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  1. Great TR, I always thought it was kinda a shame that they built divertical as their third big coaster. I frankly don't get the concept, why spend ten's of millions of dollars on a ride that looks like a thrill ride (with a height restriction to match), but ends up being a really tall, intimidating looking family ride. I mean if they'd gotten another world class ride, they'd then, probably, could've had the best coaster line-up of any in park in Europe... Oh well I've got a question about the fast pass system. In earlier trip reports, Robb and others always mentioned the amazing fast pass system. Where you'd have front off the line access instantly and could choose your seat as well. Has this system been changed? You mentioned it worked well for other guests as well, but just curious if it's still as awesome as it was.
  2. Thanks! Only the mid of france has a vacation then, so that won't be of any trouble I think. As for the funcard, we're probably going to visit holiday park during a roadtrip later this year but that's about it, so that unfortunately won't work to our advantage but thanks anyway! Yea unfortunately, I can't buy them since my IP address ain't in Belgium. Thanks however, for the phantafriends mention! I'll make sure to check them out. Again excited for the trip. After the mixed reviews, I had low expectations for Taron but ended up really liking it! Hopefully it'll still be hauling ass in april (and let the lines be as short as possible )
  3. Hey guys, so me and a couple of friends headed to phantasialand last year (near the end of june) and despite being a school day, it still was really busy. So we decided to give it another try this year: april. 19th (a thursday) so.... -is that a good day to visit the park (again schoolday in mid-april)? -And around what part of the day is taron's line the shortest? -Any snacks or things, that we might've missed out/overlooked last time, we definitely should check out? -Any chance anyone knows where to find a good discount for the park ? Thanks in advance, we are really looking forward to it, we had a great time last year but, we're really suprised it was so incredibly busy (really until closing time). So, hopefully this time we'll have to park a bit more for ourselves .
  4. ^^love these 'little globe' type of pics from those 360 video's!! This one's probably one of my favorite's too! Seems like a really unique fun coaster and another really awesome ride to SDC's lineup.
  5. I know this park is getting funding from the EU. However, some of these coaster decisions seem more like they are coming from an enthusiast then from an actual group of managers. Who'd thought that another aquatraz would've been built... If these rides do see the light of day, the park will have the best coaster collection in all of europe, no question! And while I've never been to the park, from the videos I've seen the park looks kinda sketchy. Like it was erected from the ground a year ago (I know that's kinda the case BUT) with a very low budget even though they're putting out high quality rides such as the intamin hyper. But in the end... Who cares they're building insane rides like there's no tomorrow.
  6. ^^ Your trip reports just keep on coming and coming Bill, awesome !! So the whole Gotham section was closed off? Which includes their top 3 coasters (that statement is debatable however).
  7. Yea gloves seem to be a must if you wanna prevent frostbite. Nitro seems to be a trendsetter btw, as silver star over at europa park is also open during this winter season. Hopefully more parks will continue this trend!
  8. Great report as always Bill! The transformation from one the worst to one of the best seasonal events from this park just amazes me! Wonder if they allow any scarfs or beanies on any of the the rides. Despite the fact that people be freezing their ass of, it woudn't surprise me if they don't. Taking into account their strict loose aricle policy and all.
  9. Enjoying your trip report very much so far! Definitely fun to read. Holiday park really feels like a small quaint park that was build around expedition geforce and not vice-versa (eventhough that's the case). I actually find your commentary on Geforce opposing of what many others (including I) think. Where the first drop is the best part (maybe the world's best) and the accompanying two hills (especially the second one ). Eventhough I have to agree that in positve forces it is nothing to write home about. Oh well at least no one has ever come off the ride disappointed saying that it was not worth the drive.
  10. Another great trip report! Cedar point's weather policy is a real head ache. Although they did become more flexible with rain... I think. Wondering why raptor's actually so vulnerable to high winds, it ain't that tall after all.
  11. Hey I'm planning to hit the park with a group of friends on a week day the 2nd or 3rd week of June. Which day would be the best to visit? (Monday, tuesday etc.) Moreover, is it essential to be there at 9 or is 10 am also fine? Seeing how the rides open at 10. Where not staying at the hotel so no ert for us. So we should start with taron and make our way to winjas after? What's a good strategy? I visited the park over 10 years ago and it was completely dead so, where hoping that the crowds'll be as minimum as possible this time as well...
  12. Great trip report, never seen a swinging ship swing that high before!
  13. This is just kinda sad, the good suffer due to the bad. The decision that disney had made seems to be a good one at the moment. Maybe this will also cut down some of the standby lines due to the lack of fast pass (or at least a significantly less amount of people will be in those fast pas lines).
  14. I wonder of FT will allow unlimited reservations on the gold pass when Justic League opens. Seems the fair thing to do but, we all know that SF MM ain't the fairest park when it comes to their fast pass options.
  15. Phenomenal pictures, I'm in awe . Seemed like you had a perfect day at Busch.
  16. Holyshitballs those layouts look insane, bezerk, otherworldly !! It's really a cointose between the two layouts, intamin starts out stronger, but vekoma's second half is clearly superior. I might give the edge to vekoma tho, If they use their new restraints (without the vest I might add). Like Gutterflower stated I really see potential in Vekoma's new products, don't get me wrong I love, love,love Intamin, it's just that I think that Vekoma might be a gateway hyper coaster manufacturer for secondary/mid-size parks if they get the price tag just right (and I really wanna see Vekoma show what they've got and how far they've come from their crappy SLC's ) Talking bout money, where does this park, in the middle of nowhere, get to money/investors to build 4 coasters in two years. I mean it's not like they have a famous brand name (disney, universal) or have seen nothing but great returns for the past couples of decades (like europa park). Not that I'm complaining tho, the more coasters, the better. Just wonderin'
  17. Doesn't this boomrang have lapbars instead of otr? Were they anymore comfortable?
  18. I think so, it was reported it the construction's near the parking lot and you can see the bermuda ride in the background as well.
  19. You should probably go to Germany as it has quite a few good coaster parks (Heide/Europa/phantasia). Port Aventura has also got 3 impressive coasters, but there isn't any other park close by so I wouldn't bother... Gardaland and Miribilandia are also not too far from each other so you could take that into consideration.
  20. Great start of your GET! Trust me you don't want to be there even if it's remotely crowded. A 15 minute line at your average park will take 30 minutes here. How did Ace's restraints/ airtime compare to skyrush's?
  21. How peculiar, I thought that knoebels was known for it's stellar operations that would even give disney a run for its money.
  22. Fun TR , but did or didn't wildfire warm up at the end of the day, and which seat did you prefer, the front or the back?
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