haven't ridden one just yet, but I'd like to hear back from those who likely have. I've seen a couple videos and IMHO they don't look bad. I'd just like to hear from you guys how they are.
  21. Yes... if they scrapped them all (as they should), melted them down and then used the recycled steel to build a B&M coaster that didn't suck. Agreed.
  22. I hope what they do for the shuttle coaster is to launch it up the "hole" where the drop tower used to be. That could make for a pretty bad-ass ride!
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