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  1. ^It's funny because there actually are S&S drop towers that used to be called the Twin Towers, in Italy at Mirabilandia! And then after 9/11 they were named after space shuttles Columbia and Discovery! (you can clearly see where this is going.) Now they're just called Oil Towers. I wonder how many people it would've triggered had they kept the original name! (I still call them the Twin Towers, because screw being sensitive. It's catchy.)
  2. Well, to be fair, I've never ridden either one of them, since there's none in Italy (which is weird, considering Zamperla is an Italian company) or in Jeddah, so I'm literally judging by just the comments people are making. So, in perspective, I'm the one with issues. *insert derp face here*
  3. I personally DESPISE videos like these, as well as most "trend" channels in general. All they do is fear-mongering and just help build this untrue stigma that roller coasters are death traps and shouldn't exist, meanwhile the channel (which is most likely to be some cringey trend channel) gets a grand worth of ad revenue. But hey, at least ^ is right. Less queues for me!
  4. Ugh... Could Zamperla ever manage to make a non-family coaster that doesn't brutally murder you? I mean- first the Volare, now this?
  5. Obviously the real reason is that a very few people goes to the park.. so nobody took the chance to ride it. Cinecittà world doesn't have enough money to make a good horror house, it will probably be a crap pointless ride.. Yeah, you're probably right. Anyways, I really hope this park will benefit from these new things. If not, it's just gonna be all wasted potential from a park that could've been Rome's premier amusement park.
  6. Looks cute! I'd love to see a ride like this come to Luneur in Rome! Seems like something they could afford.
  7. It's nice to preserve classics, but when a park sees an opportunity to add something miles better, they'll do it. The GP won't care. After all, that's who they're catering to. Honestly, I'd happily take this over a Schwarzkopf Looping Star any day of the week. Also, what's so wrong with Gerstaluers? They're great! By the way, would you HONESTLY expect a park of this size to add a B&M?
  8. Those words perfectly describe the current state of the roller coaster community. 'nuff said.
  9. Why stop at four? Why not make it six? Or eight? *obvious sarcasm please don't sue*
  10. Canad'R looks like a great name! Now this park has grabbed my attention!
  11. Just when you thought the park was gonna end up being the next Hard Rock Park, thanks to the park's new manager Mr. Cigarini, they've made some considerable improvements, which have only been announced slightly over a week ago in a press conference in Rome. Such improvements include new attractions, themeing upgrades, ride renames (Darkmare -> INFERNO) (Erawan -> Indiana Adventure) and viability improvements (more about that later). Firstly, the Ben Hur set. In the 2016 reboot of the movie, the Chariot scene was filmed on a set half a kilometer away from the park. This year, they've made that set into an attraction, and is the biggest new "ride" they're putting in this year. Basically you wait in line in a queueline placed near the Mack SuperSplash (Aktium), then they drive you to the set by van, dress you up with a Roman costume, and then you get to ride an actual Roman Chariot and have a chariot race similar to the movie, obviously with a lot less gore (if you saw Ben Hur, like I've done, you'll know what I'm talking about). Then, the rest of the new rides. "War of Worlds": An interactive VR Game where apparently (from what I've heard) New York is under attack and you have to save it from aliens by shooting them. "Horror House": Name says it all. It's a walkthrough dark ride. No one from the Italian coaster community has given feedback on it, since I heard they were too scared to get in. looks like they got the sp00k factor right. "Rodeo": A new western themed bumper car ride. Always enjoyable rides, especially fun with friends. A welcome addition. "Aquarodeo": Bumper boat ride for the kids "Labirinto (Labyrinth)" Another VR ride, this time a walkthrough VR ride, and not interactive, unlike War of Worlds. "Pezzi da Oscar" is essentially a famous movie prop museum, where they've gathered a bunch of props and statues from famous movies and put them up on display. EDIT: I missed out "Missione Laser" (Laser Mission), which is basically one of those rooms have to go through without being hit by lasers (forgot the legit name, but whatever) Another very interesting change they've made is to their viability. Before it used to be that the viability of the park would be focused around a central hub point, where the fountains are. Now, they took the main path that goes through all the main themed areas, and made it one-way (kind of like at Ikea) which kind of forces you to go around the park and seeing all the themed areas (illustrated below) (That little hedge maze by the Drop Tower you have to go through is also new btw). The only flaw I can see is that if you miss a certain path to reach a ride and you realize you need to go back- you can't, so you'll have to walk all around the park all over again until you reach the path you missed and take it again. Either way, this does give it a sense of order and it makes the park look bigger, too (because it's not. It's puny). If this ends up working for them, it looks to be a new dawn for Cinecittà World.
  12. knees weak, arms are heavy there's vomit on your sweater already MOM'S SPAGHETTI You walked into that one.
  13. Rita x Stealth. Still a better love story than Twilight. Why won't I just let this meme die?
  14. Nice TR, Henry! It's nice to find something different on the site!
  15. Maybe they shouldn't have let it reach such a state that they had to close it down in the first place? Perhaps. But at least Merlin's doing something about it. Still better than leaving it to essentially rot. As I said before, nothing but good can come out of this, eventually.
  16. Never has there ever been a drop that felt like going down a straight highway ever in my life. Truly Mirabilandia's biggest let down.
  17. I honestly cannot comprehend the lack of enthusiasm in this thread. I think it's pretty good that Colossos is finally getting some TLC. It can mean nothing but good. Then again, you all know what this site's views on enthusiasm are
  18. Sounds good. The HG ride really reminds me of the now defunct Speed - The Ride at Nascar Café. I'm sure it'll be an awesome ride. It is the park's only looping ride, no?
  19. The current trains already have maverick-like restraints, so that'd be kinda unnecessary.
  20. Same here in Saudi. I do hope to see more soon! Any news of the Hunger Games ride? EDIT: ^ Beat me to it!
  21. Superwirbel honestly doesn't look like anything mindblowing- just another Vekoma Corkscrew, but at least they replaced it with Sky Scream!
  22. Well, on RCDB it is listed as "Thrill" and not as "Extreme", so that should say something. As in, it's not supposed to be this mind blowing pulse pounding ride, but rather something a couple notches lower.
  23. I can see where you're going with that... TBH, I think they were better off keeping the drop tower (or build a new one by Intamin)
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