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  1. I was just at the park last weekend (Photo TR to come soon) and I really enjoyed it. I think the new ownership has HELPED the place, although it's a long way from perfect. Most things seem better than when they weren't Morgan. Some things annoy me, however. The Short trip on Shafer Queen now costs $2 instead of being included with POP. Lost Coaster was open for us in the morning, and after we endured a roll back on it, it was closed for the remainder of the day. Also, we rode Double Shot 3 times in the morning, it was running better than ever. Then in, too, closed for the remainder of the day. It seems like the Air Crow and Splash Battle are NEVER operating anymore. More details to come in my TR, hopefully later today.
  2. Yeah, I really don't know, I've always thought it was odd. We never had breaks like that at my park.
  3. Having been in aquatics for years now, I just find it as a bit funny people need to clear a pool to make sure it is truly clear... If you aren't proactively scanning, finding a person at the 40 min mark is... not really going to help them... Do they not trust their guards? The wonderful AFR is always a joy to have, telling people we're just doing some spot cleaning and/or selective water quality checks is fun... Oh, they trust their guards. They are Ellis guards, and won the Ellis International Lifeguard Competition. No question there of how prepared they are.
  4. But there are...look at Proslide mammoths or rockets. Also some flow riders have 2 people on each one, so thats 4 people simultaneously.
  5. ^That, and they evacuate for a full 15 minutes each hour, to give the guards a break from the real stressful job watching a wavepool, and to make sure the water is "clear" and safe.
  6. I can see the water park getting a LOT bigger, and dropping free admission. A separate gate for each park-type deal. We shall soon find out.
  7. 2005: Hades 2006: Expedition Everest Voyage 2007: Maverick 2008: Behemoth Ravine Flyer II Steel Hawg 2009: Diamondback 2010: Wildebeest
  8. Definitely Voyage every time. It only gets better when the sun goes down!!!!! Never have I been on a ride that tops the non-stop sustained 3 minutes of intensity that Voyage offers. But along with voyage, Hades, Cyclops, Cornball Express, Raven, Legend and Hell cat all get honorable mentions. I wish all wooden coasters could have the sustained intensity that these coasters all offer!
  9. I really hope we get some sort of huge capacity ride that will attract a lot of people away from current attractions. The last time something like that was built was Superman:UF. I would love to see some awesome flats be added like Skyhawk, or one of those new starflyer things. We already have a GREAT collection of flats, but that doesn't mean they should stop. That being said, it's about time for a new, Large, coaster to be added...I'd still love to see that rumored dive machine.
  10. I was there twice this year. Opening Weekend and the following weekend. Both times it was running, and the second weekend it actually was running two trains, something I haven't personally seen since 2006.
  11. Great Pictures! It's not often we get to see pictures of Hurricane Harbor. I especially love the overview picture from one of the slide towers!
  12. Adam, the one mini golf course near Ideal Beach is included, but not Island Golf, which is in Hurricane's turn around. Great Pictures! Indiana Beach is my home park for 8 months out of the year (I go to Purdue). I'd be glad to be anybody's interpreter there as things can be very confusing there. Did you by chance go in Frankenstein's Castle? I absolutely LOVE IT!
  13. Great pictures! Looks like a really cool version of Gameworks, or what Gameworks was originally intended to be!
  14. It's not all about the monetary donations, be sure to keep the Koch family and Holiday World staff in your prayers.
  15. Will was a great man indeed. It is reflected in his park, and it is the most wonderful theme park my family and I have ever been to. Nowhere else in the world do the managers of a theme park make you feel so much a part of their family. Some say he's the closest anyone has come to Walt Disney, and I personally believe he has far surpassed what Disney has done, in being so incredibly involved in his park. We will all miss you Will, may you rest in peace.
  16. Thanks for all the great feedback guys! But honestly, these pictures do not do justice. Holiday World is simply AMAZING!
  17. Thanks, Steelinwood, I do too! Especially because this is probably the last time for a Photo walkback with PTC's, especially the Ravage train.
  18. Nice TR...I used my funatics skip the line pass on superman as well. Looks like I get 2 free sodas this next time I go!
  19. Hi Guys! Just wanted to share my thoughts and some of my pictures from over the weekend down at Holiday World. First off, let me say that I had an amazing time. Everything was so well put together with love for all of us! The park is absolutely beautiful and the entire staff works so hard to make every guest happy. I am so impressed with everything they do. The ERT was incredible, all three woodies performed beyond my expectations from my last time there (in '06). I was really humbled by the tickets to return any day this year to ride Voayge with timberliners. This wasn't necessary, but it just shows how hard they work to please everyone. Even the added ERT rides was an extra bonus I didn't expect, but really enjoyed. Wildebeest was amazing as well. You got tons of air, especially on the drops into the tunnels. The best water slide I have ever ridden. The food they had planned for us was awesome. Friday night was Pizza, Veggies, Chips and of course, a 1/4 lb of Mrs. Claus' homemade fudge! The pizza was the best I've ever had at an amusement park. Breakfast Saturday was muffins, fruit, dip, and juice, coffee, milk. Saturday's dinner was also outstanding with Burgers, Fried Chicken, and BBQ pork. The three were accompanied by baked beans, fruit, veggies, and the best mac n cheese I've ever had. Cookies and Brownies were also available. The only complaint I have, is that I live 6.5 hours away from Holiday World, I wish it was in my back yard so I could go every day! Now onto the pictures, which I ran out of captions really fast, but I hope you enjoy. Especially the pictures of Voyage from the Walk back. Welcome to Holiday World! Liberty Launch Octopus Udderly Blue Ice Cream gets my approval! Carosuel from Wild West World Fun Town Spin-n-puke Look for the hidden Voyage... It's big, it's bad, it's what you've been craving! Legendary Picture Sorry this ones not in order :-/ One of the many shows this year h20 park fun! Original two slides The Wave, and something tall Oto-Ron-Go and Zoombabwe Zinga! Jungle Racer Bakuli Hey Hey it's Kima Bay Oh yeah, here's that Voyage thing My mug I most graciously approve of The Voyage! And we're all hoping The Voyage surpasses The Raven in the tenure of 1st place!
  20. Just thought about this one...Batman the Ride at SFGAm.
  21. today wasn't bad...20 mins for bull, batman, american eagle, viper. 30-45 for superman and v2.
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