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  1. Looks great! I'm confident this will greatly improve the ride experience!
  2. My entire second half of my trip to the Philippines, in retrospects. I rode a grand total of 6 coasters (7 if the invert at Star City was open), none of which are really anything to write home about: Sky Ranch Tagaytay (has a view that rivals Ocean Park's): -Log Coaster (used Zamperla powered coaster) -Nessi Coaster (fun story: I thought I lost the token to ride it, so instead of just letting it go and walking away, I went off to buy another one, and when I came back, the ride op was like: "Why don't you go ride the Log Coaster? It's bigger." And I'm like: "I need to get the credit". She looked at me like "WTF is that supposed to mean?") Enchanted Kingdom (a surprisingly pretty and charming park) -Space Shuttle (Vekoma Boomerang with vest restraints) -Roller Skater (Vekoma junior coaster) Star City (A FEC on steroids if anything else) -Blizzard (VERY rough Top Fun Blizzard clone. At least the restraints were relatively soft, so the headbanging was tolerable.) -Dragon Coaster (one of two Wacky worm clones in the park. People stared. A lot.)
  3. Computers started advancing very rapidly in the 90s. And Alan Schilke (the guy behind X2 and the current RMCs) designed it, too. Back to Corkscrew, if a retracking was necessary, would it be possible for Chance Rides to give it a total retracking and then for Vekoma to give it vest restraints/Sunkid Heege to give it lap bars? We've seen how smooth Lightning Run was, why can't Corkscrew be like that? Also, in terms of looks, it wouldn't really matter, since the track shape looks so similar, the GP wouldn't notice.
  4. If corkscrew is really that bad, would it really hurt that much to give it vest restraints/lap bars? (see EqWalizer at Walibi Rhone-Alpes) I mean, worst case scenario it ruins the "classic" feel of the ride, but it should do less harm than good, right? right?
  5. "Oh hey, Six Flags Magic Mountain has a ride themed to a parking lot! lol that's so unique, let's do the same!"
  6. From what it looks like, we might be looking at a potential mix between a roller coaster and a power surge, just with electrically powered spinning instead of gravity powered. This looks interesting. Keep the updates coming!
  7. I'd say it's a healthy and relatively harmless and form of escapism. People usually resort to drugs and other harmful substances, to escape from their stressful daily life. But to me, roller coasters will do the trick. Also, it's a lot of fun learning about them, how they work, the manufacturers, park chains, etc. I guess I'm just a total nerd for these things.
  8. I think it's probably due to the restraints. Seems like they're going for the same ones as Tempesto. Kind of a bummer. I always thought the OTSRs were kind of unnecessary, especially considering that there's other models like this with lap bars.
  9. ^ Try typing the English for "armadietto" and then click on preview. You're welcome.
  10. Rainbow Magicland is the obvious direct competition. Zoomarine is nice but it's a (very tight) budget SeaWorld. Ironically, Zoomarine is doing better than both parks combined Oh geeze. I mean, it makes sense since operational costs for them must be far lower than two parks with heavy themeing, more staff, mechanical issues, etc. It's not just that. It's considered much better, since it's got cheaper admission and has much more to offer than both parks. Aside from a solid waterpark (which is included in the park's admission) and ride lineup, it's got plenty of shows, marine life exhibits, and more. Then again, all this could change with CCW's newest additions.
  11. Rainbow Magicland is the obvious direct competition. Zoomarine is nice but it's a (very tight) budget SeaWorld. Ironically, Zoomarine is doing better than both parks combined
  12. I just LOVE the drop slides! I think they're great fun and will definitely bring in more people to the waterpark!
  13. Uhh... Can I just ask? What movie is this from? please don't kill me.
  14. ^ Well, it shouldn't be that hard to get to. There's a shuttle bus service that goes to and from Termini Station, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue. As for the bumper cars, I heard they are hand-me-downs, so that's probably it. Either way, do not skip it. The new Ben Hur attraction by itself will make the trip worthwhile. So will both Altair and Inferno. They're great. (Although people say Altair has gotten a lot more rattly as of late)
  15. Well... Ok then... It's still better than what they ORIGINALLY were gonna call them after the new retheme. Proof that this is not fake. Taken from top right corner of above video. You read that right. It actually says Rio Negro Towers. Let's just say it's *a bit* racist to say the least. That statement is so sugarcoated, I got diabetes.
  16. ^Rainbow MagicLand, Zoomarine and the new Luneur park also exist, you know. So the competition is really stiff.
  17. Has the park reopened yet? If so has anyone ridden TGNE after the retracking?
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