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  1. I've ridden just 8: Top 3: 1, X2; 2, Desperado; 3, Viper
  2. Hi there, I just recently had a day trip from Berlin up to Heide Park with my sister and a friend from Australia, I thought I'd share my experience if anyone is interested. Park is very clean and well looked after with excellent German-style theming. Food is reasonably priced, especially for theme park food. There is a good variety and good quality. I had the bacon burger and crepes for lunch and a snack respectively and both were very good. Staff were very friendly, despite the fact I could not speak German. Not an issue! Almost every staff member I encountered spoke English very
  3. I've ridden only 4: 1. Nemesis: Excellent theming, intensity and totally out of control experience 2. Silver Bullet: Very unique, with the sensation of flying over the park gracefully with smooth transitions. The final helix is very intense 3. Batman: The Ride: Perhaps the most forceful coaster I have ever experienced 4. Nemesis Inferno: Still a great compact ride with high Gs and snappy transitions
  4. Most appear to be on inverted coasters: Silver Bullet - Final Helix Batman The Ride (SFMM) - Helix after second loop Nemesis - First wingover Other good intense moments: Goliath (SFMM) - Greyout helix Desperado - Intense airtime at the top and intense Gs at the bottom of each camel-back Tatsu - Pretzel loop Ninja (SFMM) - The tight turn over the pond by Jet Stream By far the most intense (but also the worst!) Green Lantern: First Flight: Hitting the brake-run while upside down (all the blood hit my head pretty bad)
  5. 1994 was a good year! 1. Nemesis 2. Desperado 3. Batman: The Ride (SFMM)
  6. 2012 and 2013 were both massive years for me. 2012 because of going to Los Angeles and 2013 because of a quick trip in England and France: Prior to October 2012, I had a measly 21 credits. Thanks to a trip to KBF, SFMM and USH and to the Gold Coast in Australia, I gained a further 26 credits. Then in 2013, A trip to Thorpe Park, Alton Towers and Disneyland Paris and a visit to Universal Studios Singapore, I had a further 21 credits. So thanks to a 15 month period between October 2012 and December 2013, I moved from 21 credits to 68!
  7. Air, Alton Towers Thirteen, Alton Towers Silver Bullet, KBF Goliath, SFMM Swarm, Thorpe Park
  8. I agree with Space Mountain: Mission 2. I was astonished by how good it was. I was expecting something terrible. I also really liked Rock n Roller Coaster. I thought however, that neither was that smooth, but I don't mind a little roughness in a coaster. That's probably why I honestly enjoyed the only SLC (with bonus helix) I have ever ridden. I actually like Vekoma. I think they have done some good rides. I did however hate X at Thorpe Park and found Boomerang at KBF pretty terrible, but I reckon that was more due to the trains. I'd like to ride the Boomerang in Finland with the new train
  9. I put this up, as every time I have gone back to Dreamworld for the last 6 years, I've hoped to see it reopen. It looks impossible now! They should at least remove it or replace it with something that actually operates http://rcdb.com/1129.htm
  10. I did once... Well sort of. I went straight to Thorpe Park from Heathrow Airport, so I would make the park on time. My mates went back to the hotel first and said they would meet me at the park. Unfortunately my phone died, so there was no way of contacting them, so I just ran around the park by myself and got 4 credits in the first 2 hrs before heading over to ride Swarm. By now I had given up finding my mates at a very very busy Thorpe Park (even Colossus had a 90 min wait with 2 trains operating). Amazingly, I bumped into my mates by the Swarm! I have to so, being by yourself is okay, but I
  11. Look, I know the song is crap. I just thought it was funny. And I must say I agree with the lyrics!
  12. Does anyone else think this has a very wooden-coaster sort of layout? The layout kind of reminds me of some of the GCI and Gravity Group twisty woodies...
  13. I tip my hat to you... This is pure credit whorish-ness at its most extreme... I honestly love how much effort you guys go to to get your coaster count up with all the tiny kiddie coasters and especially waiting an hour to ride a horrible Zyklon Loop, when you rode the same model coaster only the previous day! Seriously though, I loved following your TR, it was so great to see you guys getting on so many little coasters in only a couple days! It even got me exploring them on Youtube and RCDB
  14. 1970s: Colossus (SFMM) 1980s: Ninja (SFMM) 1990s: Nemesis 2000s: X2 2010s: The Smiler
  15. For the marketing potential, I mean. GP often care about gimmicks/sound bites I think, maybe more than the real quality of some rides. That's true, but the point about the negative forces is exactly right - especially in the back car. Look at all the steepest coasters in the world. They all have 1,2 or 3 (max) car trains. In the back seat, of a train with 6 cars, you would virtually be catapulted from the ride! Either that or have trims controlling the speed of the train down the first hill - but do we really want that on Wildfire!?
  16. The tracks pulls out of the drop very suddenly! I bet it'll pull some Gs...
  17. Definitely Dreamworld, Australia! It is seriously short one decent, thrilling full circuit coaster: Cyclone doesn't really do it. When all that's left is a shuttle coaster (a really fast one at least), a skyloop, a family motocoaster and a family invert, you really don't have much choice in the thrill department. That one, well themed, intense (airtime please), thrilling coaster would hopefully add to a park which still feels very carnival-like!
  18. If you want to be very pedantic, I have a few very loose records: World's Tallest and Fastest Shuttle Roller Coaster: Superman: Escape from Krypton World's Most Inverting Roller Coaster: The Smiler World's Longest, Tallest, Fastest Flying Coaster: Tatsu World's Longest, Tallest, Fastest, Most Inverting Stand-Up Coaster: Riddler's Revenge World's (equal) Fastest Suspended Roller Coaster: Ninja World's Longest Mine Train Roller Coaster: Big Thunder Mountain World's Tallest, Fastest Dual Track Roller Coaster: Superman: Escape from Krypton World's Longest Wild Mouse Roller Coaster: Scoo
  19. Since we are all sharing our views, I guess I'll put in my 2 cents... My top 10: 1. X2 2. The Smiler 3. Tatsu 4. XCelerator 5. Nemesis 6. The Swarm 7. Scream! 8. Desperado 9. Silver Bullet 10. Riddler's Revenge My bottom 5: 55. Fav Wild Mouse 56. Fav Zyklon Loop 57. Pony Express 58. X 59. Fav Spinning Mouse
  20. I don't think I ever had a BAD ride on SOB. Of course as a general rule, I sit in the front row, or as close to the front of the train as possible on wooden coasters. You've never sat in the back for El Toro? Oh you poor thing. Haha, not quite El Toro, but Apocalypse (SFMM) needs to be ridden in the back!
  21. Montu's & Banshee's batwings are designed differently. Motnu's is broken into segments, with snappy transitions. Banshee's flows more uniformly. Also, the exit of the batwing passes under the entrance rather than to the side. This is more like the "pretzel knott" element used on Moonsault Scramble than a true batwing used by many Arrow loopers, and Montu and Afterburn exit passes under the entrance exit side-by-side with the entrance
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