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  1. Totally agree. Fenix's is by far the best wing coaster I've ridden. Probably cause it focuses more on speed and forces than slow manoeuvres. A wing coaster will be a solid investment for the park probably. Guests will love it, they're good capacity rides and are reliable. Sure, I would love to see another crazy ride e.g TT and I305, but I think they already catered to that crowd. The new ride will take the eyes of TT and make its line shorter. So, no matter what it will be, it will do something good anyways.
  2. Awesome trip report as usual! Karnan really seems like gerstlauer took a page out of the intamin hyper book and then just said f*ck it let's take it up another notch! Fluch von Novgorod's launch does claim it's one of the fastest in the world (0 - 100km/h in 1.6(?) sec.), but it's a moving a launch (not even a rolling one). So, I wonder if that claim is really that accurate. Oh well, it's a good launch anyways (but no top thrill dragster by any means).
  3. Looking at vekoma's recent track record, I'm sure the new gen. SLC will be awesome!
  4. Geforce's operations have always been an issue if i'm not mistaken. They are so un-german; incredible inefficient! I think a train left the station every 6 minutes or so when I was there in 2015.
  5. So that vekoma mine train will be for 2021? As for the new launch coaster, vekoma's new stuff has been awesome so can't wait to see what other big rides they're gonna produce over the next couple of years. This ride kinda makes Formula obsolete though, still not really surprising from a park with about a dozen kiddie coasters. edit* Looking closely at the images, it looks like Energylandia is following their beloved tradition of never ending lines
  6. So that vekoma mine train will be for 2021? As for the new launch coaster, vekoma's new stuff has been awesome so can't wait to see what other big rides they're gonna produce over the next couple of years. This ride kinda makes Formula obsolete though, still not really surprising from a park with about a dozen kiddie coasters.
  7. It's only about 1/2 dollars for a whole day so much better than most other parks with this policy. Be prepared to WALK, re-rides are not allowed and the lines are set up tenuously long.
  8. Now that is frightening... I'm actually considering buying a gold season pass for 2020 since I'm moving to NYC. Are the deals Six Flags is offering now the best, or is the price difference between buying them now or somewhere in April not that big? I know I missed the labor day deal and that one is the best I was told. I just can't physically pick up the pass till next spring so that's why I'm asking and still undecided.
  9. There is no such thing as too much Japan! Visited it for the first time last year (no theme parks, but we did climb Mt. Fuji) and I can't wait to go back! Tokyo is one of the most amazing cities in the world. Over 30 million people in that area, but it all works... only in Japan
  10. ^ Yeah, that looks terrible... Looks like some employees don't give a f**** simply because management might not be either. Since the park looks pretty abysmally managed when looking at those photos. One thing that stands out to me are the trees. Or the lack thereof, I can't spot any from arial photos. Seems like the park forgot the greens, it makes the park kinda feel unauthentic.
  11. But didn't they open two kiddie coasters alongside Zadra? Which seems kinda redundant as they already have 9 kiddie/small family coasters? The only reason, that seems likely to me, why they would do this is, to try and claim the 'most rollercoasters in the world' record. On the side note, how are the operations of the park? Just curious to see how it's run on a daily basis.
  12. Another Great Trip report! (Sharing, like all of your opinions helps too ). Does Kentucky Kingdom still have that deal for out-of-state guests?
  13. Agreed! Although the ride's length and launches were great (as good as an LSM can get), I thought the ride a bit lacking in airtime, and found most turns (except for 3 or 4) not that intense. Still amazing ride and extremely well themed, visuals etc... However, it's just not quite there on intensity when compared to Maverick (or even Ispeed). The restraints are amazing though, intamin's second best after their T-Bar.
  14. You probably already mentioned it multiple times, but the amount of trip reports you pump through is impressive. Where do you find the time!? How is Disneyland Paris currently holding up (cast member and operational wise) to the other Disney parks? It has now been in the hands of The Company for over a year now. Noticed any changes?
  15. Rode Colossos last week. It's (almost) as smooth as butter. The new theming looks good too and looking at the expressions of the guests adds some value to the ride as well. I had not ridden before it's re-track but found the airtime to be plentiful (people have been saying it has gotten a lot weaker). Sustained ejector on every hill in the front, and ejector and some floater in the back (those last bunny hops are a lot better in the front). There are trims on the first two hills but you don't really notice them. All in all, the ride is (still) amazing, not my favorite woodie, but still pretty high up there.
  16. Great pics! That mainstreet looks absolutely gorgeous , especially with those trees during the fall.
  17. LOVED the intro of the video! Jumped right into the action and good background music to accompany the ride. Great to catch your attention! Twisted Timbers seems like it's ghe most air time orientated RMC of the bunch. Amazing how those guys keep hitting it out the park with every single new ride.
  18. Looks like Intamin is trying to claim the throne back as 'best manufacturer' (Although the hot weather may have helped). Energylandia's (& this trip report of course ) is making it really tempting to make a quick trip to Poland, but looking at their current top three, it might be best to wait a couple more years (I'd be really amazed if they managed to pull of a RMC & a huge vekoma in two years). How were the operation btw? Was there a fast pass option? Thanks for the great trip report!
  19. Great trip report, looking forward to your review of Hyperion. Haven't heard much about it since it opened. And more of these Vekoma loopers please! The price tag for these things are quite low, so I'm hoping these will be the next in the line up for 'amazing rides that needs to be cloned'.
  20. Doesn't the post above state 'tilt' as in tilt coaster? Wonder who the manufacturer is since Vekoma ain't making them no more. If that park truly is getting another modern vekoma looper, RMC, tilt coaster (and aquatrax?), we could be looking at THE next roller coaster destination of Europe...
  21. Yes, almost every park in Europe runs their coasters in the rain so no worries there. Have fun! EGF truly is one of the best coasters in the world!
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