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  1. I have been very confused about that as well. Of course I have not been there since the ride was constructed, but I should be there for HWN this year
  2. ...I begin planning my next excursion to Beijing! (I wish) I've been there twice in the past 2 years and have not made it on a single credit while there.
  3. The trains look great. I'm very excited for Holiday World. These trains really look like a step towards a steel coaster...
  4. I think this coaster looks awesome still! I am so glad it won't be over the concrete. Ala- Shockwave was at SFGAm. When they put in Superman and planted grass and trees I was ecstatic!
  5. Is it true the ride will go over parking lot? It looks like it on the webcam. If not, what is the large gray area that looks like parking?
  6. Honestly if we get Chang in '10 and a dive machine in '11, Six Flags Great America will start to draw a much bigger crowd outside of the Chicago area, which would greatly benefit not only the park and the city of Gurnee, but the entire Chicago area. Raging Waves, a new HUGE water park in Yorkville could use more tourists to visit the park too, which ROCKS!
  7. Rerides don't happen any more And location is what makes it so great too, in addition to pure force.
  8. I'm partial to the double shot in the southern indiana, but they're both great! The one at HW, when I rode in 2006 was rather tame in comparison, which is why I preferred IB. Love the 2nd Shot down!
  9. I enjoy Dark Knight, I really do. It is my favorite movie, and the ride goes decently well with the movie. However, whenever I go there with friend, nobody wants to ride, and on a lot of occasions that ride is seriously lacking a major wait. That's not to say on a Crowded day it doesn't have a long line, as it does, but when there's not many people there, nearly nobody pays attention to it.
  10. That would make sense. They probably do have that problem there.
  11. A Mack Mega Looper would be sick! The park would thrive from something like that. Look at Maverick, for example. I know it's an Intamin, but in essence, a similar concept. I guess a ride like this could fit in front of American Eagle where SWF and GAR are/were. However, I like the idea of paintiing buildings/ expanding HH as well. If they could continue adding on to what is already a GREAT water park, we could have a real winning combination there.
  12. I don't know if the speed slide was operating, as there were next to no people in the water park. I also found the Scrambler rule to be a bit odd.
  13. Yes I did see you. I'm glad I rode in the morning, because the line got real long.
  14. I don't think it would be cost effective switching over all the vehicles of GAR to Vegetable Oil.
  15. I guess I will never understand what people liked about the previous management. The place was basically a free for all. Employees didn't seem properly trained, rides seemed poorly maintained and the place, in general, seemed dirty. Now, all of that has changed. There's a lot less employees slackin off on the job now, and it seems much better managed.
  16. Morgan is the RV resort company that bought them last year. What I like that they have done: Introduced pre-paid cash cards Introduced coded wristbands to prevent people from sneaking on rides Painted nearly everything in the park Closed the parking lot under Hurricane and made it a midway Removed the 3D theater **Steel Hawg** (with 3 train operation) More professionalism among employees Enforcement of smoking rules Brought back "Ideal Beach" and "Boardwalk Funway" More landscaping Things that most people don't like about the takeover: (slightly) higher prices Only 1 P.O.P pass for all day instead of 2 sessions Removed some signage for more professional signage Wristband system Overall I think the place is much better than it was 2 years ago, and I still think they are on the right path with the place.
  17. Might I add, that anybody going to Indiana Beach, must be sure to stop at Delta Cone along the way. They have the BEST friend Chicken and BEST milk shakes I have ever had. Their prices rock too $)
  18. Hey everybody! Yesterday I went to Indiana Beach in Monticello, IN. One of my favorite little parks. It wasn't the greatest day weather wise, but that didn't bother us one bit. Once there we parked in the South (Free) lot, got our POP wristbands and headed towards Musik Express. It was running really fast it seemed. Our day consisted of many rides on many different rides, a lunch of Indiana Beach tacos, and some rain. Did not play any games today, as much as I love them. In case you haven't hear/read, Indiana Uses a new Wristband/Cash card system. Wristbands now have bar codes on the which you must scan for every ride. When I asked for the reason I was told what I expected. It's for checking capacity instantaneously, making sure wristbands are authentic, and assigning staff according to which attractions need more staff. The cool cash cards can be purchased virtually anywhere and reloaded in most arcades with cash or credit/debit cards. These cards are accepted EVERYWHERE in the park and are even used on games (including FASCINATION). If you win a game, the ticket amount is automatically credited to your card without needing to wait after the game for tickets. That was a VERY nice feature. It also made redeeming tickets faster and easier for the arcade ladies. I like the new systems a lot, it really shows Indiana Beach is modernizing, and making it easier for guests to spend money . Onto the park. There was not a heavy crowd, but there certainly was a good amount of people for a Sunday. There were fireworks in the evening, so that could be a contributing factor. It was also Oktoberfest, so they played POLKA throughout the park, ICK. We got on all 6 coasters. Hoosier Hurricane was especially fun this time, and I don't know why but it seemed smoother and had more air than I can remember it ever having. Cornball gave an awesome ride as well. Lost Coaster seemed to have more effects working and also appeared to have had some track work in the inside part of the ride. I just wish they could get a second train working for that ride to help the line move. Steel Hawg was just as fun as it always is, I still think it was the perfect addition in 2008. Galaxi and Tig'rr ran as expected, nothing new there, except seatbelts on Tig'rr . The 3D motion theater is now gone, thankfully, because it was an eyesore. Double shot is Still my favorite ride in the park, and one of my favorite drop towers. It is VERY powerful both on the up and especially on the down shots. Incredibly smooth and very enjoyable, especially the location within the park, right on the water. Although the water park was open, it did not appear to have many customers. I think they should re-route the queue for Double shot behind big flush to include big flush in the water park. That only makes total sense to me, anybody else? I mean, you do inevitably get wet on it anyways. My Tacos were amazing, as expected. Overall it was a fantastic park experience. We left just before 5 because it was raining and only getting heavier. I'm happy for what Morgan has done with the place, and I see it getting better and better under their management. Now, onto the pictures, enjoy! I leave you asking you to put another $.50 into this game because you know, just KNOW you can win it Hope you enjoyed! Hoosier Hurricane goodness Musik Express go right round baby right round Signature Indiana Beach shot. very fast, very fun This death trap still scares me You can buy fruity, sugary water in portions < or = 3 ft LoCoSuMo was closed in the rain I LOVE YOU WARNING: Do NOT ride after Cheesy Ribbon Fries with Jalapenos. Just DON'T DO IT! Scrambledeggs1 I love this swinging ship I didn't know everyone named Bob could fly...I should change my name! The entrance to the Galaxi Got Soap? Check. Rubber Duck? Check. Bath time! Boardwalk Funway Here you can buy a pretzel. Imagine that... Golf de Mini The roof lounge once hosted great bands including "The Who" No really, it did! ...told you Beep Beep, YOU ARE IN MY WAY to getting an ELEPHANT EAR Tilt a Hurl Antique Autos cruisin along. Don't Snap Please "Soarin" over Lake Shafer Action shot, with Air Crow in it! Cornball Express! Skyride. Menard's must have had a special on Pastels last Spring when everything was painted Speed slide tower more water park "Ideal Beach" I don't know about you, but my ideal beach is somewhere in the Caribbean, not somewhere in a Cornfield Big Flush, which should be a part of the WATERPARK since you get WET on it! I think I'm on this cycle Me with my "adopted" family for a picture on Double Shot. I don't know why the smiled for the picture, but it's pretty cool! Double Shot of Amazingness! What fascinates me is how it smells like smoke in Fascination all the time, and there is no smoking inside. Tig'rr love. RAWR! Hurricane and Cornball Yumminess I think the "Gold" fish got lost in Lake Shafer and ended up with the Carp Cornball Express station Upside Down- 180 Degrees! Obligatory opening Steel Hawg Shot.
  19. Getting rid of Superman would be just about the dumbest thing the park could do (next to removing Raging Bull). Superman is extremely popular among the general public, and even many enthusiasts. It pulls decent G's in the pretzel loop. It looks great from the toll booth, parking lot, and entrance. I can see them getting rid of great American raceway. First of all, those cars just eat away at fuel, which is very bad for the environment, and wastes money. Also, right now they go around an empty pit, and it's not like Great America to have an attraction do that, everything is a finished product for them. Anyways, several parks seem to be getting rid of that type of attraction ( king's island for BL:SC, Kennywood for "2010 Coaster", etc.). If GAR is removed, they do have a nice big chunk of real estate there to work with.
  20. It'd be nice to have a mega-lite in our park, but I don't see that happening with Raging Bull.
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