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  1. Let me just say that I, too, rode voyage in 2006. June to be exact. My opinion of all other coasters was forever changed. I fell head over heals in love with it. Then for this reason or that I did not make it back until 2010. Uh-oh, what happened? Who took my amazingly smooth ride and replaced it with this demon that beat you to death? 2011 didn't seem to be any improvement, either, having to run 6-car trains so they had enough wheels. Then last year (2012) I went to HW for HoliWood Nights. After a ride on Raven and Legend, I headed back toward Voyage and got in line for my seat (back row, 7th car, left side). I braced myself for the roughness at the bottom of the first drop. Nothing. Butter smooth. Okay, well this can't last I thought. As the train entered the spaghetti bowl, I once again braced. Nothing. Oh my god! She's back! There were a few bumpy spots on the return trip but nothing major. I returned to the park for Happy Halloween Weekends in October and once again rode voyage. Still in pristine condition (Maybe BETTER than '06 even) except for a little jostle in the triple-down. With all the track work they did this past winter, I think she'll be the best she's ever been. Big Kudos to Sean and the "Coaster Cats" at Holiday World for all their tireless work on the Voyage. PTCs, Timberliners, Millennium Flyers, I don't care, Voyage is performing at her best no matter how you ride!
  2. Cornball received some work from RMC back in 2011 and right after it rode really, really well. I'm very anxious to get back there this year, although with graduating from Purdue, I don't live nearly as close anymore. I am very happy to hear all the great news from Monticello in 2013!
  3. This coaster looks really great! Unless you've been on a B&M wing rider already, I don't think you can fully appreciate how good this ride will be. I didn't fully grasp X-Flight until I rode it, and I am now in love with it. So this being what it is, has me really excited!
  4. Mid-week in May days are typically dead, last summer I went a few days mid-week in May and was able to ride all coasters once, and diamondback 10+ times and still leave the park before dinner time. It really is the best time to visit Kings Island, as it will be swamped the rest of the summer.
  5. Outlaw Run! I am very excited to try that very awesome-looking piece of engineering beauty!
  6. Custom coasters was a small company and look how many coasters we've seen from them. Same can be said about really any coaster manufacturer. B&M, Vekoma, and intamin are probably the biggest, but everyone else is what you can call "small."
  7. This ride looks incredible. It's pretty much a raven-length ride with Voyage's first drop, which must mean insane speed all the way to the end. I cannot wait to get on this ride in May, it definitely looks another top-notch attraction.
  8. Steel Hawg is very smooth as far as I am concerned, but the restraints are not just uncomfortable, but downright painful. Just sitting in the station in those restraints is awful, so anything would be an improvement. I am very glad to see a new big attraction like this in the adventuredome. I hope they see success with this ride!
  9. Words cannot express how excited I am to see the brand new entrance plaza and that amazing new B&M Flyer. What a difference this will make to the entire park. Very exciting pictures, thank you so much for sharing!
  10. Sorry, I must have read right over the "invert" in that sentence. I would have to agree that when rides like Montu and Raptor are Juxtaposed with Batman The Ride, they are very tame. As to the extent which wing-riders lack forces, I would have to say X-Flight has really decent forces, especially in the latter half of the train.
  11. Have you been on a Batman Clone? I find B:TR at SFGAm to be very forceful, and one of my favorite B&M rides around.
  12. That would truly be excellent. There is a surprising amount of terrain there that could really be utilized on an Invert.
  13. Just had to share, this is Page 513, and the area code for Kings Island is also 513. If you're into things like that.
  14. AmaZoom and Bamboo Chute are the Blue and White ones over the entry path to SS.
  15. This is my point exactly. To me, Wildebeest is one of my favorite coasters around. It just happens to be on water. And find a time where you can ride solo in the front seat (HWN) and you'll experience the best moments of airtime in your life. Mammoth is also great, and the faster speeds and spinning is fun, but its nothing compared to Wildebeest's amazing air.
  16. ... and WHY? Well said, Paula! I don't know if I am more excited for Happy Halloweekends tomorrow, or this announcement Tuesday!
  17. From Holiday World's Email Newsletter: We have lots in store for you next year and can't wait to share news of the additions headed our way. That's right, we said additions. Do we have your attention yet? Stay tuned for the 2013 reveal - something for each park, plus the re-naming of a major ride. We'll have the update in next week's newsletter (if you'd like to know sooner, watch our website and Facebook page for the announcement Tuesday). What do you think they could be renaming?
  18. I finally made it on X-Flight last Friday, and I loved it. GREAT RIDE! It was fun, intense, smooth, comfortable, forceful and Unique! The theming was well-done and the Music on the Lift and on the Brakes was a GREAT touch! Smoothest brake run I've ever experienced on a coasters. I got five rides in, and I can't wait to get back and ride again!
  19. Seeing Aftershock really makes me miss her. She belongs where that Buccaneer Battle is.
  20. I was allowed to take my backpack on Flight of Fear with me and just place it near my feet in front of the restraint. I felt this was odd, but oh well.
  21. This is true. I visited the maintenance department there in Early August. They had to drop down to 2 6-Car trains because Voyage eats through wheels rapidly, and PTC has them backordered, and therefore they didn't have enough wheels for 14 cars. I think our odds of getting timberliners this year are pretty good.
  22. A covered bridge would be neat too. We have those all over at sfgam. Parke County Indiana is also the covered bridge Capitol of the US.
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