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  1. HN attendance list- 1. Nick (angryemobeaver {actually DropZone99 on every other site}) 2. Adam (spaceace12) 3. Nathan (kumba830) 4. Joel(10ryansmith) 5. Justin (RedB) 6. Brandon (saginawhxc) 7. Stefan (VGplay) 8. Dimitri (VoltageCaek) 9. Alex (WildStangAlex)
  2. Awesome video. I'll be at the park Wednesday sporting my Club TPR shirt!
  3. As much as I'd love to get chang as a floorless ride, I'd really like to see Great America get something totally unique. A maverick-esque ride would fit the bill perfectly. But no matter what they end up doing, I know it will be a great, and much needed addition!
  4. I'd have to say Gemini is a close second, however, nothing beats American Eagle. It has an incredible first drop and some points of great airtime. Besides the final mini-helix the ride is pretty smooth, especially for such a tall wooden coaster. Also, the way the entire structure lights up at night is just magical. However, Gemini, is almost like a mini Magnum with some fun pops of airtime, it just has those really slow corners, which is why it got 2nd and not 1st for me.
  5. Does anybody know what resort this is? It is located due south of downtown Disney... taken from google maps
  6. So it's my understanding that they never fully completed Pop Century, and this is the site where it was supposed to expand to?
  7. I'm shocked to see both go so hastily, but having the guy from Paramount could actually be pretty good. I absolutely loved King's Island's themed attractions: Italian Job, Flight of Fear, Tomb Raider, when they were King's Island. If he can bring the similar thought process to Six Flags, that would be amazing! I also feel like he'd be willing to do something about the insane parking prices.
  8. For my favorite, well there's simply too many to choose from, but the worst looking ones I've seen are these: http://www.rcdb.com/234.htm?p=21545 Cliffhanger at Ghost Town in the Sky... http://www.rcdb.com/234.htm?p=21546
  9. For me it's Tower of Terror (FL) and Double Shot (Indiana Beach). S&S Double Shots rock my world!
  10. Great Pictures! If you go back to the dells, I strongly suggest you hit up the Wilderness Resort- theres sooo much to do, right at your hotel. I would recommend it over any of the other "Resort" hotels in the city, including Kalahari, Great Wolf, Mt. Olympus and Chula Vista. Yeah, it's that great. But be sure to still get to Mt. Olympus to check out Hades and Poseidons rage. Oh yeah, Hellcat rocks too!
  11. ^Try the entertainment book. Busch doesn't offer many coupons. But if you go before May 16, you get a week of BG for $61 on their website.
  12. Raven could use a three-train operation. I don't even think that is possible given how small the ride is. Not to mention, i think the Voyage's PTC is a bit different than the Raven's PTC, and probably couldn't operate simultaneously.
  13. The new trains look incredible! I can't wait to try them out at Holiwood Nights!
  14. On opening day at Indiana Beach, I rode double shot a ton of times, and it continues to be my favorite drop tower, as well as my favorite ride at Indiana Beach. But I have done some research and just can't quite grasp how this thing works. I was wondering if anybody on here has worked with S&S or has a background with rides like this that can help, or if anybody knows anything at all, to post. We can get a discussion going, because these towers really interest me. So far I have found this, a spec sheet from S&S' website: http://www.s-spower.com/download/double.pdf Obviously these rides are pneumatic, or air-powered, but how exactly does compressed air transform into a cable pulling a ride up and down multiple times faster than gravity? I'm curios to see what we find out about this.
  15. ...Or the wooden bandwagon. I would Imagine a B&M woodie would be reliable, smooth, unique, and a worth-while investment.
  16. I think the starlight spectacular is a great addition at kings island... But I wonder what part of the park it will be in
  17. I really hope it is a drop tower, an it'd be amazing if it were an S&S tower!
  18. The park looks pretty awesome with theming and all! G'sengte Sau and Mammut look incredible. Thanks for all the great Pictures!
  19. I 'm so glad to see a) Kennywood get a new coaster and b) Premier Rides build a pretty significant new ride. They really haven't done anything "big" since Speed: The Ride. I've only been on two of the Backlot coasters, flight of fear, and speed the ride, but they are all really smooth and enjoyable.
  20. I'm on board with the idea to try steel track, but something tubular like Gemini or Excalibur. I don't think they should consider a Texas Giant Style renovation, until that ride transformation is proven successful. That's completely original and can be very ambiguous at this point.
  21. ^Ah that makes sense. CF likes to eliminate all possibilities of lawsuits
  22. I forgot to rate Adventure Express, solid ride. 8/10
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