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  1. Expedition geforce gets my vote! Yes the drop is extreme, but the rest of the ride is just pure ejector filled fun ride. An honerable mention goes to lightning racer and george and the dragon, just plain hands up in the air fun, and dont't forget the booing at the end
  2. the 'general' best seat of a coaster totally depends on the type and layout of the coaster, and with that 'rule' you could write a whole book about which seat is best, but to keep it short you kinda can guess which one is the best by looking at what manufacturer made it and their type. B&M Large dive machines, hypers, and if you are more into airtime BACK small(er) dive machines, invert, floorless,stand up, giga, shallow drop FRONT (Haven't ridden any wingcoasters yet ) Intamin The only 'big'/successful types where the FRONT is superior are their Rocket coasters and giga's (I305 may be an exception) All the others (which i can think of) BACK (because dear frickin god intamin knows what airtime is ) Vekoma Brace yourself if you do not sit in/near the FRONT, on most of their coasters. Yes im talking about you slc . (Expedition Everest is a nice exception though) RMC I haven't ridden any of these monsters yet premier As they only do lauch coasters FRONT Old school woodies Depending on the drops/steepness of the drops Many low hills FRONT some big steep drops BACK (if not too rough) GCI As they are known for their 'twistyness i'd go with FRONT Of course they're are dozen of exceptions per type, I think this prediction is pretty close. As I said earlier it totally depends on the layout, however I think the most important factor is, what are you looking for? Speed, airtime, intensity, view etc (but airtime is best )
  3. Maverick4795: Thank you so much gonna give it a try, but how do you back up your park files? Cause if i go to libary on my mac and to application something, RCT3 doesn't show. Your park looks great so far! Love the mainstreet section ( how did you get the water that tone of blue) and the flying coaster's layout and ending!
  4. I'm experiencing the same problem! how did you solve it? I'm afraid that if I delete RCT3 and re-download it that I lose all my files and downloads! Help
  5. Battle star galactica cylon hands down. Fun launch, great layout and pretty smooth (even smoother than some B&M inverts )
  6. Pictures keep getting better and better . How were the crowds at SF NE, as you said the operations weren't that good, but hopefully the lines weren't that bad. Planning to go next summer hence the curiosity .
  7. Hershey Park has been on my bucket list for so long! Great to see no line at Skyrush . Hopefully the next ride hershey park will install, will have a higher capacity. Because for a park with such high attendance, they have quite a few low capacity rides.
  8. Is Colossos seriously getting rough !? Hopefully it hasn't lost its ejector air time
  9. unfortunately not, friends didn't feel like it. they'd rather sat down and relaxed in the park's rapids . oh wel next time (god knows how many years that will be ) i'll make sure to check it out. Well, that's a pity. Yeah I know , but I heard that they turned of that feature and that she won't show us her boob any more
  10. You can never have enough of hershey park! Once again great pics, how were the operations on Skyrush? Just curious if they have improved, cause you seemed positive about the laff trak crew.
  11. And it always will be . But yeah Sky Scream is a great addition to the park and hopefully they'll open some more flats next year.
  12. Great photo's love the angles you shot from impulse! Love how Knoebles still stands strong against all the other bigger parks. Can't wait for more
  13. unfortunately not, friends didn't feel like it. they'd rather sat down and relaxed in the park's rapids . oh wel next time (god knows how many years that will be ) i'll make sure to check it out.
  14. Fixed computer problems, this TR is now TPR worhty
  15. So i just got back from my south-germany trip, drove with some friends from köln to stuttgart and back. Lucky me convinced them to pay a visit to Holiday park. I unfortunately forgot my camera so phone pics will have to do. So my ipad and Mac aren't working properly and everytime i tried to post this TR I need to re-log in and i lost my entire TR. So Im just giving a quick review of everything and skip the photo description thing. ENJOY We drove about an hour and a half and arrived at 13.00 lucky for us the park seemed deserted, and expect for the big coasters and freefall, there weren't any lines either. Edit: FIXED COMPUTER PROBLEMS The banked turns were kinda forceless, but were still greatly banked so that doesn't matter. Still GeForce extremely re-rideable The plaza near the entrance had a play ground/water fountain and a stage were a few shows were given. Eventhough the first 2 hills are stronger and longer in the front, the back seat has the upperhand. Well if you're expecting an extreme ride with out of this world airtime and extreme forces (positive that is), you might be at wrong address. If you're looking for an ejector airtime filled ride with some great laterals, you might have found the winner. 10/10 The whole park was decorated in the typical summer x-mas thing. So if you have a fear of santa, this time of the Year is not the best to visit . The entrance buildings had a nice blend between a cartoonish and old-apline style. Next up the coaster we all know and love: Expedition GeForce! The firs drop however is by far the best part of the ride. If you're in the back you'll first get ejected out of your seat and as you're falling down you suddenly jerk to the right. That twist truly makes this coaster one of the best, if not the best. And did it live up to the hype...? Some theming staggered across geforce. The coaster covers about 1/4 of the park lol. Next up was Sky Scream. The park's premier launch coaster. This ride was a nice suprise! Although the launches weren't that powerful the rest of the ride was fantastic! Amazing air when cresting the top, great hang time in the barrel roll and lovely +g's during the drop and laterals during the non-inverted loop. Overall wicked compact ride 8/10 Once you were past the 2 themed areas of the park, the park mostly consisted out of woods. With a ride located here and there. To dry off, we hit the newest ride of the park: sky fly, a gerstlauer flight thingy We rode the remaining rides, which weren't that spectacular. Next up we'd hit the log flume which was fine and luckily not that wet. The thing about this ride is, is that you control yourself how many flips you'd want. However it was kindoff hard, i only managed to get 3 flips during the entire ride, which was still the most of all riders during that ride So ofcourse we returned to geforce. With a wait of 10/20 minutes all day, we weren't shy of jumping back in line Every photo TR needs a nerd pic , this one however wasn't my best. So after geforce, sky scream and free fall there isn't muched to do. However I rather have GeForce then 5 average coasters, so you shoulds cover this park in less than half a day (even if it's busy) the fast pass systeme kindoff sucked, but wasn't needed at all thanks to the low crowds The park was overall also quite clean and the staff was nice. Park could work on operations and maybe ad a few more flats in the next couple of years. We had the great day and walked back to our car with a satisfying feeling of adrenaline in our bodies Thanks for reading! The first thing you notice inside the park is the park's drop tower. Being my first intamin drop tower, due to cable problems back in the us. Although it didn't seem that high, the drop was great. That stomach shooting to your throat and your legs floatinf upwards sensation is amazing. Wished the drop would be a bit longer though. The only problem the ride had were the operations. The crew was really slow. This was due to their loading/unloading systeme. They first let you buckle up your seatbelt, which is wuite uncomfortable due to the metal sides of the belt. After that they walk back to the control panel and let you close your lapbar. After that they double check every lapbar and belts and dispatch the train. Once the train is back, they make sure that every rider has left the station before they open the airgates. Thanks to this whole procedure they dispatched a train every 2/3 minutes :/ We had the last ride of the day on geforce and rode free fall on our way back to the entrance. I know that a girl recently died at the park, but this was only only ride where they were so secure, and this ride wasnt even the ride where she died. (Believe it was a flat ride that got removed after)
  16. ^Let's indeed hope that holiday Park has taken good care of there Intamin
  17. Thanks! do you know how bad the other lines are during the day, which one dies out later in the day? Is the ride experience of G-force significantly better in the afternoon then in the morning? I shall give the show a try thanks . Unfortunately we've got very limited time, so it would be immoderate to visit 2 parks, but thanks any way. Have you maybe got any idea how the operations are? The HP app shows erroneous wait times, so I've got no clue what to expect.
  18. Hey guys, So i'm having a small vacation planned to visit south Germany (Mühltal near the Rhine) and me being a coaster enthusiast, a Germany trip is wasted without visiting one of it's amazing theme parks . So at first I had my eye on Heide-park (drive to Bremen), however that's tad too far away , so I looked at what's near and I found Holiday Park , home to the famous … you know the drill. So I need some help! What to hit first, which day of the week is best (sunday/friday/monday), is the express pass worth it ($40 with a limit of 9 rides), how long the lines are etc. Thank you guys so much, Gardyloo!
  19. You perfectly captured the Park! Great coasters, fantastic food (cinnamon bread) and a lovely, laid back atmosphere! You also seemed to hit the perfect day in summer, NO/LITTLE LINES! Keep up the great reports
  20. X2 is indeed an experience not to miss. My favorite part was the twist in the middle of the ride. It just felt like you could take off and soar through the sky. It's roughness however keeps me from having re-rides, that and its massive line. Which is btw always a lot shorter around 4 pm.
  21. Ditto. The hard shoulder restraints affect tall people a lot more than you may think. KK, Fahrenheit and Storm Runner come down tight on my shoulders. I still enjoy myself on each of those rides, but padded , looser restraints like Maverick / I305 would make them even better for me. Isn't there some Ispeed clone in Turkey with lap bars? I think that, that would be an even greater improvement on the old restraints.
  22. Yes, they do, typically at the bottom of the first drop due to the forces and how easily the restraints are pulled / pushed down. Also, if you leave too much space between your lap and the restraint in the station, the operator will push it down on you. yeah most operator's do that if it's too visible. But how awesome would it be if the restraints stayed in there first position, you would feel like you're launched into heaven over those hills. I was lucky enough to not get stapled on the last row of El Toro one ride last week. I left about two inches between the lap bar and my thighs, and my seat belt was fairly snug, but not squeezing me. The first drop on El Toro is always riduculous in the last row, but this was so good it felt like it shouldn't be legal. Unfortunately the pullout stapled the lap bar immediately and it returned to "just" balls to the wall insane. (I want to point out that I was in no way putting my self in danger or breaking park rules. The attendant still checked my restraints as usual, just didn't push down further as I've come to expect.) I actually overheard someone ask about stapling (I was sitting next to a guy in a group of three that were huge El Toro fans) and that attendant said there's no use because the ride staples you anyways. I exactly had the same when I rode Goliath at Walibi last year. I had about 4 inches left between the lap bar and my thighs. Because of that, I had a ride out of this world those final bunny hills made me feel like i was riding a bull. I always thought that El Toro's restraint would stay in it's starting position, because the seats and restraints are similar to Intamin's hypers. Unfortunately not, but i'm planning to visit DC somewhere next year. So thats why i'm just curious and because Hershey Park is on top of my bucket list withSF Gadv (didn't want to visit it 2 years ago, because Toro was out. (Intamin Cable struck again)) I wonder how the Gp feels about SR, seeing that even some enthusiasts find it a bit too extreme
  23. Yes, they do, typically at the bottom of the first drop due to the forces and how easily the restraints are pulled / pushed down. Also, if you leave too much space between your lap and the restraint in the station, the operator will push it down on you. yeah most operator's do that if it's too visible. But how awesome would it be if the restraints stayed in there first position, you would feel like you're launched into heaven over those hills.
  24. Full Throttle's launch is pretty weak compared to xcelerator. As for the backwards launch, you barely feel it, so don't worry about that. The Loop and the drop over the loop (top hat) can be quite intimidating, but closing your eyes helps. Twisted Colossus, even though it's not that fast or high, is quite intense as you are forced at out of your seat a lot. However most coaster enthusiasts who have ridden this claim it's one of (if not the) best ride(s) in the park, so if you think you can handle it make sure you ride it. hope this helps.
  25. I thought that Hershey Park specifically asked Intamin to make a restrain where you have total free upper body movement, this enhances the thrill/scare factor a lot. So I think that, if they would have put the normal Intamin ots restraints, the ride would be a lot less thrilling, but probably a lot more comfortable. Which brings me to a question. Do the restrains on Skyrush tighten during the ride? I for example, like to leave some space between my lap and the restraint ( to enhance the feeling of falling to your death during the first drop ). With most coasters the restraint stays in place, but some actually fall back against my lab (happens mostly after the first drop).
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