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  1. How funny would it be if Cedar Fair decided to relocate it to Michigan's Adventure? That ought to put a dead meme to rest.
  2. I was kidding. Did you actually think I was serious? Cavallino Matto ain't getting anything new within the next couple of years!
  3. Found a brand new video of both Reese's and Kisses towers doing their full test runs. Video quality ain't too good, since it's been taken from really far away, and it doesn't show the FULL Reese's tower shots, only the smaller bounces. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpfPrcHLkLQ
  4. Plot twist: Cavallino Matto bought it just like with Freestyle. Plot twist: no they didn't
  5. Every single ride name at Miragica EXCEPT Senzafiato. Seriously. Like- no wonder Italian parks refrain from giving their rides Italian names.
  6. As I read that I immediately thought "What if Magnum got new trains from Mack?" *Let that sink in for a second* And after two seconds I realized I was an idiot.
  7. Just checked on Interlink now, (the site where Kanonen was advertised as for sale) Someone must've already bought it.
  8. ^How about the first ever Zamperla Flash Tower in the US? These rides look like they pack some huge ejector air!
  9. Coaster Studios saves the day! He has reviewed every one of the new S&S Products and has reuploaded the videos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6W5h1lS-E0
  10. I think people like to make the "Millennium Forceless" argument not because it's literally forceless, but because the elements are not as fast paced as many of these newer coasters like, as mentioned before, Maverick, i305, etc. What I mean by that it takes its time with the airtime hills, transitions, and over banks, which are intense in their own right, don't get me wrong, unlike these others which are an out of control rapid-fire mishmash of wild elements one right after the other. Personally, though, I have to also acknowledge what Taylor from Coaster Studios says about it(just very, very vaguely paraphrasing). It is so hyped up a ride (people calling it the #1 coaster in the world and all that) that when you actually ride it, it becomes a let down because in your brain you expect it to be absolutely phenomenal, but it ends up not fulfilling your unrealistic expectations. Maybe that's where some of the "hate" (kind of a big word, but you know what I mean. Do you? ) comes from, I venture to guess. Still, a Top 10 worthy ride, if you ask me, if not Top 5.
  11. TBH, I wouldn't be too convinced by that. That ride cycle looks very To me. If you ask me, a Zamperla drop tower looks faster than that.
  12. That should be the ride's official slogan on all merchandise. ... What's that supposed to mean?
  13. That looks so good! Bet you haven't seen this meme in quite a few years now, huh?
  14. Man, this thread's been quiet. Any updates on Pégase Express? I only found more pics of trackwork next to the park.
  15. Speaking from personal experience of having my own YT channel is that there are two main hater classes: The Jealous Joes: Those who thrive on envy to make themselves feel better about their inferiority complex no one cares about. The Triggered Tribe: Maybe you said something harmless that somehow offended them in a video or a comment, and they go out of their way to let you know how triggered they are. However, 90% of the time, these people often have a single motive: They're attention whores. It shouldn't be a surprise that the view/comment ratio on YT videos is way out of proportion, even when accounting for when people watch videos more than once. This means there is a number of people, a large number of people, who watch a video, THINK TO THEMSELVES "Hey that was great!" or "OMG!!! that triggered me!!!!!!!!" and do not feel the need to type it in the comments. One of many reasons these people do it is because, as I said, is because they're just attention seeking morons. Honestly, though, by exposing them and giving them attention, that only adds fuel to the fire, and that doesn't help the inflow of idiotic comments coming in on YT, FB and Forums alike. But oh, boy, is it entertaining for me and all the other members of this forum to watch.
  16. I can already hear the cringey coaster enthusiasts complaining about there not being enough park TRs. Great TR, BTW. This is still nevertheless very interesting. Japanese culture is so fascinating. Must head over there at one point.
  17. Best for me would probably be BTM at Disneyland Paris Lamest for me would actually be iSpeed's. After the second corkscrew it's a snooze fest.
  18. I second this. In the front of the train you start breaking hard immediately after exiting the cobra roll. This caused me to slam my head into the seat the last time I was on it. It's much smoother on the Invertigo models where you fly up the spike, break naturally through gravity, and are lowered into the station. I guess it's a good thing that they've retrofitted some of them with magnetic brakes.
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