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  1. Batman la fuga at Warner allows people to go under the loop and take pictures like this. It isn't exactly the same angle but close. It looks very different to me to be honest. There is a much larger gap between the entrance to the loop and the exit on Banshee... Much larger!
  2. I'm not sure if it's the angle of the drop not being beyond vertical or the fact the ride interacts with surrounding structures, but the drop looks larger than the other El Locos. Without any speed control coming into the first drop, it looks like this El Loco may also be a lot faster that 66km/h. Any thoughts?
  3. It's obvious we are talking about the looping sitdown coasters. Just go on the B&M website for yourself... It clearly indicates that their model of "Sitting Coaster" only includes those 5 sitdown coasters with inversions!
  4. ^ I went just a couple weeks ago. I agree with nearly everything you said. I totally agree about Nemesis Inferno. I rode front and back - definitely more intense at the back! Colossus also was surprisingly smooth for me. Swarm was great but could have been longer and X... Well that was just aweful
  5. Yeh, I totally agree. Sydney for sure. I hope Ammar Khan's talk about rebuilding Wonderland Sydney does go ahead. That would be great.
  6. I actually got the chance to go to the park on Sunday and sure enough the Smiler broke down! Luckily for me I already got to ride it before it broke. What was not so lucky, I was still on it when it did stop working! Basically, our train did the full circuit and hit the brake run at the end before the station... and stayed there for another 35-40 minutes before they could finally wheel us back in to take us off the ride! I was told by one of the operators that they performed a station stop when they noticed someone had their phone out on the lift hill. From there they couldn't get it restarted! I should add that the Smiler reopened just half an hour later after a few tests. Two park employees kindly gave me and my three friends a fast-track each to use once on any ride over the rest of the day. The ride itself was incredible. Yes it's a little rough, but for what it provides I think it was worth it. The theming is unique and a true piece of genius to come up with the idea. I am also a huge fan of the inversion and as this coaster had 14, I loved it. It was also very forceful providing strong Gforce and two great pop of floater airtime. I think it's almost my favourite roller coaster out of the 58 I have now ridden. Next we rode Oblivion, where the queue was massive. Mostly due to the fact the Smiler had just broken and Oblivion was the closest by. I was pleasantly surprised by this coaster. While short and a bit of a one-trick pony, the first drop was airtime filled, freefall heaven. After waiting for Rita which broke down, we crossed through the very scenic garden valley to ride Air and Nemesis. After a 45 minute wait I found Air to be another real surprise. It's not that far behind Tatsu in my honest opinion. The flying sensation is just as good, but you are much closer to the ground. I still prefer Tatsu - mainly for its pretzel loop. Nemesis live up to its expectations! So intense! right up there next to Batman in the most forceful rides I have ever experienced. The first wing-over totally destroyed my senses. The theming too was spectacular, making for a great ride. I got off seeing stars and my cousin said he'd had enough for the day! Nemesis was perhaps one step too far for him... I returned to Rita on the skycable and waited around an hour. It was actually quite decent considering the bad reviews I've heard. The airtime was good and there were some strong positive Gs too. It was just rough - very rough for an Intamin. Thirteen was perhaps the biggest surprise. The theming was great and the ride was smooth. It is a great all round ride. The freefall drop was a surprise, and the backwards part was a decent a thrill. I honestly can't understand why it gets a bad wrap. I loved it. Sadly, there was no time left to ride Sonic. Although I've heard I wouldn't be missing out on much... Nevertheless, I'd have liked to have compared it to Sierra Sidewinder. Overall I had a really good day at the park. I loved the setting with the castle and lake, and the valley in the middle of the park. These really added character to the park. The rides are brilliantly themed (apart from maybe Air) and I think what the park has done to work round the height restrictions is ingenious. The ride ops efficiency were also some of the best I've ever seen. The long queues and crowds however were a pain.
  7. 16 out of the 58 I've ridden. I've never been much of a credit-whore! Also, the list is a bit of a shocker...
  8. Had a decent day at Thorpe Park Friday. I was hoping it wouldn't be too busy, but it was, especially with the large number of teens who I think were probably supposed to be at school! Anyway, I was alone for the first couple hours as my friends who I was meeting up with at the park wouldn't get there until around 12. I chose to avoid Swarm until later as I assumed the queues would drop later in the day. This happened to be true. I firstly rode Stealth thinking it would only have one train operating and that I better get it done early. It actually had two trains running, so I was very impressed. The wait was obviously minimal as the park had only just opened. The ride itself is solid. Nothing special. Kind of like a half-finished Xcelerator. Next I rode Nemesis Inferno, which was barely more than a 5 minute wait. I heard that it is pretty average, but I wouldn't agree with that. I found it to be highly intense. Not quite Batman or (Nemesis as I found out the next day), but still very good. Saw was the first ride I encountered a queue. It was a little over 30 minutes, but well worth the wait. I thought Saw was great. I love the theming and indoor section. It really packs a punch with really high positive Gs and a decent pop of airtime. But it is rough, especially the transitioning into the dive-loop and turnaround into the final brake run. Colossus became my 50th coaster today! (That's if you include the Intamin halfpipe coaster at Wet 'n' Wild, Gold Coast) I wasn't all that expectant for a great ride, but after around an hour wait, I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't that rough and surprisingly intense. Even the quad heartline roll felt so much faster and extreme than it looked on Youtube. The final heartline roll took me off guard too... I was seriously surprised at how good Colossus was. The last major coaster I rode was Swarm. Here I met up with my mates, and after less that 40 minute wait we hopped on the right side. I hear the left is better, but I don't care that much. It can't be that different! It turned out to be easily my favourite ride at the park. It was so smooth and provided an awesome flying feeling with nothing above or below you - almost like a smooth version of the second half of X2... The wing over drop was perhaps that best bit, but I thoroughly enjoyed the near-miss elements. In the turn around over the lake, I had my arms out and my right hand actually hit the water and splashed my mates behind me. It really surprised me how close we got to the water! I wasn't expecting that! The rest of the day, I rerode Saw, Nemesis Inferno and Colossus with my friends, and got a ride on X just before I left. I managed to try the back of Nemesis Inferno, which was better in my opinion - actually more intense. Colossus was perhaps equally good front and back., while X sucked! It had nothing to offer. The dark arena with flashing disco light and disco music was a pretty cheesy idea and offered limited thrills. It was pretty rough too, considering how slow it was. Still good for families I suppose. So there you have it. A good day at the park. The main negatives being the staff were rather grumpy and unfriendly, and the demographic of people at the park was a little off-putting. The main positives were that the rides were surprisingly good - better than I had been hoping - with the exception of x, and Stealth to a certain extent. Also, all the coasters had very efficient operations with none of the coasters running below two trains. Hear that Six Flags Magic Mountain?! If I had to rank the coasters, I'd go with: Swarm, Colossus, Saw, Nemesis Inferno, Stealth, X... That's if you're interested!
  9. This would be amazing! I'm tired of all the big parks being in the Gold Coast. We need something elsewhere! I hope this goes ahead and they really look seriously into building some awesome coaster - maybe a B&M or a decent woodie! Australia's first hyper coaster could be great too...
  10. ^^ I honeslty disagree. I think Silver Bullet looks amazing and is an awesome ride. Agreed, it is pretty forceless until the final helix and a very unique layout for an invert, but I don't think that's an issue. It gives an awesome free-flying feeling over the park, providing a great view of the rides and people below, followed by a super intense grey-out inducing final helix. It's actually my favourite invert, proving to me that forces aren't always the most important thing in a ride
  11. I have two: X2: Simply due to the thrill of being rotated in your seat to dive head first at 122km/h. The greatest feeling I've ever had on any coaster and Goliath: As the drop is only 61 degrees, the 78m drop feels never ending! So fast too, and the pull out is very sharp creating a lot of Gs
  12. Thanks guys! I will also be reaching my 50th coaster milestone while at the park. I'm tossing up between making Colossus (because of its 10 inversions) or Swarm (because it'll be my first wingrider). Saw and Stealth would also be good milestones too!
  13. Hey everybody, I will be visiting Thorpe Park on the 27th of September, and I was wondering if anyone had some information I should know about the park: i.e. ride closures/maintenance, best way to get around the park and hit up all the rides and whether or not I should expect to queue for hours on end. The website doesn't have anything in regards to ride closures and maintenance, so I was wondering if there was anybody who knew and could help me out... Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  14. Hey everybody, I will be visiting Alton Towers on the 28th of September, and I was wondering if anyone had some information I should know about the park: i.e. ride closures/maintenance, best way to get around the park and hit up all the rides and whether or not I should expect to queue for hours on end. I understand the Smiler has had major issues... but is there any chance at all I will get to ride? The website doesn't have anything in regards to ride closures and maintenance, so I was wondering if there was anybody who knew and could help me out... Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  15. 1. X2 2. Tatsu 3. Scream! 4. Riddler's Revenge 5. Viper 6. Goliath 7. Apocalypse 8. Batman 9. Revolution 10. Colossus 11. Ninja 12. Superman 13. Green Lantern 14. Goldrusher
  16. Haha. This could not possibly some up how I feel any better. A 2000m long Giga with raging airtime would be an awesome investment. I guess the number of 20th coaster could also be symbolic in a 2000m long coaster!
  17. I don't hate them, but I feel the following get more recognition than they deserve: Superman Escape from Krypton because apart from some good speed there is little else and Goliath SFMM because i feel it's rather strange for a hyper coaster to hit MCBR after only two drops and one airtime hill. The only good aspect after the brakes is the helix.
  18. The Stand out for me is The Roller Coaster (Manhattan Express) at NewYork NewYork H&C... I didn't mind it at all. Good combination of hyper coaster with inversions and not as rough as everyone says. I've been on one SLC (Arkham Asylum) and I really enjoyed it... Honestly don't have a problem with them - it wasn't even that rough! I am a huge fan or Arrow coasters, so I'd like to defend Viper SFMM and Desperado which both seem to get a pretty bad rap I'm also surprised at how little love Silver Bullet gets... It''s my favourite invert!
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