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  1. Yup. I've been to many places around Jeddah: Taif, Riyadh, Yanbu... I go diving a lot, too, so that's nice. Riyadh though is a lot more conservative. If you're a girl and you don't have both the Abaya and the Hijab (headscarf, which is not mandatory in Jeddah), some stranger down the road will call you out for it. It was kinda creepy. Also, my dad's been working here since around 2000, so he's been here a heck a lot more than me. He's an engineer.
  2. So, as I can assume, you guys might not have ever been to Saudi Arabia. Judging from my current location (displayed on the left), it might be kind of hard to believe, but yes, I am currently in Saudi Arabia and I have been for over 8 years. To be honest, Jeddah is way more on the liberal side than any other place in the Kingdom, as far as I'm concerned. I will acknowledge that there are people who are more unfortunate than me and to whom the severe sanctions of the place affect them more than myself, But personally, I'm not living it bad here. As far as THEME PARKS are concerned, which is the focus of this, they are not that bad. No, really. So here I am, telling you guys all I can about it. If I were to count all the tiny parks in malls and restaurants with a few kiddie rides and such, then it would amount to having over 20 parks in one city alone. 20, and I've barely been to HALF of them! However, out of those 20, only three are close enough to count as theme parks: Alshallal Theme Park: The most popular park in the city, Atallah Happy Land Park: Oldest park in the kingdom, as it's turning 30 this year, and Jungle Land: The biggest one in the kingdom, many believe. Note: You have to pay a small admission fee to get in any of these, and all the rides are upcharge from about a buck, all the way up to 8 bucks at the very most. Alternatively, you can purchase a wristband whose price varies from 14 dollars to 20 depending on the park. Alshallal This, in my opinion is the best one. It's got some excellent theming, it's pretty big with a large indoor section with massive food court and huge ice skating rink and a planetarium, and it's got the best ride in Jeddah, A 200ft Funtime Slingshot. Do you wanna know what's the epic thing about it? One ticket for the slingshot is ONLY 15 Riyals. that's the equivalent to FOUR DOLLARS. Where else are you gonna get a slingshot ride for 4 bucks? And before you ask, yes, it is a Funtime one. As for the rest, it has a pretty solid major ride lineup- A Vekoma Boomerang, (Front and back seats are painless, sit in the midle if you want hell) A Zamperla Power Surge, an indoor log flume dark ride, a pirate ship and an awesome Larson tower. It's got a lot more smaller rides scattered around the park. It's also got an epic Chinese Restaurant where you sit in Gazebos in the middle of trees. It's quite expensive, but worth it, since you don't need to pay admission if you end up dining in there. VIDEO TIME: Slingshot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0BBXLZAwVw (the name for the slingshot ride translates to :the most dangerous game in the world) Boomerang: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kR-RoKiSe_U Super Shot: Power Surge: Atallah Happy Land Park This one's the birthday boy! It first opened in '86, and was the first park in the country. It's got, in my opinion, the best ride lineup out of all parks here. It's got the Surfrider, which is the tallest Intamin spinning Half Pipe in the world, A Soriani and Moser Terminator, an SBF Visa Space Gun (ranger), Dance Party (frisbee), and Skyloop (tango), an insane Tagada, a Matterhorn ride, a Crazy Dance ride, A Pirate Ship and a log flume (soon to be removed because it's a pain in the butt with maintenance). However, this place is OVERPRICED. Admission is fine- only 25 Riyals, (Approx. $7) But the wristband you have to pay 20 bucks toride everything, which, compared to the others, is a lot more. If you're a kid, you can pay the $14 version, but it's still a lot. The park manager (who is German by the way, he managed Belantis and is responsible for Huracan), is a friend of mine, and so is pretty much every single member of staff, so I feel a lot more part of a family here. Plus, it's almost always empty. It used to be a lot more popular, but not anymore. VIDEOS: Surfrider: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8wY_B6018M Terminator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxA6q5U-U40 Various: Jungle Land This place is HUGE. It's got plenty of rides, a zoo and a quad biking track, as far as I can remember. Only disadvantage is that it's in the middle of the desert. What that means is that there's a crap ton of sand, and it's far away from where I live, since I live close to the shore. However, it has a pretty decent ride lineup: Another Soriani/Moser top spin, another Power Surge, a Pinfari RC48 (ouch), and a zamperla Flash Tower. I couldn't find any vids for it, so if I can, I might do a trip report if I can go again, but I wouldn't count on it. Well, that's pretty much it. Of course the mall parks are kind of childish, except, maybe, three, but other than that, that's all I've got. ... Thoughts?
  3. My dream would be for Cedar Fair to work with RMC. But that's never gonna happen, isn't it?
  4. THAT'S THE ONE! If I ever go with you guys on a TPR trip, that coaster would top my list of the worst coasters I'd have ever been on. One more year and a half til I'm 18!
  5. Suspended Twin Hammer you say? Let's hope Intamin gives it either lap bars, or I305 like vest restraints.
  6. Well, I'd just like to throw this really old post back at you guys because, really, seeing that there's some heat here about Delirium being too short in length, just don't say that I didn't warn you. mmkay?
  7. My friend one day said that all coasters not only should require OTSRs, but also that they have to have riders wear HEADGEAR on them, BECAUSE YOU MIGHT SNAP YOUR NECK ON THEM. The coaster might not make me snap my neck, (maybe the one in Fisherman's Wharf in China) but their ignorance? Definitely yes.
  8. To make it worse, they get rights to Peppa Pig! Every B&M coaster is abducted by aliens.
  9. To make it worse, he nukes the one in Mexico! Mean Streak catches on fire!
  10. Well... I didn't know this post existed in the first place.... I know I'm over two years late, but, here goes. Hi everyone, I'm Leonardo Bruzzone, I'm from Italy and I am currently living in Saudi Arabia (I know it's hard to believe). As of now I am around my 60th coaster mark, since I can't travel much. Should get higher, though. Also, I write EDM. Peace, out!
  11. To make it worse.... Uhh..... Hmm.... I'm Italian and I barely even know anything about it!! Robb quits TPR...
  12. New coaster looks pretty good, nice layout. Love the flying snake dive like inversion. (EDIT: It's not. It looked like it at first glance, OK?) As for Bandit's retracking- if there's anything with Ingenieur Holzbau-Corbes' name on it, it's gonna mean that the ride's gonna be a little more tolerable for a year or two. However, I do agree it needs better trains. Timberliners, anyone? Huh? No? ... (._. ) ( ._.) *flies away*
  13. Yeah, I've seen some webpages where there's the Crossbow up for sale. I just want to know if it's in decent condition to relocate, if anyone would want it.
  14. I live in Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia (I'm not kidding. ) And there's at least 20. 20!!! different parks if you include all the entertainment centres inside the malls too. My closest coaster is the Surfrider at Atallah Happy Land Park. It's the tallest Intamin Half Pipe out there. Inching close to my top 10 rides I've ridden. BEAT THIS ELITCH GARDENS!! MUAH HA HAA! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8wY_B6018M
  15. Well, this post has been quiet for a while. Apparently there're a few updates, the park is holding a Spanish Festival from the 23rd to the 25th of April! They're gonna theme their show square (Where McDonald's is) to a Latino theme, and they're gonna serve paellas and all these things. Also, The Far West Valley ad is out! Spanish Festival interview (Italian): And the ad for far west valley (watch til very end, since it only mentions it briefly):
  16. I don't know... It looks a lot slower than I thought. Hopefully they'll speed it up at a later stage.
  17. By the way, guys, Did you know that here are a couple more coasters around the world that use VR other than Galactica, the Six Flags ones, and the Europa Park coasters? According to RCDB, USJ's Space fantasy got the VR conversion and so did this ride called Dinolino's VR Ride in Germany. The latter is in a really tiny park. Who said VR is for larger parks only?
  18. Hi, guys. For my Extended Essay in IB, I'm going to write about VR in roller coasters and their impacts on the industry. I just wanted to post this on here to get some opinions regarding the subject. Oh, and if this is a repost, please tell me immediately and just re-direct me to the original. The search tool in here is kinda faulty. Anything you write is absolutely fine. After all, opinions are more valuable than you think.
  19. Ok... this is... weird... Top Spin might be as well be gazing there from Miragica and saying "What the f**k have they DONE to my place?"
  20. ... Really? Did Ripsaw, the Blade, Nemesis Sub-Terra, Submission, the Enterprise and many more get removed?? (I know Submission and Enterprise's removal was rumoured, but other than that... *emphasis on WAS*)
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