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  1. I'd like to see the footbridge over Circle of Champions replaced with a much wider, more people-friendly wooden foot bridge. Something like "boardwalk" might help their theme too. This is actually really exciting, because there is LOADS of potential at this park, just interesting to see what they're take will be.
  2. My [Purdue "All American"] Marching Band was in the shot of the security camera in the security office. We were in the Macy's parade in 2010.
  3. Todd- In all due respect, I am merely transferring information from the Indiana Beach-Protest Morgan RV Resorts facebook group. Not everybody on this board is a member of that group, and some people may be interested in what is going on there. I mean no disrespect for anybody, especially you, your wife or Gary, as I feel you three really held the place together. Regardless of whether Gary was asked to leave or not, you, confirmed at 8:43 am on 11/3/2011 on the facebook group that Gary in fact had left for Florida for a, and I quote you, "New assignment. Same 'job'." I apologize if I stepped on your toes on this, didn't intend to. I too, wish for all the best for Indiana Beach, that's part of the reason I applied there back in May.
  4. As of last night the former IB Operations Director and her husband, the Food/Games Director were added to the "Indiana Beach- Protest Morgan RV Resorts" facebook page. Also from that group, it is stated that former COO of Indiana Beach, Gary, is en route to Florida for a new assignment. I really do hope for the best at this park, as Monticello and Indiana in general really need this park as an integral part of the economy. Maybe they are starting fresh with a new management team that has experience turning around parks in distress.
  5. http://www.rcdb.com/3218.htm?p=20926 Space Switchback in the Pearl Tower in Shanghai. This ride is inside a skyscraper!
  6. Thanks for taking time to make contact with [the coaster-loving community], not every CEO does that sort of thing. I want nothing more than to see IB really succeed and return to all the glory of its past. I hope you are able to get a lot out of your meeting with some of the former employees (as I am one from this summer), and I hope you are willing and able to make the capital improvements that are absolutely necessary to the vitality of the park. I can't wait to see what 2012 brings, I truly can't. And maybe next year the operating calendar should just end at Sept 11 instead of the sudden closing!
  7. They changed the calendar on their website. Moser was supposed to meet with former employees on the 12th, just hours before the abrupt closing for the season, however, he had to cancel. Currently Morgan RV is being sued by the Massachusetts Attorney General for extortion involving their Peters Pond property. Sherry Vogel, the one interviewed in the above news story was "monitoring" the protest from her Van a few weeks ago.
  8. The employees were told they'd be paid tomorrow. And I'm pretty sure IB still has grant money from Indiana leftover from this year's "improvements"
  9. Somebody I know that works in maintenance there, on facebook, and I quote "No check." That was at 6:30 this morning.
  10. Employees still at the park did not get paid today (Pay Day). This can be very bad news.
  11. ^ I found which car you were in made a big difference. If you eneded up in the old rear car right left seat, the ride was pretty great still, other seats/ new cars made it pretty awful. Speaking of which, the Raven train that was on Voyage last season is running REALLY smooth on Raven now.
  12. It was confirmed that in fact voyage will not be getting topper track
  13. I've heard something very similar. But from what I understand, HW is waiting to get confirmation on the TL delivery before they go out and retrack the coaster. I do know they did not do any retracking last winter, as all their time was spend on Raven and Legend, so we can expect to see a lot of retracking this winter whether or not the TL's are delivered. I guess some of the logistical elements are slightly different too and they don't want to change EVERYTHING around until they are for sure getting TL's. The ride control system will be slightly different too, and this is already installed from the previous testing, and will be ready to go when the TL's are ready.
  14. ^ I really like Six Flags Great America. I do not speak on behalf of the chain, however. Great America has a solid coaster collection, ONE of the best water parks in the country, some decent shows and tons of atmosphere, especially at night. While Great America isn't my single favorite theme park period, it is definitely ONE of my favorites!
  15. 1. EPCOT 2. Holiday World 3. Busch Gardens Africa 4. King's Island 5. Kennywood
  16. Holiday World opens at 9:30. Head directly to Raven. Then Ride a flat or two. The water park opens at 10:30, however, the lockers open at 9:30. Get your locker and change ahead of the water park opening. As soon as the water park opens, go directly to Wildebeest. Then you can do 1 or 2 other major rides with a very short wait. The coasters have short waits in the afternoon. Last Thursday we got on Raven, Gobbler's Getaway and Pilgrim's Plunge all before we went to get our locker and take off for Wildebeest. Voyage averaged 10-15 min wait and we walked on Raven and Legend in the afternoon. I love this park. I can't say it enough. Everything they do, they do right. Food is slightly more costly than fast food, however it is very affordable compared to other theme parks, and is fresher, and tastes better. The best food there is Plymouth Rock Cafe, with full Thanksgiving Dinners (including Prime Rib) with air conditioned seating. The best food at the Water Park is Safari Pizza next to the Wave wave pool. The park is clean, and if you begin to think something is dirty, someone is already there cleaning it. The response to thank you, by employees, is My Pleasure! They'll take photos of your family in the park throughout the day and give you a card to access them much like Disney but they are free to download.
  17. When I think of what SS is missing, all that I can come up with is a) Flow-Rider, b) Speed Slides. However, I doubt they would add speed slides, as they are not something you can enjoy with your family. (Wildebeest, Bakuli, Zinga, Zoombabwe, and Watubee all can hold 4 people per tube). As for HW, I don't want to sound like I'm jumping on a bandwagon, but S&S Screamin' Swing, absolutely! I can't think of a more perfect addition to HW (other than a steel coaster )
  18. It's actually an island connected via the boardwalk.
  19. I have three Vekoma's I love: Expedition Everest, Rockin Roller Coaster, and Deja Vu. I don't mind Inverted Boomerangs and Normal Boomerangs, but I HATE SLC's and Flying Dutchmen. That being said, great Trip Reports, Griffin, I always enjoy reading, and I look forward to the IB installment.
  20. Which is???? Griffin- enjoyed the pics. We were at Starved Rock last year and happened into Grizzly Jack's but when we found out how much they wanted for a room we ran far, far away. All the way to Wisconsin Dells. Can't wait to see Little a Merick A
  21. Wish I could've made it down there this year! Looks like you had a great time, and I am so envious of FREE cupcakes, I bet they were delicious!
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