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  1. This is funny because I wanted to ride Viper towards the back and seat here. I was a amazed at how much sitting in a different part of the train could make such a huge difference to the experience of the ride
  2. ^ This pretty well hits the nail on the head for me. I'd also add in Arrow though as they were the true ground-breakers for over 3 decades in almost every department
  3. Is it just me that think that this coaster has the potential to be one the best in the world. It appears to have everything: Speed Inversions Airtime Intensity G-Force Terrain Twist & Turns Lapbars and beautiful to look at!
  4. I have to agree. I know this is only my personal opinion based on my own experience, but I traveled to LA to visit SFMM last July all the way from Philadelphia and I have to say I have very few poor things to say about MM. We had a GREAT time with decent ride operators overall, minimal wait times, and actually decent food. People go to SFMM for the roller coasters. I second this. I had a great time when I was there in 2012. The only two complaints I would have had was the lack of atmosphere in the DC Comics area and the fact that only 1 of 3 water rides was operating.Then again, my visit was in late November... Overall operations were good except for Riddler's Revenge and Green Lantern, and all coasters and flat rides were operating. Goliath, Scream!, Apocalypse, Colossus, Batman, X2, Tatsu and Viper were all running two trains. The park was clean and well maintained, and the staff were very friendly and helpful.
  5. I have a funny feeling that Superman: Ultimate Flight SFDK will feature...
  6. Who cares about the number of launch coasters at a park? As long as the overall ride is different. 3 out of 10 coasters at KBF are launch coasters, and they are all very different! One is a shuttle-loop, one is a family motocoaster and one is the best and most intense launch coaster have ever been on!
  7. The Smiler? That's compact for the amount of track it incorporates...
  8. I've always thought this was a great idea! I've also suggested this idea in the rumor/crazy idea superthread!
  9. As promised, my construction photos I took when in Genting around a month ago... I would have put them up earlier, but I haven't had any access to a computer for the last 2 weeks! Overview of the site First World Hotel still there... and still an unbelievably ugly colour scheme! Entrance plaza and drop tower in the background Through the fence... Machinery... Looks like an old pool, now drained Empty pool again, with back of the park in the background Rundown looking plaza, just alongside the park Drop tower still up... First World Hotel again Looks like construction workers are preparing to remove the drop tower too... Looks like there was quite a lot if rain recently... There is supposed to be a magnificent view of Kuala Lumpur from here, but as you can see in the background, it is way too cloudy. This was very disappointing... Rocket ship is still up... for how much longer, I don't know!
  10. Good review! I was there just 4 weeks ago. It's a really good park, and the theming is outstanding! I too was closely following the BSG issues, and was at least prepared for it to be closed, but there was still a bit of a pang seeing the giant structure in person and not being able to ride! It's a real shame, as USS seems to be a little short on the "thrill ride" department of rides. The kids and family rides are excellent, but if BSG was up and running, there would be a perfect range of rides for everyone. In regards to Canopy Flyer, I waited a little over 90 minutes, and regretted it massively! I gave in to my inner credit whore, and chose to tough out the wait, only to realise the coaster was pretty pathetic. I would much rather have ridden the Mummy a second time rather than waited for Canopy Flyer. Also, anyone who has ridden Enchanted Airways, I read it is a custom Vekoma Junior, but it seems to follow the same layout at the 335m model... Not sure where the variation comes in... I also, for some reason, found this version to be actually quite forceful, much more than the other Vekoma Junior 335m model I rode at WB Movieworld Australia.
  11. This is just for simple explanation, lol. I know its not an inversion (though I do think some parks consider it one ) Haha, yeh. KBF's Silver Bullet and its 6½ inversions!
  12. Seriously - what's wrong with B&M Wing Coasters? I honestly have never ridden one, and I'm sure that they're not "intense" or "aggressive", but they look like fun, graceful coasters that you can ride over and over again. What's wrong with that? I have ridden one, Swarm, and you have summed it up perfectly my friend! It's not intense, not aggressive, not forceful; BUT, it is fun, it is graceful and it is very reridable. Clearly, wingriders are intended to offer a different experience to the older more aggressive, forceful B&Ms. Wingriders offer a smooth, graceful freeflying sensation, rendering an experience of flight through smooth elegant transitions... I have said it before, and I'll say it again, Wingriders expand the B&M repertoire to allow for a greater variety of roller coaster experiences. Why should we criticise that, when many of us want to see B&M build a launch coaster? How about we be more positive, rather than being overly conservative. Remember, Arrow took a risk building Magnum and that led to a great line of hypers and gigas over the years!
  13. I have so say, credit to the workers. They have done a magnificent job getting this up so quickly. In the cold and snow, it mustn't be easy. They all deserve great praise, especially based on how cold this winter has been! EDIT: I also should add, that the guys over at Six Flags seem to be doing a bold effort constructing Goliath in the cold and snow
  14. It also makes for a better ride... and going backwards too. Gave it a little bit of new life
  15. Yes. This sounds very much what I'm referring to. I do acknowledge however, that the issue is that the trains would have to be modified, and would Six Flags be willing to do that? I doubt it...
  16. In regards to the seatbelt-lapbar issue, for me it would make sense to have signs on the back of the seat in front of you, telling you not to lower the lapbar till your seat-belt has been checked too. Also for busier days, have an instructional video playing on TV screens, instructing riders to not bring on loose items, move to the last seat in the row and to NOT LOWER YOUR RESTRAINT TILL THE RIDE OPERATOR TELLS YOU! Another option it to see if there is a possibility to lock the lapbars up so it is physically impossible to lower them until the ride operators are satisfied with the seatbelts. Or else, they can copy those inverter rides, where the buckle is positioned on the outside of the train, and the seatbelt correspondingly is positioned on the outside of the lapbar. This would allow the lapbar to be lower and the seatbelt to be buckled all in one hit...
  17. I actually love that loop precisely because of the great forces and just how fast you go through it! Don't get me wrong, I also enjoy high forces in a loop. What I don't like about this one, is that the track snaps upwards into the loop very suddenly and gives me a little whiplash.
  18. Now that Tower of terror at Dreamworld has been fitted out with a tunnel, the full length of the horizontal track, it has become even louder. The ride audio and the deafening roar of the car racing through a confined tunnel makes your ears ring!
  19. The following roller coasters were much better than I expected: Colossus (Thorpe Park): Smoother and more intense than I expected Thirteen: Great theming, and I loved the freefall and the backwards section Air: Not as good as Tatsu, but not far behind! Lost City of Gold: Has outrageous airtime, especially in the backseat! Space Mountain: Mission 2: Not too rough, and the stars, supernova and wormhole are so trippy and awesome Ninja (SFMM): Much more intense than I expected Apocalypse (SFMM): So much airtime, at the back in particular... Sierra Sidewinder: Much more forceful than I expected, and spins a lot, especially in the rear car. and the following were disappointing: Goliath (SFMM): Great first and second drop, and a good floater airtime hill, but the ride is cut short just as it starts to really get going... Green Lantern: First Flight: Very uncomfortable and overly stressful on the body - especially if you are 6`3` Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril: Potentially awesome, with the excellent theming, but the ride is ruined by horrible transitions and that loop... a real neck-breaker The key to enjoy roller coasters is to expect them to be crap... or at least disappointing... Sure worked for me at Thorpe Park and Alton Towers! Because, if they end up being crap (e.g. X at Thorpe Park), at least you were prepared for it. But if they end up being awesome (e.g. Space Mountain Mission 2), then you end up enjoying it more than you would have ever expected!
  20. I like how creative Adventuredome is in naming its rides, i.e. after the ride model/model line. Circus Carousel: Chance Morgan Carousel Inverter: Chance Morgan Inverter Chaos: Chance Morgan Chaos Frog Hopper: S&S Frog Hopper Disk'O: Zamperla Disk'O El Loco: S&S El Loco Perhaps they should have named Canyon Blaster, Custom Looping Coaster or gone all RCT3, Corkscrew Coaster 01
  21. Just a little more on what I said about my wing-flyer idea, I think it would be an even more free feeling than a normal flyer. Remember this has kind of already been done... Think X2 after the first raven turn when the track inverts and the seats rotate so that you are positioned parallel to the ground in the flying position. Imagine that for the entire ride, but built by B&M and smooth... That would be cool!
  22. How about a wing coaster holding riders in a flying position? A wing-flyer...
  23. The fact that they would be awesome and have next to no downtime!
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