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  1. I will agree with that. As for sidewinder, I was expecting a lot more out of it than it delivered, the launch wasn't even fast.
  2. Okay, so last week I was in Colorado for a long weekend. It turned out to be quite a great short getaway. Anyway, I will get to the point right away, Elith Gardens was a nice park overall. Overall Impressions: Small park with a lot of charm, fun employees, nice landscaping and some neat rides. Roller Coasters: Sidewinder: 2/10 Ouch! Talk about no sort of thrill, it took like 3 minutes for the second backwards launch to initiate. Boomerang: 8/10 Ran great! Got on it twice (could have done more), once in the light and once at night. I prefer in the dark, but the ride overall was very smooth and enjoyable! Half-Pipe: 9/10 What a Blast! The acceleration was unbelievable! The only down fall is that is was slightly uncomfortable for males.... Twister II: 9/10 Another awesome woodie! This ride was so much fun, especially in the dark and in the last row. It kept throwing you all over the place and seemed to never end. However, it was only running one train. Mind-Eraser: 5/10 In my eyes, a poor attempt for Vekoma to be like Batman the Ride at SFGAm. Similar ideas, poorly executed in design, also painful to males. The Flying Coaster: 3/10 LOL! Is this thing really a coaster? I call it "Carnival Ride meets a Wild Mouse Laying Down." That sums it up pretty well. No adjustable restraints, hurt during inversions like no other! My visit was very enjoyable, especially for such a small park. It was during fright fest, so we did the free haunted house. That was really fun, and seemed to take a while to get through, which is great! I would give this park an 8/10, if they had more room to expand a few more coasters would be nice, but there are some great flats!
  3. Hi, I will be making a trip to Denver this October with my father. I have a SF season pass, but my dad is lacking. Does anyone in the Denve area know where we could get discount coupons for Elitch Gardens? You can PM or email me, or just post here! Thanks!
  4. I am thinking Batman the Ride at SFGAm. I seem to have blacking out issues with that one. Also Deja Vu and Iron Wolf are up there for sure. Gotta love them though!
  5. I think Wooden Coasters are way more thrilling. On a steel coaster, you tend to get the same ride everytime, woodies have so many variables. Harnesses tend to give a feeling of overwhelming security, whereas woddies don't provide that. There is nothing like a headchopper on a woodie also!
  6. 1 Voyage-nothing like the last row, being pulled out of your seat! 2 Cornball Express 3 Hades
  7. I would ride the Voyage over anything else in the world. Night or day. However, last row ONLY!
  8. I forgot...not everyone's verbal irony makes sense to others.
  9. Umm. Deja Vu running is NOT a rare sighting. It closed, rather is the rare sighting. THANK YOU MARK SHAPIRO!
  10. Only the best Disney Roller Coaster EVER: Expedition: Everest
  11. I would have to say it is NOT Disney's or Intamin's fault, and certainly not the 4-year old's fault. I believe it is due to his parent's lack of awareness, that's all. All I can say is I love the ride and it beats Horizons for SURE and I hope they don't change it because of this incident!
  12. I cannot believe there is no pics of ToT here. I mean the good-looking ToT not that thing in CA they call ToT......JK Here is my "Baby" that I took 2 weeks ago...
  13. I've been stuck on my fair share. The most memorable two both occured at Disney World. We got stuck for an hour on test track at the part right before you go outside. Haunted Mansion was also more scary without the "Disney" ghosts than with!
  14. By far I would Say Busch Gardens Tampa. You take a ride through ther version on Africa. The train encircles the entire park and goes through many different "villages", "countries" and animal zones. Periodically the train needs to stop to let giraffes or other wild animals cross the tracks!
  15. Yeah!!! Someone who actually likes our pizza!!! (Although you can get it cheaper, and better variety, going 10 minutes up the road to the closest LaRosa's restaurant!) Shari "My Illinois-native husband hates my LaRosa's pizza" Shoufler La Rosa's is disgusting. How can one like melted rubber that smells like last week's trash. Come up to Chocago, we'll show you REAL pizza As far as a park's best food- Crown Colony House at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, all-u-can eat Fish fry or Chicken with sides overlooking the Sarangeti Plain!
  16. Oh, I Know. I just have not been on Mission 2 yet. However I would still say my favorite indoor ride would have to be Flight of Fear at PKI
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