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  1. Liseberg seems to deliver consistently even if the lines are >90 minutes. Just out of curiosity, if the lines were all over an hour, why didn't you opt for the skipe the queue pass thingy? I heard that if you order online, you'll even get to skip 3 rides for free. Awesome trip report tho so far! Really curious what kolmarden looks like outside of wildfire.
  2. So operation wise and looking at the park's current management, Heide Park is becoming more like your above average six flags park? (Curious to see which coaster will get the VR treatment )
  3. toverland seems like such an awesome and whacky place, I've heard nothing but positive reviews from this park! How did troy hold up as far as smoothness, seeing how it's nearly 10 years old? Furthermore am I loving the trip report so far, rather have a detailed review/report than a few photos slapped on a page without any commentary.
  4. Satisfying to see how intense the GP finds the ride. Seeing how a few people complained that the ride lacked Maverick like curves and twistes, this just substantiates that the ride does have a few tricks up it's sleeve. Not to mention how nearly everybody is riding it 'sky rush style' . (Universal this is your shot at building a kick ass 'mountain style' coaster )
  5. ^ even when taking into account the amount of attractions, it still amazes me how soarin' is THAT much of a popular ride.
  6. Wait what!? The height limit's 188cm= about 6'1.5"!? That's ludicrous, that must be the shortest height limit on a non-kiddie ride! I know that Chinese aren't known for their incredible height, but that's not an excuse for the park to put such a low height limit, as this coaster is most surely built like all its counterparts elsewhere in the world where a there's no ridiculous height limit.
  7. I guess disney's just conscious about how much impact crushing someone's thighs has on the operations. Seeing how disney world gets over 30 million visitors annually, they just need to keep the capacity on their rides as high as possible. Moreover I woudn't consider any ride at disney extreme, so a visual check or quick pull on the restraint should do the trick. Shame you didn't ride ToT! It's probably one of the greatest ride disney's ever created and theming alone is worth it. Anyway you could never see enough photos of disneyworld so keep it up .
  8. Unless there is a special event no, uhm I know that riddler, lex luthor and green lantern have one (which can be very useful on busy days). Don't think any other rides have one...
  9. Curious, the first drop reminds me of Expedition Geforce, and I have yet to encounter a drop greater than E-GF. Then again Twisted colossus' first drop(s) aren't too shabby either.
  10. Fantastic review! B&M seems to be stepping up their game. The burning question however: was there any ejector-air on those hills, cause that'd be a first for B&M in my book. BTW, I don't know if you were just one of few people who rode Mako that day, but how were the dispatches? Just curious.
  11. Looks like the train's hauling over those hills. I think this could be the very first b&m hyper with ejector air over every hill .
  12. These were installed by recommendation of Intamin before Zum was constructed. If you dig back in the Great Adv thread to late 2013 there are posts about the supports showing up and then being installed. It's added support due to the added weight/forces on the tower. ^Also, what would extra supports have to do with loose articles falling on riders? I hate the stupid states policy as much as the rest of you but its not like it exists for no reason at all. I continue to blame the park for that one as its something that should have been green lighted before plans went ahead to build Zum on Ka. I love Zum and without Ka it likely wouldn't exist as it is, so I'm happy they both exist, and can get over waiting a few extra minutes for safety reasons. But the supports have nothing to do with the policy of the rides running simultaneously. Thanks for correcting me on that one. However isn't it true that zumanjaro's towers always drop a split second away from each other, because of structural causes? I probably mixed this one up with the whole additional supports. Oh well like you said: they're both great rides, and Ka always has had long lines anyways.
  13. The additional supports were added because of zumanjaro. I believe it was necessary to install them if a cyclone were to come around, the structure's damage would be minimal. Still a bummer that even with these supports, the state won't let kinda ka en zumanjaro run continuously.
  14. I wonder how, USJ isn't the most attended theme park in the world yet. Seeing how a 3 hour line for the big rides is considered normal there (assuming that they utilize their rides' capacity to the max). For example, I have never seen a line at the magic kingdom over 3 hours long (even in the summer), and somehow it still gets around 6 million more visitors a year than USJ. curious...curious..
  15. The issue is, if the seatbelt is too tight or tightens more during the ride, it feels like it is cutting you in half. Where, if the belt is slightly loose and lets move a little, it doesn't hurt as much. I've had some rides on Magnum where I fought to get the buckle done and it provided a very painful ride. Of course, it doesn't help that I usually ride in the ejector-seat! Ditto! Expedition geforce has the same problem. The lapbar is actually really open and doesn't crush your thights, however the seatbelt really makes sure that you won't leave your seat for more than an inch, and for the ones that've ridden this coaster the negative g's are f***ng crazy . So if the seatbelt on lighting rod really is 'as secure as possible ' than it would prevent you from coming out of your seat. Nevertheless this is an Alan Schilke designed ride, so do we really have to worry that it's not going to be awesome?
  16. It looks like a singe car coaster, just look at the switch track. Hopefully Walibi will work up their game, was there a few summers ago, and (for most of the time) there was nothing to write home 'bout, operation wise that is. Cause Goliath is still a top 10 coaster
  17. That documentary really was enchanting, thank you for sharing!
  18. The expectations for this coaster are so goddam high, I believe that, even this awesomely themed and insane ejector airtime filled ride, full of twists,(just by speculating it) some people are still going to be kinda disgruntled. Nevertheless, I as well think is going to be one of europe's best rides
  19. This is the perfect example of how operations and management can make or break your day, in this case it seemed like it was totally annihilated. However how come the pics you've taken of the waterpark were completely deserted? (was it at the end of the day?) As for Goliath i'm quite surprised that the operations were in the okay to good range, as it is compulsory to let a ride op crush your lab by pressing the restraint far too tight . Thanks for sharing!
  20. I was just thinking that Hollywood Dream has both a dual loading station and a MCBR to increase capacity as well as being faster to load than a flyer and that still had long lines. It'll be interesting to see how this does on opening for lines. I've heard of 6 hours for backdrop when it opened and HP still has 3-4 hours. Has there ever been a world record for longest line recorded? But doesn't backdrop share the station with the forward trains, so the capacity is kinda split in half due to being 2 rides, right?
  21. Those dumplings look great, were they green tea flavor? The park always seems to be extremely crowded, I wonder if it has any offdays?
  22. It is clear that cedar point definitely takes the crown with this one, however I'm quite surprised that no one has come up with six flags great adventure!? I mean come on ,rides like toro, ka, superman, green lantern and nitro all look impressive to say the least.
  23. Now hold on a minute I think you're neglecting 2 intamin mega's . I've also been hearing rave reviews for Shambhala.
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