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  1. You buy a wristband from either the park's photo booth or out the front of the ride to ride backwards, they give you a time slot to show up in and you ride it then. It's only valid for one ride. There are poles set up in the queue, so I'm sure shade isn't too far off.
  2. Good luck with that. Village Roadshow are very strict on loose items sadly, so unless they release an official video themselves I wouldn't count on it sadly There's a POV that has been filmed for the TVC, so I'm sure it's a matter of time until the park releases the full thing.
  3. I've only been through Dubai as an air stopover... would love to go back sometime and stay there for a while to get a good look around - it's such a modern and very interesting city! Oh my... Looking forward to the trip reports to come!
  4. Doubt it, it's been practically confirmed that it's going to be a hyper (or just short of one if the height from RCDB is correct - a little strange to build a coaster so short of a hyper) so I'm expecting something like Flash with a drawn-out layout, airtime hills, maybe one or two inversions thrown in too. Regardless of what it is, it looks like it's going to be a massive coaster and definitely one of the best for 2017.
  5. Great coverage of this year's FNs. Interesting to hear another perspective, as I've heard a lot of this year being quite underwhelming, including the FDTD maze. The christmas lights at the end are basically a way for the park to say "okay it's over now get out of here".
  6. Looks fantastic! I'm thinking maybe one or two more inversions would've been nice for variety, but I shouldn't be complaining it looks really great.
  7. If only most parks had the same money as China to get two 'major' coasters in a year.
  8. Sure, it's not as great as the past few years, but you can't keep on building more and more coasters per year and it was bound to drop eventually.
  9. For me yes, but I'm not sure how good it is over in the states, some of the VR I've seen on youtube seems poorly-done on some of the coasters over there.
  10. Nope, they replaced it with the junior driving school a couple of years back, definitely was a downgrade though, the river ride was a classic.
  11. Oh ok. I heard people saying that the Kumbak trains on T3 were uncomfortable, that's why I asked. It depends if you find the leg-crushing to be a problem. I actually found that the VR takes your mind off it, as the section along the final brakes back to the station has a pretty cool fight sequence with Batman and the Joker.
  12. It's got the Kumbak trains which are very comfortable, the shakiness does affect the VR a bit especially around the inline twist but as long as it's on tight there are no large problems.
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