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  1. A couple roller coasters have made me see stars like Ninja SFMM, Nemesis Inferno and Nemesis, but the three main ones where I have really genuinely lost vision significantly are: Silver Bullet: Helix before brake run Batman SFMM: Both loops and the helix coming out of the second loop Goliath SFMM: The helix Tatsu: Bottom of the pretzel loop
  2. Does anyone know why B&M have only ever built just 5 sitdown looping coasters? They've managed 13 foorless and 7 stand-ups, but the sitdowns seem to me more popular... I understand the stand-ups offer a more unique experience, but the floorless' are pretty well the same (obviously with nowhere to put your feet!). I just find it strange that their most basic design (and some of their most popular) has resulted in the least number of coasters. Doing a little further research I've compared the B&M coaster types found out that B&M sitdowns are the least built model line, while inverts are the most popular: Inverted: 31 Floorless: 13 Hyper: 12 Flying: 8 (with another one to come) Wing: 7 Stand-Up: 7 Dive: 7 Sitdown: 5
  3. Simply, my favourite rides of the year: 3. Swarm 2. Nemesis 1. The Smiler Although Space Mountain Mission 2 and Tower of Terror (Disneyland Paris) where also really good.
  4. Sushi as well. That, oddly enough, is quite good from what I hear because it is made fresh by an outside vendor and NOT SFMM's food department. Yes, I would recommend the Sushi. It was better than the chicken strips and fries, taste and value
  5. So kinda like a ridiculously tall Huss Condor? I don't know that it would be a huge waste.... i mean, it sounds better than the windseekers. More like Spinning Orbit at Berjaya Times Square. I actually was there today, but the ride was closed unfortunately. This proposal would just be a massive version of that. You can actually see it on Robb's video of Supersonic Odyssey when the train is ascending the lift hill.
  6. I actually went up into Genting today just for a little look around... and wow! I now know what people were on about describing it to be a dump! It is in desperate need for an injection of new life. It's actually a very scenic place, as you can catch a taxi into the highlands and then catch the cable car that takes you up to the resorts area. It's a very beautiful ride, with great views (especially if it wasn't overcast like it was today!) and is well worth the RM6 (US$2). The whole Genting resort area is very tired and run down however. Having said that, there are a huge amounts of cleaning, refurbing and construction going on in the area, and rightly so if FOX is going to do business there. I can't imagine them wanting to have their theme park in an area the state it is in at the moment! I have some photos and will try to post them up soon, but basically, the entire Genting Theme Park has been demolished, except for the drop tower, although that had workesr on it, so I'd imagine that is coming down soon. There is still some rocket ship thing, which I'm sure was all part of the theming, and that looks like that is being taken down too. The actual theme park area has been mostly leveled off, while the rubble has been cleared to the outside and is still in the process of being cleared. Something that did surprise me was the lack of advertising this new park is getting. All the old signs and advertisements are still around the place, while not a single sign of FOX's future park is mentioned, which was a real surprise to me. I thought it would be big news. One last thing, which may be important to some, is as we were taxiing it back down the mountain, we drove past some of the old coaster track (I was unable to get any photos sadly). The old Vekoma Corkscrew w/Baynecourve model is neatly disassembled there and I'm sure I saw some of the Zamperla Volare track too. I'd imagine that these two models may be relocated elsewhere... Who knows?
  7. Oh for sure! I loved the layout, but the roughness turned what is potentially an awesome ride to something close to being punched in the ribs... repeatedly!
  8. I like this topic. It seems to be simply a debate for who has the worst trims! I guess I'll have to go with the Revolution trims and OTSRs, although I never rode it prior to the changes, but I like the idea of removing the trims and the OTSRs! I guess I would have also preferred Goliath SFMM if the MCBR still slowed the train rather than brought it to a complete stop, but I guess I'll never find out what they would be like without the neutering!
  9. 105km/h...? at 32m high...? Surely the first drop has to go some distance below ground to accumulate that sort of speed. Wodan Timbur coaster is 100km/h and is 8m taller.
  10. Ended up being Project X at Legoland Malaysia! My last for 2013 was Enchanted Airways at Universal Studios Singapore.
  11. I also enjoyed Swarm. I like wingriders. Not all B&Ms have to be super intense to be a good ride. Clearly they are trying to expand their market by incorporating a concept based around the smooth, free flying experience rather than bone crushing forces. I personally think it's great they have a larger range of coasters now that can provide a larger range of B&M experiences. I would imagine coaster designers have to expand and grow or risk becoming stale and repetitive in the market. *fingers crossed for a B&M launch coaster one day!*
  12. I like that idea. Only problem, it would lose it's "hypercoaster" status. I think any coaster over 200 ft should be classed as a hyper coaster - inversions or no inversions. It's the height, not the lack of inversions that make it hyper!
  13. Agreed. It's terrible. For the amount of space that stupid cylindrical tower takes up, you'd think they would have solved the exit path intersecting the entrance path farce. The operators are slow also and make a bad situation even worse
  14. Is that a dive loop into the brake run before the station? If so, I love that idea!
  15. I will forever miss Arrow. They were forever groundbreaking with: - first tubular steel continuous track roller coaster ever constructed - first log flume - first mine train roller coaster - first modern roller coaster with inversions - first roller coaster with 3 inversions - first roller coaster with 4 inversions - first modern suspended roller coaster - first roller coaster with 5 inversions - first roller coaster with 6 inversions - first roller coaster with 7 inversions - first roller coaster to exceed 200ft - first 4th dimension roller coaster Yes, they have built some horrid coasters, and some of the worst transitioning I've ever seen (and continued to repeat the same mistakes with their repeated banked track coming into their corkscrews). But the sound of the lift hill and its anti-rollbacks, the rattling, shaking, headbanging, the scaffolding like structure for supports, the groundbreaking achievements and the beautiful track-type have rendered Arrow an unrivaled sense of character achieved by no other designers of steel coasters. For these reasons I will always be an Arrow fan! Just see the photo I took at SFMM last year...
  16. I'm not sure if you mean Arkham Asylum at Movie World or Cyclone at Dreamworld, as operations on both rides are equally terrible. Gold Coast parks definitely know how to turn a short queue into a long wait. Cyclone's unique "the theming broke so we swapped the exit and entry" approach has always confused me. And since both exit and entry intersect they have to have a ride op let you through one group at a time - awful station design. Oops, yes I meant Movieworld. Though I probably should've mentioned Dreamworld as all of their coasters are low capacity, plus Cyclone takes about 5 minutes to inch its way back into the station, are all Arrow loopers like that? Movieworld's operations are fairly good on the most part. I've seen them run three trains on Superman Escape which was very good. I also appreciate that they got an El Loco with increased capacity. So true. Gold Coast parks operations are just awful. Especially the exit intersecting the entrance on Cyclone and the fact that pretty well every coaster only has 1 train operations! That always pissed me off. It would usually take 5-10 mins to dispatch the ONE AND ONLY train operating. The worst was probably Batwing Spaceshot though. I remember there were two operators running it when I was there last year. One was operating the controls while the other was helping load people onto the ride. The worst bit was that he'd wait until the ride finished its cycle before coming over to the queue and allocating seats for the next 14 people waiting. He should have been sorting this out during the ride's cycle so that the next load of riders could go straight on without having to wait to be alloacted a seat. It was painfully slow, but that's the same with all Gold Coast Parks!
  17. Yeh, I agree with this. It was the one that immediately jumped to my mind.
  18. I've always been saying this! Tower of Terror II at Dreamworld in particular needs this as the shuttle car barely gets passed halfway up the tower. Something like on Mr Freeze would be great! Perhaps would even add a little more hangtime...
  19. I agree. Remember, many of us forget that Silver Bullet has a really punishing helix at the end. What's great about this coaster is the new-age B&M style with the less forceful, more fluid and smooth transitions mixed in with some of B&Ms vintage high G-forces with the bone crushing helix before the break-run - A great way to end the ride
  20. Is it just me or does the transition through the dive-loop looks very sudden and awkward...?
  21. Combination of WHOOPer and laugher. More the former than the latter
  22. It's funny, I was thinking about this the other day in light of reading the large amounts of complaining about the wing coasters and more force-less B&Ms built in recent times. To be honest, I think there is more than just high Gs that make a coaster. I've ridden one wing rider (Swarm) and I loved it, and I've ridden Silver Bullet and thought it was great among some other so called "force-less coasters". They both offer a great flying experience instead of just high Gs and I don't mind this at all. In regards to wing coasters, I love the concept, and don't understand the hate. I don't think they can be built in a manner making them more forceful. Wingriders are just not designed in a way to accommodate high Gs.
  23. Wow. Looks really good - well themed also. I will still dearly miss the Bermuda Triangle. That really would be hard to beat in my opinion.
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