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  1. I second that, what an eye-catcher . Was Dragster running?
  2. If pinfari would have survived.... Then they'd be still building awful coasters Yeah, vekoma sells to 2 most cloned coasters in the world, moreover vekoma focuses more on middle large parks (and some times disney). Pinfari on the other hand focused more on smaller parks and fun fairs, and smaller parks can't afford to build a a new coaster every few years. Therefore I think that they woudn't have survived anyhow.
  3. Planning a china trip becomes more and more interesting every year! I think this park really is on par with TDS's theming and once again disney...
  4. Looks like Efteling's got a winner. I hope that the lines will die down after summer. Was there any air time found at the end of the ride?
  5. Reading through the spelling and grammar mistakes... There aren't any restrictions on pulling down your restraint. They'll push it down to make sure it's secure and not too loose, though. Lol i suddenly see all the spelling mistakes i made, sorry . Should re-read my post next time
  6. This question maybe a little of topic, but are you allowed to pull down your own restraint? For instance on skyrush I hear stories that the employees practically pull the restraint down untill they hear an aawh .
  7. It's amazing how fast they've built it . And those slide complexes and theme parks pop-up like mushrooms over there, and looking at the economy, I think that we will see some more pop up in the next decade.
  8. Also, I never saw it duel today and they were only using 2 trains. That's too bad, the dueling aspect is really one of its divining features, i'm afraid that SF MM won't let TC run 3 trains unless there is an 2 hour waut Btw, the fast pass systeme has changed! Only x2 is now an upcharge and TC, Superman and Full throttle are included (1 single ride) with platinum.
  9. Great close-up photos!!! Looks like kentucky kingdom is shaping up, and that waterpark does look interesting
  10. That castle looks HUGE, bet it's not only the tallest castle but probably the biggest (widest) as well.
  11. thank you for your help, we decided to postpone the trip and go somewhere in August.
  12. I'm planning to visit heide park with a friend this friday, and i've got a few burning questions. 1. Is it worth the 5 hour drive? 2. Can anyone predict how busy it will be? (it's the day after ascension day) 3. Can you also buy your fast pass at the park. 4. what rides must we hit first? greetings gardyloo!
  13. I also think about that a lot as I'd love to see it happening and I believe it has already been discussed too. Well because if a hyper coaster gets an inversion, then it is technically not a hyper coaster anymore. Because a hyper coaster needs to be between 200/300ft, contain 0 inversions and it needs to have a lifthill.
  14. I think that onboard audio only works on indoor coasters (there are exceptions ofcourse). Because you can't see the track your mind is going to focus on other things, such as sound. For example when you're on a big outdoor coaster and you see a big loop coming up, you prepare yourself for that, but when you're on an indoor coaster you can't see track, so you don't know whats coming and here's were the music jumps in, when the music builds so does your excitement level so you actually focus on the music a lot more than on an outdoor coaster.
  15. I think it could be mack coaster aswell , ofcourse i'm not sure but hear me out. - mack launch coasters are very popular these days - they are quite reliable - they are extremely smooth, and the trains are comfortable as well - mack is right around the corner (well not technically but still very close), The park could also go for an intamin blitz if the wanna have a intense ride experience(and have a better ride in my opinion ) So i'm prying for an intamin, some part of me thinks it'll be a mack. Oh well we will just have to wait and see....
  16. I'll join the club, X2. Boy that ride was rough, not like head-banging rough ,but shaky rough and not in a good way! Except for the first drop and the raven turn , i felt this ride was extremely over rated. They should've called it: wanna be a ragdoll: the ride.
  17. Was it worse with the Togo Trains? Yes, but not a lot worse (so the trains didn't improve that much). The new premier trains have a lapbar, shoulder restrains and a shin bar, while the original togo had a very small lapbar (simular to tHe schwarzkopf ones) and a shoulder restrain. So the premier ones were a bit thicker and had a bit more padding. But even with the premier trains, it's still an unbearably rough ride.
  18. Roller coaster at new york new york (las vegas) Robb's video should make my opinion clear.
  19. Goliath at walibi, ejector air on every hill Boulerdash at lake compounce, even the hills had hills Honorable mention full throtle's top hat ( drop part in the back seat )
  20. Hard choice, but i'd with george and the dragon at efteling, great racing woodie, which are quite rare.
  21. Unfortunately when TC will open, SF MM wil make TC only available with an platinum flash pass (+$15), so prepare to wait in line for 2 hours (however six flags is kinda bound to use 3 trains, so that will help).
  22. I think I know why most american themepark groups don't invest a lot in theming, the crowds are simply different between the american and european parks. Most or more than half of the people who visite themeparks in america are teens/thrill seekers (there are of course exceptions), who rather have a 200 ft coaster than a well themed dark ride. While in europe families are the focus point when it comes to crowds. That's why 6 flags failed, because they built and organised their parks from an american pov and not an european (looking at the rides they've built).
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