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  1. I was holding a ladder yesterday for another guy on the maintenance team at Indiana Beach as he was welding, sparks flying everywhere and some lady came up to me and asked if the ride was open. Wow.
  2. I will be there Sunday. Follow me on Twitter if you want to meet up: Boiler1869
  3. http://www.rcdb.com/8983.htm Length: 2805' 1" Height: 131' 3" Inversions: 5 Speed: 54.7 mph Duration: 2:06 G-Force: 3.3 Elements: In-Line Twist Fly To Lie Loop Lie To Fly Double Corkscrew
  4. Wow! Looks awesome! Maybe Six Flags can introduce this track type to more coasters!
  5. Thanks, Adam, for all of the fantastic pictures. What a pleasure it was to see how incredibly much work is being done to the "crossroads." I can't wait to experience this one. Busch Gardens does such a great job incorporating coasters into the theme, just look at Sheikra! Once again, Thanks, your pictures are AWESOME!
  6. Really loving the TR! I love Royal Caribbean, and up until now I have only been on the Voyager class, but we're planning on a cruise on Allure next year. Hope you have a great week!
  7. Viper doesn't have retractable seat belts, just the same individual seat belts just like most PTCs out there including American Eagle, Voyage, Raven, Etc.
  8. They didn't announce any new coasters yet... I think that is in reference to the looping slides. I'm not sure they ever did. I've been checking the official SFGAm page reverently and nothing has been mentioned there about them. I'm really excited to see these go in this season! Hurricane Harbor really might become the best waterpark in the nation, as they've been claiming it is since 2006! How it all fits together!
  9. Agreed. Also, it was made by Sixflags, so props to them!
  10. I want to say the park's because that's how most construction projects work: the contractor screws up, you pay! Maybe they've worked something out, however.
  11. Great job on the interview, guys. It truly is a special treat to get to meet such a celebrity in "our world."
  12. Definitely Deja Vu at Great America. Unfortunately it is no longer with us, so the next up would be Expedition Everest.
  13. I really like the supports. It's refreshing to see a park go with not the cheapest option for something, but rather the BEST option for something. Look at their coaster line-up. GCI for the woodie, certainly one of the best makers of WOOD. B&M and Intamin for the steel track coasters. It's not always about the quantity, but rather the quality. Busch Gardens certainly has some of the BEST coasters in the country, and this will only make that even more true! --Now only if they still had free beer...
  14. Thank you so much Robb for sharing all of these fantastic pictures and producing videos of this Show! By far the best coverage of the event! It seems like it will be a really exciting year for so many companies this year!
  15. YES!!!! Couldn't agree more! It is by far the smoothest part of the ride (on a PTC anyways) and has GREAT air time!
  16. Fantastic Trip Report, once again! Looks like you guys had a great time at Aquatica, and your pictures make me really want to go, BAD! Thanks again for sharing all of your fantastic experiences with us!
  17. Somebody posted this on my facebook this morning, and I thought it was entertaining, and relevant: Pacific Sun Cruise liner in very heavy seas:
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