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  1. ^^Maybe it's just me. I'm actually bigger fan of Arkham Asylum: Shock Therapy (A Vekoma SLC with the "bonus helix") so perhaps I have a strange taste in coasters! I just feel Superman could have been a little longer as it doesn't quite have enough speed to be as short as it is. I do agree with the in-the-dark section. I think that themes the ride really well. Superman also offers some quality airtime
  2. Surprised Superman Escape has a mention... It's a decent ride, but I wouldn't rate it that high. Nevertheless it's good to see an Australian coaster getting some recognition.
  3. The order I liked was: Tatsu, GL, Batman, Colossus, Scream!, Goliath, Riddler, Goldrusher (worth skipping if the park is busy), Apocalypse, Superman, Ninja, Viper, Revolution and X2. I found this to work well as you can get an early ride on either Tatsu or X2 before the crowds build up, and then you can get some quick rides on the older rides in the north and west before the majority of people have make their way over after riding the more popular coasters. Obviously you'd want to get their early to ride it before the line gets even longer!
  4. ^Perhaps a spinning-coaster would be a better option if the park DOES want to improve on the aspect of family-friendly rides... Having said that, I'd prefer to see a Eurofighter as I'm more into thrills - something that SFMM has more than enough already though haha
  5. The ride looks as if they just gave up during design. It should have gone on a little bit longer. You are absolutely right my friend! I have constantly been thinking of the best way(s) to extend the ride! Looking at how compact The Smiler is going to be, there is definitely room for it.
  6. Please somewhere in Australia! Dreamworld has the room for it, not to mention the desperate need for a decent complete circuit coaster!
  7. I love GIANT DROP at Dreamworld, not only because of the height, but the slow ascent, long wait at the top, occasionally experiencing the tower shake at the Tower of Terror shuttle races up the tower and the sudden drop with absolutely no warning The other one is the BIG SHOT at the Stratosphere because it fires you to a full height of 1081 feet offering spectacular views of Vegas and the Strip. Quite a terrifying experience... but great though!
  8. Some of these comments are true. There were a few minor flaws in the park, but overall I absolutely loved it! Coming from Australia, we have very minimal and limited range of decent parks and rides. The parks are nice, but there is nothing special about them. My visit to Knotts and SFMM late last November was one of the most amazing magical (forgive the cliches) experiences of my life. At Six Flags, all the coasters were open, the staff were friendly, the atmosphere was nice, the park scenery is very nice. Also the ride operations and running speed was brilliant! In Australia I constantly have to suffer 5 minute plus change-overs with only 1 car operating - and yes that includes the busiest times of the year! (no exaggeration) I know many will disagree, but I haven't been around to many other big parks in America apart from Knott's, SFMM, Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland so I haven't really seen the competition. But, honestly, I don't think you should SFMM it for granted! For me, I thinks the SFMM is awesome, and I wish the parks in Australia were half as good.
  9. I rode Batman at SFMM a few weeks ago and it was as smooth as the day it opened. Certainly smoother than Scream or Riddlers Revenge. I have to agree with everybody else. Led Zep or one of the Vortex's will be first. Hopefully Led Zep will see the light of day again and it will be one of those awful stand ups. Fair enough. I just got a little headbanging going through the wing-overs. That was late November last year... But still, it beats Vekoma SLCs!
  10. Is it possible that it was relocated? or has it been too long since it was last used...?
  11. That's an interesting question... Obviously B&M makes some pretty awesome coasters, so becoming defunct has never been an issue for them... If I picked one, I'd say one of the BATMAN: THE RIDE CLONES This is mainly because: - They are quite old - There are 10 clones (6 by the same name) so removing one wouldn't be too much of a loss - The SFMM one I rode was a little rough by B&M standards Having said that I'd like to see them stay, as they are really awesome roller coasters!
  12. ^^ I never even considered that! that's a great idea. It would be nice to keep a little bit of wood at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
  13. ^^I really liked Riddler's Revenge, but probably would have preferred an Immelmann instead of a second dive-loop. Other than that, it's an awesome layout. Really like how the loop wraps around the lift hill!
  14. Green Lantern is definitely not designed for the tall. Having said that, I think it does serve a purpose and I wouldn't knock it just because I came off the ride a little worse for wear. It is there to stay and I say good luck to the people who enjoy it... again a rather small minority!
  15. Superman: Escape from Krypton! (just kidding ) Credit to Knott's Berry Farm. They take out both the best steel and wooden coaster layouts that I've experienced. Wooden: GhostRider: Awesome double out-and-back layout thundering through the wooden supports! Steel: Silver Bullet: I liked the height of the ride and the way the track hangs riders over the footpaths and rides below. I'd also give credit to Tatsu and Apocalypse (SFMM). Both have good ride layouts too.
  16. 1. The first drop on X2: That moment when the seats spin over and you plunge head first into the 66 metre drop was one of the greatest moments of my life! 2. Desperado's 69 metre drop: This was my first hypercoaster, and by far the biggest coaster I'd been on at the time. That first drop felt like it was going forever. A great moment. 3. Xcelerator's launch: The gut-wrenching feeling of the intense 0-132km/h in 2.3 seconds was an awesome experience 4. Tatsu's pretzel loop: The plunge downwards and the intense g-force as the train pulled back up into the air was a strange and wonderful sensation. 5. Tower of Terror's speed: Something from Australia! the top speed of 160km/h was simply unbelievable
  17. Number 1: GhostRider was pretty bad - I was genuinely in a lot of pain. For steel: Desperado at Buffalo Bills and maybe the Cyclone at Dreamworld (Australia) Don't get me wrong though... GhostRider and Desperado are still good coasters. I just try to look past the discomfort if I can!
  18. G'day everyone, I am from Australia and being in the southern hemisphere, my summer leave (all 6 weeks of it) is during the American winter. This makes theme park visits a real pain as many are closed at that time of year or aren't worth going due to numerous ride closures. Despite this I am still planning a trip to the States (or Japan if Fuji-Q Highland or Nagashima Spaland are open) from late December to mid-Jan and was hoping for some theme park advice on what parks are open, whether or not the decent rides will be open and whether or not it'd be worth the expensive air flights. I did go to Six Flags MM and Knotts Berry Farm in November a couple years ago, so something different would be nice. So far I have considered Florida: Busch Gardens, Universal Studios and Sea World and/or Texas: Six Flags Over Texas and Fiesta Texas. If anybody could offer some help, it would be greatly appreciated!!!
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