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  1. Road Runner Roller Coaster (Vekoma 335m) at WB MovieWorld, Australia when I was 8 Hated it! scared the crap out of me and I never wanted to ride another coaster again... Oh how things have changed!
  2. It would be GREAT if it has good airtime haha. That's one thing that did disappoint me about the park's coaster selection - lack of airtime. Apart from Apocalypse and parts of Colossus and the one airtime hill on Goliath (and Full Throttle apparently), there is no good airtime at the park. I guess Viper does have a decent moment of ejector airtime before the MCBR... It's sad that the park has so little airtime that I have to resort to claiming Viper for it's one brief moment of airtime!
  3. Sure but with cruddy operations and poor employees, it kinda ruins the whole experience. And living near the park after awhile, you just get tired of the cruddy operations. I think what he was basically saying, is that having a SFMM near you is better than nothing. Good call! that appears to be the general trend of this thread! Honestly I think it would be A LOT BETTER than nothing.
  4. Sure but with cruddy operations and poor employees, it kinda ruins the whole experience. And living near the park after awhile, you just get tired of the cruddy operations. I've only been to the park once (for a couple days) and I thought the operations were quite good. Tatsu, Goliath and X2 were very good... Or maybe it's just me being used to the dreadful operations on the Gold Coast - Slow change overs, nearly all coasters having just one train, lack of operators, the list goes on...
  5. I understand that there are significant flaws in the way Six Flags Magic Mountain conducts itself, but come one! A theme park with 18 roller coasters and a series of world record holding/holders, I think we're being way too harsh. I'd love to live near a Six Flags Magic Mountain. Instead, the nearest roller coaster to me is a old wooden wild mouse 300kms away. The likes of Superman, Tower of Terror II, Arkham Asylum and so on are over 1100kms away! I think some of you are perhaps taking Six Flags for granted... I agree there are some improvements that could/should be made, but please, see it from my perspective where Six Flags Magic Mountain has more roller coasters than the whole of Australia put together!
  6. Wow! I will be going to Singapore and Malaysia in December/January this year... I WAS planning on going to Genting, looks like I won't be doing the theme park now! Ah well, I can't complain, it looks like a great idea, so i can't complain.
  7. It's a shame that the Gold Coast Parks don't take a leaf out of Adventure World's book. The most recent coasters at each of the main parks have been fairly small and selling their respective parks short. Dreamworld in particular is in drastic need of a decent thrill coaster rather than a 150m Skyloop and its fairly frequent additions of flat rides. A Eurofighter would have been amazing there. Movieworld did make an effort adding an El Loco, but again, it seems to be far less of an investment than the other three excellent coasters at the park. Sea World is adding a water coaster, but at only 470m, appears to be in the same deal as Buzzsaw and Green Lantern - disappointingly short and I dare say not the major attraction that any of the parks should have aspired to - like when Movieworld added Superman. I'm glad to see Adventure World is taking some initiative that the Gold Coast parks should be showing.
  8. Being around 6`3`, trying to fit my frame into the very tights OTSRs on Boomerang at Knott's Berry Farm was very painful. I could hardly pull the restraints down past my chest as they were too tight. It only got worse... remember how Vekoma, like Arrow and B&M use those horrible ratcheting restraints which can still be tightened further even after dispatch, well as Boomerang pulls around 5.2Gs at one point, this sudden force caused the restraint to lock down a couple of clicks tighter causing awful pain, making me feel like my back was breaking! Not fun. I actually like the concept of Boomerang. I just feel that the restraints were designed for people no taller than 6` max. I have quite a few problems in regards to shoulder restraints being too tight. Most Arrow trains with maybe the exception of Viper have been too tight on my shoulders. Arkham Asylum (SLC) with the old trains was too tight on the shoulders too. The couple of motocoasters I have ridden have been unpleasantly tight on my legs. And Green Lantern: First Flight... well that hurt all over!
  9. ^^^ I honestly don't see the Roller Coaster at NYNY Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas as THAT BAD. It's not great, but I didn't find it to be that rough. It is certainly better with the Premier Rides' trains over the TOGO ones. I still really like the strange dive-loop element just after the loop - a strange forceful experience...
  10. I reckon it would be better just to include inversions in the "thrill factor" category as going upside down is the actual thrill factor in looping coasters. The likes of airtime, g-force and launching could be the thrill factor for other coasters...
  11. Jubilee Odyssey - a custom SLC is England - was originally planned to be built 81 metres (265 feet) tall. These plans were scrapped due to local residents' complaints. Therefore its height limit was capped at 55 metres (180 feet). Perhaps a good thing considering most SLCs cause head banging at just 33-34 metres tall! Anyway I know it's an invert and not a sit-down, but still, it does give some indication that Vekoma have been willing to go beyond the 200 ft mark... (^and not just for Big Air!)
  12. My nearest SLC recently got new trains made by KumbaK. I also hear the SLC at Morey's Piers got new trains - not sure who made them if anybody could help me out with that... Anyway, the new trains have a lap-bar with the OTSR design being more like a seat-belt over each shoulder. Apparently the ride is far more comfortable and reduces the headbanging.
  13. It does only go just over halfway up the tower. Trust me, I've ridden it a dozen or so times! I don't know what it is, but it really loses momentum as the car hurtles up the tower, unlike S:EFK which seems to develop some really good hangtime. The show really exaggerated the hangtime on ToT - in reality there is almost no hangtime! I have seen ToT with an empty car during testing, and it does go perhaps 70% of the way up the tower, maybe even 80% on a really good day. When it's full though, you're lucky to go more than 60% up of the tower. Having said that, the flashing lights and the incredibly loud noise echoing throughout the tunnel makes ToT quite a lot better than its counterpart at SFMM in my opinion.
  14. I totally agree mate. Superman does go noticeably higher up the tower than ToT, but I can't help but think ToT feels faster. I would say it's the intense noise you get going through recently installed tunnel.
  15. The 3 back-to-back camelbacks on Desperado makes me laugh... along with cries of pain... It's sort of like: "hahahaha woah airtime! hahaha-OUCH! hahaha more airtime! hahaha OUCH!" ...well you get the idea
  16. I really enjoy the deafening roar on Tower of Terror II in Dreamworld, Australia as you fly through the tunnel at 160km/h *edit* I thought a video would suffice to show how loud it is inside that tunnel!
  17. ^TWO Tricks actually... world's tallest loop, and word's first top hat over the the top of a loop...
  18. Oh yeah, GL:FF completely slipped my mind. It was a really intense ride, especially that moment I experienced when spinning upside-down, coming into the brake-run and stopping very suddenly, causing the blood to rush to my head and making me see stars for a couple minutes!
  19. I was hoping a topic like this would pop up. I have often wondered to myself what indeed is the most intense coaster I've ridden. I guess for the overall coaster I'd go with: - BATMAN SFMM for its high Gs through the inversions and helixes - X2 simply for its crazy concept and terrifying first drop - XCELERATOR for its launch and high speed overbanked turns For intense experiences during a ride I'd like to mention: - The final helix on SILVER BULLET - The "grey-out" helix on GOLIATH - The pretzel loop on TATSU - The crazy violent ride and ejector airtime on DESPERADO - and the slingshot feeling on the first drop of APOCALYPSE when riding at the back
  20. This is exactly how I feel about X2. I second that. It's about my favourite coaster
  21. Tower of Terror at Dreamworld, Australia. It really hurt coming back down the tower at 85mph with the rain stinging your face. Fair play to the park for keeping it open though.
  22. I honesty can't agree with back seat on Colossus. I found the airtime to be brutally sudden and violent - quite painful as you are thrown up into the lap-bar. I'd recommend nearer the front. Having said that, I do definitely agree with the back seat on Apocalypse. That is fantastic
  23. A Vekoma SLC over a really unique Intamin launched coaster? To each his own, but you may have ridden the SLC one too many times! You should get that checked out by a doctor. Haha, fair call! Most of my friends also think I'm crazy to prefer the SLC. I still really like Superman, don't get me wrong!
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